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  1. Looking for a toyhouse invite code, willing to trade art for it. Please PM me!

  2. Chii99


    One of my OCs Sophie, she's a King Charles Cavalier <3
  3. Thank you and you're alright <3 invoice has been sent. Please send proof of payment
  4. Could I please get your PayPal email so I can take all your money LOL
  5. @Noxxi here is the sketch! Please let me know if you'd like me to change anything as after I start lining only colour changes are acceptable. If you're happy with it please either post or DM your PayPal email so I can send the invoice of 25USD to you! Finished commission will take 1-10 days to finish, thank you!
  6. @Exed here is the sketch! I will send you a 20USD invoice, please let me know if you'd like me to change anything
  7. Accepted! Always a pleasure working with you
  8. I'd like to open a mystery box!
  9. Hello! I don't have any references for a Chibi but I have an anime furry example and just a chibi! I would love to be considered for your cute OC! On their own it's about 20-25USD but for a ref sheet I would charge 40USD :D Thank you for considering me!
  10. Ahhh hello! I also play PWI but on PC! I haven't been on in a good while but I mained Cleric and got to reborn 2 I believe! Anwyay gonna stop geeking out lol I have two styles down below Chibi + Anime! Prices range between 20-25USD and animations and what not are around 5-15USD but blinking is free of charge!! Thank you for considering me Have fun playing PWI!
  11. Happy Pride, lovelies. I hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy
  12. Chii99


    Thank you!
  13. Chii99


    My new bby Lavender uwu Commissions are open!
  14. Chii99

    Princess Bianca

    Custom for IRL friend :D it's her animal crossing character hehe

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