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  1. I only got to do half payment! I wanted to see the lineart first before paying the full!
  2. Beaaautifullll *chef kiss*
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  3. Oh, I'm so sorry! I don't read that language, I couldn't tell. ;_; thank you again, you're so nice;_;
  4. I paid cutie! ♥ check yer thingy!
  5. Aw! That's super fricken cute! Perfect mama♥
  6. No worries! I got a little confused as well. (I haven't slept yet LMAO) I'll take the p01 as black and white! It's really pretty that way. And I'll be fine with that! Just lemme know when I can throw my money atcha mama!
  7. oops! No worries! I'll be down for the graphite style scale!
  8. Saving a spot for later! ♥
  9. pyoc form PREMADE # molly colors (hair , skin, clothes ): Hair Skin Like This? Velvet coloured top! Brown Eyes, little cheek blush. background color : Something like this ♥ TEXT: Hauntings! WATERMARK(?) : Yours! EMAIL : - PRICE : 7? pyoc form PREMADE # #p01 colors (hair , skin, clothes ): Hair Same skin tone as the before! Earring gold! Eyes brown background color : Something like this! TEXT: Hauntings WATERMARK(?) : Yours! ♥ EMAIL : [email protected] PRICE : 7? lmk how much i owe ya love bug!
  10. heck this shop is fricken cute, i'mma post here so I can save it for later to order.
  11. we stalking for more of these bbs
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  12. HRRY UP!! >:( nono... don't wanna rush such beauty but i wanntt it
  13. waiting for you to post more >:(
  14. Happy Pride Month Everyone !!
  15. You being the nicest person I've ever met is completely :( I really don't mind you selling it, but if I really can't force you. It's Hauntings, but I demands yer paypal so when they is all over,I can send you as much as I possibly can.
  16. do you want an ugly photo of me crying rn??? because that's all i can give and i can do that. or i can give the 7 dollars in my account plspls let me give something to you orim gonna cry
  17. NOPE. PLEASE SELL IT. I'M NOT GONNA ALLOW YOU TO GIVE IT TO ME. It's a shitty situation, and I feel like actual shit about everything that's going on; like I don't know. Please sell it though, you've worked over 24 hours on that piece, it's gorgeous and I really wish someone else to keep it. ♥
  18. a little bit of a tmi, we're really trying to figure out shit to do with my chemotherapy, they might stop it due to this whole corona thing but they might not, telling it's gonna be a very high risk because of how many people there is at the hospitals, so we're figuring out do i NEED to pay for it or not, but they're telling me that i still might need to n then build the credit for later uses. lmao stressful, so i rather you just try to sell it instead of waiting on me D: all love babygirl
  19. If you can sell it lovely, don't worry! I'll just stalk just in case! I have no idea ;w;
  20. AW THIS IS SO FUCKING PRETTY HECK how long are you willing to hold it? D: Money is tight af bc of this corona stuff.
  21. You definitely can take your time to get better babygirl, we're all in no rush. And not covid? sounds like... something someone with covid would say...
  22. Take your time!! They look beautiful can't rush perfection >:O

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