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    Hi guys, if you are following my premade shop/buying premades I'll be soon closing my shop on here, you can find all updated info in my About Me section plus other info about my art


  2. opened my premade shop back up on here so u can see all thats available here




    Premade for sale: Tangled


     Price: $65USD
    (hair colour changes are $3USD)



    paypal only
    max 2 texts
    DPs come with 4 versions. Animated & Non Animated dp size. Animated/non animated & 320x440 size w/ text


    DM if interested



  4. christmas premades will be up in discord in 13 hrs ,

  5. Premade for sale:


     Price: $45USD
    (hair colour changes are $3USD)



    paypal only
    max 2 texts
    DPs come with 4 versions. Animated & Non Animated dp size. Animated/non animated & 320x440 size w/ text


    DM if interested




  6. 1 more left ~ pls dm if u want to buy!


    Premade Name: Spike
    Price: $45USD


    1. Mimi

      So prettyyyy! <3

  7. new halloween premades will be going up for sale in my discord tomorrow ~ join if u interested :blove:

  8. premade1101WM.gif.7b7eaf85ebf848c1db9ba26c66f360c7.gif
    New premade for sale
    PM if interested :blove:



  9. new premade up for sale, i'll be starting to post a lot more from now on. if you would like to see/buy it pls join the discord:  :aww:

  10. hi guyz, i'm going to be continuing my premades through my server only here, so please join if you want to continue to see them. i will be still having my custom shop on here though ^-^ 

  11. if anyone is interested in seeing sneak peeks of the premades before i put them up i always stream them! 



  12. taking dp orders again rn :bgoodjob:

  13. :lazedances:IT’S FINALLY HEREEE :lazedances:My new website is live! You can check it out at - Here you can buy prints & stickers of my art! plus a lot of other stuff that will be available soon :blove:  you’re also able to make commission orders through there aswell!  :bapplause:  tysm if you check it out and/or make a order!

    1. Sai

      Congratulations! Good luck with your website <3 

      Your art is gorgeous :phearteyes:

  14. i have this for sale, everything can be changed except for hairstyle & pose (hand can be taken away but main pose no), dm me if anyone wants ($70usd) :boh:


    1. Roza

      oh damn! she's so sexy :ooooo:

  15. i've now added prints to my custom shop if you're interested check it out ty! :boh:



  16. custom print slots open (shipped to u) if anyone wants pm mee :boh:

  17. hi guys, so the reason ive been so dead on gasr is cause i've been workin on opening up a etsy store so i can psychically send you my arts! now its open so i can share it with you all! if u could check it out that would mean so much to me ^-^ ty for ur guys support :byaslove: 

  18. hai guyssss, i've just made a Patreon if you guys wanna support me & get some cool rewards! it would honestly mean so much to me if u could check it out ! tysm!



  19. hi guyz, please join my art server if u wanna keep up to date and get first look at things i'm doing  :llsexysmile:

  20. 2 slots open on my custom waiting list ~ 


  21. only 3 more premades for sale from todays batch :blove:


  22. hii i've put my premade server back up (since i get a lot of people wanting my art off site too) if ur wanting to join feel free to :blove:

  23. still have  a few premades up for sale in shop if u havent already checked them out here :lazeroll:

  24. 2 new premades up in shop ~


  25. 2 premades still available in my shop here!

    premade221WM.gif.b18c75b26672c6324bdf3ee9eead4246.gif premade251WM.gif.f43ca3379c6250db094cf7366627d922.gif



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