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    How to colour hair ~

    Step 1 (not shown) start off with the base colour
    Step 2 : tool : pen mark out the areas with pen tool & multiply layer > the areas that will be shaded the most/heavy shading you can also do this step last if it's easier,, for me it's easier to do it first so i don't pillow shade
    Step 3 : tool : pen mark out the areas with pen tool & multiply layer > with v shape and w shapes (kind-of, soft v, soft w) mark out areas for basic shading of the hair, this doesn't have to be perfect.
    Step 4 : tool : pen, oil brush blend the shapes from part 3 > i use an oil brush from sai to blur/blend the shapes smoothly, sometimes i'll add a .1 of blur to the layer to help smooth it out
    Step 5 : tool : pen squiggle shapes on the top of the head
    Step 6 : tool : pen, oil brush repeat steps 3-4, but in a bigger area, above the other layer, use a lower opacity on the multiply layer. use the blur filter at .1 or smthing to help smooth it out
    Step 7 : tool : pen not really visible, but imo important, add darker shades to parts of the hair where there should be shade
    Step 8 : tool : pen / blur add extra shade to the under/behind sections of hair, i really messily block it out and lower the opacity, and blur it c:
    Step 9 : tool : pen lumi/shade layer from now on (except when i say ) >> bigger squiggle than on the crown of the head shape, wrapping around the head for shine, low opacity, no blend necessary
    Step 10 : tool : pen messy block out big shine where lightsource comes from, blend with blur layer, large number is necessary
    Step 11 : tool : pen / outline multiply layer!! under the shines, outline them and blur them greatly, creates nice effect
    Step 12 : tool : pen lumi/shade layer from now on (except when i say ) Step 13>> around the face create a messy circle , except for the back, blend heavily, low opacity and also > -<;; images were put together accidentally
    Step 14 : tool : pen around the area of the face and hair, create squiggle lines for hair highlights, wwww shapes are fine, wvwvwvw is also fine, messy is good. blend gently
    Step 15 : tool : pen multiply layer around the edges of hair, scribble www lines in low opacity (see the bangs, end of hair) , blend veryyyy gently if u want
    Step 16 : tool : pen lumi/shade layer around the edges of hair, scribble www lines in low opacity (see the bangs, end of hair) , blend veryyyy gently if u want, above step above
    Step 17 : tool : pen normal layer above lineart, create strands of hair that fall out/around, varying the length/width is good if you can
    Step 18 : tool : pen lumi/shade above lineart, create more shine for the hair, i repeat a few layers of shine and mess around to find good effects
    Step 19 : tool : pen lumi/shade step 19 is a few layers together bc i didn't want to make this longer than it already is ;;; T__T we add sparkles to hair, more shine effects, and added some to the skirt with the same layer as i did the hair effects bc i didn't want too many different colours in the gif, as too many will make the gif grainy and looks bad
    Step 20 : tool : pen lumi/shade and finally we add final highlights to the hair (yellow, white) to create sunlight more, and hair is done
    3 is "missing" but it's just misnumbered from 2 +, i'm sorry for the confusion!

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  2. $2.50

    How to Make Ears Move

    step by step  on how i move ear ovo ~
    Step 1 - plan the animation movement out
    first is rough,i don't do sketches (cos i already know the movement I'm aiming for, but if ur not familiar w movement or u dunno how it will look do sketch first)
    i look for any lines that look off, any motions that look too rough, and mis-aligned line-thickness in each of the frames
    Step 2 - clean it up
    using the frame-by-frame as a starting point, i go back and clean up all the rough edges, redo any parts that look too jump-y or rough, and do my best to get all the lines to look neat and smooth in animation
    Step 3 - testing with base colour (1 colour) 
    once satisfied w/ the movement, i fill in with a bright colour (my eyes suck, if u dun need this step u can skip;; but i can't see for sh*t so i always do this) to test out how it looks or will look when it's filled in. if it looks ok i move on, if not i go back and fix anything that looks off
    Step 4 - testing with filled-in base colour (flat colours) 
    once everything is set up to my liking, i'll do the base colour in just for the ears (usually, this is my last step in making a animation/dp , so everything is already done colours, other animations, bg, etc) and test how it looks compared to everything else, if it looks good i'll colour & test it and fix if it needs fixing.

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