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  1. / C R Y B B Y (ノ﹏ヽ) / W E L C O M E . Hi! Hi!! Kookyan desu~, i'm living in Argentina, Im a Little Weaboo too. Freak // Cute // Guro // Sexy // Pixel / R U L E S. / P A Y I N G. > Follow all GASR rules. > DON’T spam / flood. > DON’T edit, steal any piece. > Make sure you can pay before ordering. > I reserve the rights to decline any order. > No cancellation once I start working. > I can edit your order and sell as a premade (If you don’t pay me). > ONLY Paypal. > Send me a proof of your payment. > Send the paynament to [email protected] or advise me to send you a invoice. > There are no refunds. > Make sure you can pay before ordering. > Tips are welcome (but they are NOT necessary). / E X A M P L E . / READ BEFORE ORDERING . > Base price: 40$usd. > Please be clear and specific. > You need to pay BEFORE. > After I accepted your order you need to send me your email to give you an invoice from Paypal. > Complex stuff, accessories and animations can cost an Extra. > You can choose the DP in extra sizes (160x220 and 480x660). / E X T R A S . / A C C E S O R I E S . / A N I M A T I O N S . > Guns: +5$usd. > Hats: +4$usd. > Pets +10$usd (Can be free if they are simple). > Aditional Character: +10$usd. > Other accessories: they depends on the complexity. > Furry Character: +5$usd > Blinking: Free > Hands movement: +5$usd. > Ears movement: +5$usd. > Hair Animation: +5$usd. > Expretion change Animation: +5$usd. > Background animation: From +5$usd. > Blush animation: From +3$usd. / F O R M . > References: > Outfit: Leave this in blank if the outfit are in "References" > Pose: Leave this in blank if the Pose are in "References" > Main Text: > Watermark Text: > Info Extra:
  2. NEW Discount list Hiya! 🌙 I'm Yumi, I'm a digital artist and I'm 18 years old. Check also my Custom Art shop: ______________________________ Rules! 🌙 • All ArtHaven rules apply; • Payments only by PayPal; • There is a discount list regarding users that ordered multiple times from either this shop or my custom art shop, it is in the link above; • I won't make any changes after the draw has entered line-art stage; • No refunds; • Please include your PayPal e-mail in form (you can send in pm too!); • Please, don't edit my art or resell it; • I'll only do simple backgrounds (eg. solid color, patterns); • The payment is after the first sketch has been shown; • Please be clear with the references. Mature Shop Specific Rules! 🌙 • I accept mature pose, sexual scene and soft gore orders; • I will not accept orders with sensitive content that may/will cause trigger; • I also accept private orders and waiting list request via PM following the rules of this shop, your user name will be censored in the slot/waiting list and I'll not post your order publicly without your consent; ______________________________ Example and Price! 🌙 bust: $20 waist up: $25 full body: $50 __________________________ Extras! 🌙 blinking eyes (optional): +$1 big art 1000x1375 (optional)1: +$3 1Note: big art only applies to Bust and Waist up arts, Full Body art already has this option included. ______________________________ Form! 🌙 ______________________________ Slots [2/2] 🌙 @Hythen - Sketching @Bunno - Sketching ______________________________ waiting list! - @Wubbsie - @ChocolateTentacles
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  4. Hello! OuO/ welcome to my shop ❤️ I do anime style drawings and animations~ To get started with an order send me any image references/information I should know about your character along with any other specifics you'd like using the form at the bottom. Once I confirm that it's something I'm able to draw you may send payment via this link https://www.paypal.me/charliezouo The time frame for commissions is 9 days after payment is made. It's assumed you agree with my Terms of Service when commissioning me. