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  1. Take your time, can't wait to see what you have in mind!
  2. I can do that, the price will be $16 since additional animations are +$1. If the price is fine, you may send payment and DM me the details/colors you'd like!
  3. New halloween PYOC premades are up! All premades come with the animations listed under them + they all come with a 3D effect + normal version.
  4. Special Promotion: Halloween and fall orders get 20% off with one free animation of your choosing! Add "Spooky szn" in your order form to receive the discount! Offer starts today and ends on October 31st. Prices after discount: DP Edits: $8 Anime: $9.60
  5. Wasn't sure which version u'd prefer so here's both @Chon Thank u for ordering
  6. @Chon @EmiSArakan I apologize for the delay, I'll be getting your pieces to you by this weekend!
  7. @Akieru Hope the hair is fine! Thank you for ordering
  8. Let me know if the hair is fine! If everything is gucci, I'll add finishing touches and then add animation! @Akieru
  9. WIP @Akieru Will be done with it in a few! Let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed.
  10. WIP @Chon WIP @EmiSArakan If everything is fine and there are no changes, you guys can send payment!
  11. Accepted, will have a wip for u soon @Akieru Payment received, will have your finished version soon!
  12. @Akieru Let me know if you'd like any changes!
  13. Up to you! I prefer to receive payment after you confirm the first WIP.
  14. @Akieru Yes! The final price is $10.40 If that's fine with you, I'll start your wip!
  15. @Akieru Accepted! Is there a specific pose you'd like? The price would come out to be $9.40 since it's +$1 for blinking! Let me know if that's fine.
  16. Thank u! @EmiSArakan Can't wait to see what you order
  17. This is OPEN! Due to lack of recent examples, the first 2 anime orders will be 30% off! ($8.40)
  18. About Rules Prices Payment Hi! My name is Benjamin but you can call me Ben. I'm 18 years old and a college student with a job. So I do apologize if I take a bit longer on your order depending on complexity. I'm pretty laid back and love talking and meeting new people. Do not be rude. Be patient, don't rush me. Do not trace/alter/ or sell the art given. Provide clear and organized refs of your OC! Provide screenies with a shadowless background! If you want an edit, please provide 2 screenies. (One with all of the accessories and hair you'd like and one bald w/o any accessories. You can also provide refs for accessories) DP Edit: $10 Anime: $12 Couples are x2. Add ons/Animations: Hands: +$1 Complex tattoos: +$1 Blinking/winking: +$1 Glowing eyes: +$0.50 Smirking/smiling: +$1 Crying: +$2 Pets: $1 If you'd like any other animations, just let me know. Please send payment to [email protected] through paypal or click here. Please send as goods and services with no shipping address! Please send payment after you confirm the first WIP. DP EDITS ANIME Form Price: Text: Background: Refs/Screenie: Animation (if wanted):
  19. Username: Devorar Singles (links)/ Packs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Payment: 2300 credits + tip
  20. Devorar


    Custom DP Edit for Jermy @ IMVU

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