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About Me

Due to my cancer getting an extreme problem for me, I'll be undergoing a lot of surgeries.

I have a cancerous tumor, that's growing in size, I've recently shaved my head to prepare for said surgeries.

I might be inactive for artworks, so I hope anyone reading this can forgive my absence.


Also, I really want more bald pieces to match myself in real life. Many artists said they can't do that,

as it is an odd request, I understand. *If anyone can do bald headed pieces, I'd love to purchase any.

It has destroyed a lot of my friendships, as I get it's hard for people to deal with having a friend who has cancer,

I don't wish to be a burden on anyone.


More about me:



I use to be on the older version on GASR :cutehehed:

My name is Starr.

I'm from Victoria, Australia and then moved to Rhode Island, USA.

I'm a streamer on Twitch and a small (very small) youtuber. :cuteok:

I play League Of Legends, 7 Days to Die, CiV,  MC and DST if you ever wanna play! :cutehehehaaas:

I'm heavily colourblind, some of the colours I cannot see are yellows,

oranges and purples, reds are completely dull,

they have to be EXTRA vibrant for me to see them,

my blue and greens are swapped; pinks are tricky to see. They believe my colourblindness is due to my cancer.




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