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! either here, in a pm or on discord charliezouo#4086 ~DPs~ When ordering any option of Bust, half body or full body you can ask for a DP crop with text/watermark version of it at no extra cost. When ordering DPs you get the standard 160x220 size and a bigger 320x440 sized version. ~Animations~ Blinking animation extra: + $3 Hair animation extra: + $5 Custom animation: if you have an idea for an animation let me know, I'll price it according to complexity Alternatively you can send me information/refs of your OC and I'll try to come up with an idea for the animation. ~Previous work~ ~Chibi~ $20 each Do's & Don'ts At the moment I mostly draw humans. I can add elf or cat ears, tail, horns (simple things) but anything beyond that I have very little practice with. I don't do backgrounds currently, I usually add solid color shapes or a gradient in the back so as to not leave it empty (see examples). Filling out the form Type: the type of commission you want for example "animated bust" "full-body" "Chibi" etc. References: refs of your character (images please), you can also specify the pose and expression if you want. Text: any text or watermark you'd like me to add. Other: any other indications you may want to give me. Form: Type: References: Text: Other: Slots & Status (0/1)
  5. ◕すごい◕ 🖊️🖊️🖊️🖊️🖊️🖊️🖊️ RULES EXAMPLES All GASR rules apply. Please be patient. Do not steal, sell, or alter any of my art. Please be sure that your form is neat and clear to understand. I can draw everything but: NSFW,furries, complicated poses, realism. Please be quick to respond. Only pay after I send the first WIP. You cannot cancel orders halfway. Please be respectful. PayPal only. DONE IN THIS SHOP PAYMENT PRICES My PayPal Head-shot:$10 + any add ons (160x220) Bust-up:$16 + any add ons (160x220) Half-body:$23 + any add ons (160x220) Couples are double the price for each size Animations: +$2 for each animation For large art please message me. FORM SLOTS Order size: OCS/References: Text: Background:(simple color or detailed) Animations: Total: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-
  6. NEW Check my new Mature Art shop [+18]^^ NEW Discount list Hiya! ♡ I'm Yumi, I'm a digital artist and I'm 18 years old. Check also my Mature Art shop: ______________________________ Rules! ♡ • All ArtHaven rules apply; • Payments only by PayPal; • There is a discount list regarding users that ordered multiple times from either this shop or my mature art shop, it is in the link above; • I won't make any changes after the draw has entered line-art stage; • No refunds; • Please include your PayPal e-mail in form (you can send in pm too!); • Please, don't edit my art or resell it; • I'll only do simple backgrounds (eg. solid color, patterns); • The payment is after the first sketch has been shown; • Please be clear with the references. ______________________________ Example and Price! ♡ bust: $20 waist up: $25 full body: $50 __________________________ Extras! ♡ blinking eyes (optional): +$1 big art 1000x1375 (optional)1: +$3 1Note: big art only applies to Bust and Waist up arts, Full Body art already has this option included. ______________________________ Form! ♡ ______________________________ Slots [4/4] ♡ @Nah - Colored @Hythen - Sketching @Milkpaw - Sketching @Corium - Not Started ______________________________ waiting list! - @BlaspheMae - @Teary - @Bunno - @Felux - @Vickie
  7. ♡♡ PALTH'S CUSTOMS ♡♡ welcome to my first custom shop ! i'm quite new to AH so please be patient with me ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ ✿✿✿ ♡ rules ♡ ♡ do's & dont's ♡ - all AH rules apply - do not steal, copy, trace or sell my art - payment upfront - gbp (£) + paypal only - please tick no shipping address when paying - send image references with details: pose, expression etc ♡ fanart / OCs / ships / imvu avis / irl people ♡ light gore, pastels, kink ♡ animal features (tail/ ears etc) ✗ nsfw ✗ armour ✗ detailed tattoos ✗ furries all orders may take up to 5 - 10 days to finish ♡ original style ♡ ♡ chibi style ♡ bust : £15 thigh up: £22 full body: £30 extra character: +half of original price bust : £8 thigh up: £15 full body: £20 extra character: +half of original price ♡ background ♡ detailed background: +£6 *simple backgrounds free (colour fill/ gradient) ♡ dp style sample ♡ single - £15 with simple animations (optional) + £3 couples - £26 ♡ pixel style ♡ single - £14 couples - £20 *no samples yet* with simple animations (optional) + £2 this is a new style so i'm still experimenting, please keep that in mind ! ♡ form ♡ text: (name) style: (original/ chibi) or (dp) or (pixel) type: (bust/ thigh up/ full body) or (single/ couple) animation: (blinking or none) reference: (link image references) background: (colour/ background reference) bribe?(+£5): (yes/no) price: (total amount) you can also pm me for private orders! slots: bribe slots ♡ Foodie normal slots ♡ (private order) ♡ (private order) ♡ Miaw
