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nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifHihi I'm Purrincess! You can also call me Alice.nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gif 


nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifI'm a very sleepy kitten that loves to draw :ksnooze:


nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifI'm really NOT a fast artist by ANY means, I draw VERY slowly !


nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifMostly I sell Premade Artwork that can be used as a display picture (DP) here!

nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifYou can click the picture below to be linked to the shop 




nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifMostly I love drawing cute girls being cute ~ 


nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifI really love BTS, OT7 but Suga has a special place in my cat heart :klove:


nm1VqLr.gif.e7371f25fb502699d4537f6be91f8285.gifPlease feel free to talk to me about BTS at any time, anywhere, msg me and I'm

always happy to talk about the boys~ I'm not always SUPER up-to-date

on what they're doing or where they are, but I try to keep up the best I can~









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