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✚     Art Information / Rules                                                                                                              

         • Gasr forum rules                    If you fill the form you agreed with the rules and prices.
Semi Realism style will take me a Week or two to complete, keep this in mind if you choose these style.
Please, do not fill the form if you aren’t sure about my ability and then cancel.
After I start working on your request I’ll show you a sketch and base color, that's your moment to speak! If you want add or remove something or changes colors. Once I start you can’t cancel your request, unless you have a valid reason (may could hold your request or give me the right for sell it as premade). Please, draw and paint take time be considered.
Be as specific and detailed as you can when you fill your form, that way I could work better.
Be respectful, and feel free to ask any concern you have.
 Watermark always. 


Art Style: [ Semi realism, anime or k-manhwa ]

Payment & Price: [ PayPal.me or Invoice. Price of the correspondent art style you chosen ]

Theme: [ Kawaii, mature, dark, vampire, etc any style you have on mind ]

References: [ skin color, eyes, make up, hair style/color, outfit, accessories ]

Pose: [ Image reference ]

Expression: [ Image reference ]

Extra: [ Any other details/ideas. Highlights ]

Text: [Must be the owner of the picture]


                              Semi realism style                                      

Headshot/bust $35USD.  300dpi medium &dp size, blink animation.
 Waist/Hips up $45+USD, single character (1 big art and 4+ variations/crops dps, with 1 animation) Usually with a simple(not very detailed) background.
Couples waist up $60+USD.
 Extra Animation $ (depends) USD.                       
                                       Anime style                                         

Waist up $20USD, single (hands included, dp size only and 2 dps) Sparkles free animation. Cel shading.
No couples.

                                    Sketch style                                     

Full body $25USD, single (1 medium/big art ) 
 Character sheet with base color $PM about, single (1 big art ) 
Couples sketch $35USD


  Payment method  :                              Paypal only                                                        

Payments are sent through Invoice as Good and Services .
+3.5% of PayPal fee.
 I will not incluided PayPal fee on personal commission* over $100+USD* 
  Any commercial* use or .psd file will  include the PayPal fee. 
All payments must be in USD ONLY.
You can pay 50% after sketch/base color and 50% after I finish.  
You must make sure to have the funds to pay once I finish your request. I can wait only 48hrs.
 No refunds.



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