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Status Updates posted by Vatic

  1. premade sneak peak



  2. Hey, I am interested in drawing a dp live on stream, if you are interested in getting a dp drawn and finished live in the next 30 min, please pm me for $30 singles. :)



  3. Premade for sale, $30.

    Currently available :)





  4. I am still taking Art orders through messages if anyone is interested, only 35$ for singles.

  5. Hey guys, I am current accepting Custom Art orders for 35$ a spot, please Message me if you are interested in taking a spot. I am only accepting singles, and characters that have already been drawn. I will include blinking for any of these orders. Thanks!





  6. Premade for sale

    Non-Binary Puppy, They/Them


    Price: 45$


    1. Slug

      SO CUTE!!! :cutehehehaaas:
      I need to get some more arts from you one day :cutehehed:

  7. Premade for sale

    Non-Binary Puppy, They/Them


    Price: 45$



  8. Looking for an art trade for a masculine DP, Message me if interested. 

  9. randomly drawing after months, might have a random premade up tonight, 

  10. Retro Kitten Premade

    Price: 50k

    Comes with blinking, winking, blush, sparkles and detailed background





  11. If anyone is interested in getting a DP for 45k please feel free to message me.

  12. Premade

    Senpai,Daisuki~ :byaslove:

    Price: $47




  13. Cute psycho pre-made might be up today... (kawaii bloody)

    1. Del

      you have my attention...

  14. Life has been crazy but I am finally back I think.

    1. Juni

      Hope you're doing good! Stay safe and glad to see you back :lazeflirt:

  15. I kind of really wanted to practice some elegant/enchanting characters so I kind of sketched this little fairy babe that will be up for sale as a premade~



  16. Working on orders this evening guys. :)

  17. Hey guys, Just letting you know I will be doing the spring Auction making two flower themed PREMADES. I also want to know if anyone would be interested in buying a Ahegao NSFW premade if I tried doing that event also? 


    -LUV U ALL :lazesupersxy:

    1. BlaspheMae

      In a frickin heartbeat 😍😍😍💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍

    2. Wynx

      Gonna have to be multiple premades, everyone seems to want a piece. Me including. :lldesire:

  18. I am feeling stressed and my lungs feel like they are drowning.  :lazetears:

    1. BlaspheMae

      Hope you feel better soon sweetness. Take it easy 💕

    2. Hiroki

      Hope you feel better soon.

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