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  1. Aubella

    Music (v2)

    Y'all should check out Lord Huron too!!
  2. Aubella


    I play Spyro on any form of PS, or Xbox One. I also LOVE The Sims 4, any Sims game really, and IMVU.
  3. Aubella

    Wishing Well

    I wish that everyone in my life makes good choices and follows their own path and lives a happy, healthy life to the best of their own abilities!
  4. Drink some green tea, breathe deeply and just draw without thinking and see what comes out, sometimes the best preparation is no preparation at all. Best of luck!
  5. I didn't go to art school, but I know SCAD in Savannah, GA is a great one, and there's a school in FL called Fullsail that's really good as well!
  6. I don't have a tattoo but y'all really gave me some great inspiration! Loving the tattoos I saw!!
  7. Aubella

    post some quotes

    "If you're going through hell keep going." - Winston Churchill
  8. Aubella


    A: I don't really have an answer for the previous question, because I'm still very new to this website, but I hope someone can answer it for you! Q: What is your favorite artist on here, and why? Or who was the first artist you discovered and why were you drawn to them immediately?
  9. Aubella

    Poetry anyone?

    Everyone did such a great job with their poetry. I LOVE reading poetry and I studied English in college, so this forum made me really happy :D
  10. I'm really looking forward to finding any new artists on here. I think everyone is so talented and I'm really excited to see what everyone has to offer!
  11. Aubella


    What countries have you traveled to? If you live in the United States, what states? I've traveled to SC, NC, D.C., VA, and NJ. What was your biggest experience of “culture shock” in another country/state? In Asheville, NC. Everything was so youthful and hipster-like. What were the locals like that you met? Super kind and very into just relaxing and taking it easy. What was the strangest/best thing you ate? I had a form of poutine, but it had fried eggs on it as well. It was delicious. What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while traveling? We climbed up a very crowded mountain in the dead of summer and it was extremely hot. Have you ever traveled by yourself? What was your experience? (or would you) I've never traveled by myself, but I would like to take a day trip to a town close by. Where in the world would you love to live most? Why? I'd love to live in NC, because I love the vibe, I love that they still have seasons, and I LOVE the mountains. How does your home country/state compare to the place you would love to live? SC is very similar to NC, but it's much hotter here, and it's built specifically for tourism.
  12. Aubella

    Story time!

    I remember there was this one story that my second grade teacher read to me about this older woman who had a cat named Tush, and the cat got its name because he had no tail, so all you saw was his butt. I think the woman ended up dying in the end and it was very sad, but I'll never forget the name of that book and how funny it was to me as a kid growing up.

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