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  1. hello everyone! sorry i've been so inactive, i'm going through an art block and it sucks sm -cries- i swear i'm drawing every day but they end up looking so bad,, and i don't want to give ugly art, i'm seriously sorry T_T also it's exam season and guess who didn't even look at her study books... hahaha...ha....

    hopefully when i post this i'll get posessed by the Artist™ spirit and suddenly be able to finish all the art i have to do....


    happy birthday doppo | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir


    1. SIeepies

      You take all the time that you need !!!!!

      art takes time and can’t be rushed, especially during the schooling time.


      Just be sure to be taking care of yourself!!

    2. Lanuryd

      i don't know how to quote your reply but thank you so so much, your words really made me feel a lot better and gave me strength to finally get something done! i'll do my best to make your beautiful oc some justice!!!! thank you again for the kind words and patience!!! :wacry:

    3. SIeepies

      I’m glad I was able to improve your mood !

      im sure you’ll make him super adorable so there’s absolutely no rush !❤️

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