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Status Updates posted by Slug

  1. I like to redraw my old work sometimes.
    my oc dust,  7 years difference :kcheeks:


  2. Small update: I have made the personal decision for my mental health to

    discontinue sales of my artwork on any other platform but ArtHaven. This

    is to reduce drama, theft, and have some sort of seller/buyer protection other

    than just paypal. Thank you to everyone who has and are continuing to support

    me, I'm really sorry if this is disappointing to anyone. My dm's are always open

    to questions, orders, and general chatting :blove:

  3. Think I finally figured out a way to draw hair that I actually like,

    we'll see in about a week if I still feel the same LOL!


  4. I was curious if the people who bought these dps from me forever ago are still around???


  5. Shop is Open again


  6. Check out my bb's shop ♥

    They're just starting out so show em' some loveeee :blove:


  7. Can I get a hell yeah!?

  8. Poll for Halloween Premades!!


  9. Would anyone be able to suggest me good Bluetooth earbuds? 

    I've looked at a bunch of them, but I really don't know enough about them to make a choice.

  10. Practicing a new program :>


  11. 929C6A3F-BCF5-4A81-A391-2BAEAFA1BA42.png.65562c0823cca40370a32e09c817d337.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Toxicpunkette

      :psmile:how much will she be? she is already looking amazing.

    3. Slug

      She'll be between 20 and 30, I may or may not try to paint her in the new style I'm doing. I'm having a mid art crisis so I'm just drawing all over the place xDD


    4. Toxicpunkette

      i want her so bad :bfahh:  would you take $24 kiss you wink GIF

  12. Starting Spoopy Premades



    CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?!?!?!?!


  14. Progress 2017 -> 2019



  15. If you're interested in my artwork and would like more updates or first

    grabs at claimable WIPs please join my discord group. I post there first!




  16. Pumpkin Carving, let the spoops begin


    PYCO | Pending | $15


  17. Commissions Open

    Clean Style Singles 320x440: $15.oo


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