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  1. Im streaming Right now on Twich


    Makins some Customs Sketchs UwU



  2. Hi hi~ Please resendme a Dm i don't see it in my messages~
  3. Thank you very much for the nice words, it was really great to work together in this challenge, we had very good communication all the time and I appreciate it very much~.
  4. Hello and Welcome to my CustomShop~ Yes I can make two characters, but the extra character has an extra cost, here are some examples. And this is the form for you to give me a description of what you want UwU
  5. Hello, if you want a custom or commission please fill this form~ / F O R M . > References: > Outfit: Leave this in blank if the outfit are in "References" > Pose: Leave this in blank if the Pose are in "References" > Main Text: > Watermark Text: > Info Extra:
  6. 4 Slots avaliables Tagged list @Lizzi @Wounding @LiLMooMoo @Han @Careworn @Kash @Moody
  7. I don't know why, I thought A40 was brown xD my bad~ Fixed
  8. @manju Thanks so much for support my art~
  9. Hello and welcome to my freakshop, please send me you paypal email for the invoice
  10. @Eros Thanks you very much for support my art~
  11. Thanks you very much for support my art~
  12. Hello and welcmoe to my freakshop~ Please tell me your paypal email for send you a invoice
  13. / Crop Zombie A Total Price 45usd - STATUS: AVALIABLE.
  14. Hello Eros, welcome to my Freakshop~ Please tell me your Paypal email for send you the invoice~ And don't worry i will made a really cute handsome Vampire Gamer for you
  15. I will tag you when the slots are available again. i'll continue then UwU
  16. Thank you for responding while I was offline, you are a sunshine of a person. I don't have slots available yet, but I can add you to the Tag list to let you know when they are available again. I have no idea why the text came out so gigantic.

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