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  1. Get something like this starting at just $10 USD in my customs shop! ❤️
  2. Get something like this starting at just $10 USD in my customs shop! ❤️
  3. Get something like this starting at just $10 USD in my customs shop! ❤️
  4. This one got slightly more detail because I was having fun. Lol. I'd just like to extend a screw you to anyone who thinks I only do top tier cutesy stuff. Lol.
  5. Added a poll. Let me know what kind of premades you guys want to see! I'm the worst when it comes to ideas and I'm a weird person who likes like everything so you can suggest anything! 🥰😇
  6. Updated my DeviantArt to be more clear with folders. It never occurred to me to just open the desktop version on my phone in browser to make them before. 🤦‍♀️😬 Also. Added a couple male sketch examples that are more akin as to what you'd get if you ordered a sketch from me. ❤️
  7. Maybe I will sometime! You're always just in my comments and everything like and I live for it. 😹🥰
  8. Everytime I see you hanging around I get excited even though we never talk. Lol.
  9. I'm glad you liked it! And glad you're using it. I always get so excited when people use my art right away. Lol
  10. I wasn't sure if the ghost was part of the outfit or like a pet. There were so many small details so I might have missed some. I think I like where this is going so far!
  11. I want some practice with drawing guys and simplifying my style a bit for a project I'm working on. Please post your male OC's below and maybe I'll do a quick sketch for you! ❤️ The style will probably be all over the place in this thread as I'm just feeling things out and trying to figure out how I want to draw men. I feel like I draw them too feminine which is fine for what I do now, but not what I want to start working on in the future. May be traditional or digital depending on my mood. Gong to take a nap then check this thread when I sit down to draw later. 🥰
  12. I've lost hope for finding people via the forums, because those sections are always dead for some reason.


    Anyone interested in any art trades or collabs? Been craving both. None of my art friends are digital artists though so it makes it hard. 


    Shoot me a DM if you're interested/think our styles would mesh well in a collab! 🥺😇

  13. New premade up! ❤️

    I never get to do alt or spooky babes anymore when I get commissions and it makes me sad. Like come on bro! I can totally make Clarissa OJ Simpson Bella Thomason look adorable and menacing. 😹😭




    Sketching process: 


  14. Up in my shop! Status: Available. Sketching process:
  15. New premade up! What am I doing? Oh nothing. Just proving not everything I draw has to be pink. Sure....the undertones....but I like to draw alt and spooky babes too! 😍 Sketch process:

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