  8. R u l e s ►Respect others in the forum and in my shop. You know the drill. ►Order when I'm open ►Please be patient (I know I'm slow) ►Please be aware that I do not work in order ►I have the right to decline your order for whatever reason ►No private orders unless it is a surprise for someone else ►I do not do textless ►PayPal only and select Goods & Services and uncheck Shipping ►Pay after the first WIP is sent P r i c e s & E x a m p l e s no need to send fees Send payment to [email protected] Drawing DP 20 USD◄ Chibi DP 12 USD◄ A d d - o n s ►1-2 Simple animations (ex: blinking, sparkly eyes, etc.) 2 USD blinking blushing X sparkly eyes X|X|X bouncing arms X faded expression change X|X floating props X ►Additional animations are +2 USD each (5 animations max) ►Couples are double the price ►Additional text is free. Max 2 texts per order. ►For Drawing DPs you can ask me for original larger version if you want F o r m ►ordering: ►refs: ►pose: ►background: ►text: ►extra: S l o t s Milkpaw SPIDERWEBS Hythen Aha so I’m starting pharmacy school now, and I’m going to be even slower than before due to the amount of coursework. But don’t worry I will still have a routine to get all orders done in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting me
  9. Welcome to Bubble Tea Chibi Premades~ Please use the order form if you're ready to order~ Thank you~ TARO MATCHA STRAWBERRY Price: $20 Status: Available Price: $20 Status: Available Price: $20 Status: Available CHOCO COMING SOON COMING SOON Price: $20 Status: Available ~ ~ FEW RULES ✿ First Come, First Serve basis. ✿ Waiting time is up to 48 hours only. If payment is not settled within the given time frame, premade shall be available for sale again. ✿ Cannot resell. Can trade and gift. ✿ What you'll get: Hi-Res PNG version of the character / DP Crop if needed / Toyhou.se character transfer is applicable ✿ Please give them love <3 ORDER FORM Premade Name: PP Email (via PM): Price: Notes: { Premades are also uploaded to Toyhou.se, we can transfer characters there upon purchase. Please let me know under 'Notes'. } SHOP OPEN Feel free to ask if there's any question. Come by to say hello or chat! <3
  10. .. Bunny Lubu is a mischievous little bunny rabbit who likes to draw. His favorite activities consist of hiding inside caves, looking at Sanrio plushies online to marry, and sharing his totally safe for work comics with his friend, Lola the cat. That being said, He welcomes you into his shop! Be wary though, he can be cranky. Tell him he’s pretty to boost his mood! He’ll thank you. ^^ This shop has been opened in hope to provide beautiful art pieces you’ll treasure and cherish for years to come! I’m your guide Alex here to help you around the shop, but to start off, I’d like to show you the only style we’re offering at this current moment! Make sure to come back and check for updates sometime! Kitty Finished Samples Here Available Crop Options: Click Each Tag For Specific Samples ♡ Bust Up ♡ Waist Up ♡ Full Body Extra: ♡ Cheesy four panel comic *Poorly drawn, meant for lols and not serious art* Rules Prices By ordering, You’re agreeing to: Follow and respect Art Haven's rules. Pay after a sketch is provided. Accept that refunds and editing aren't allowed. Accept that there will be no changes after the sketch. Keep orders outside of my inbox Remember Use the Spoiler when showing payment confirmation receipts. Only order if you can afford and plan on going through with it. I'm able to showcase these commissions in any social media I'd like (with credit.) Please add artist credit if using on AH Understand I spend hours on these and depend on the money made from here. Single Artwork depends on crop. +15$ for an extra person. 4Panel Comic priced at 5$ Price per animation - 1$ Animals/Plushies (Example) - 3$ Detailed Background - 3$ Text change - 1$ Extra text v. - 1$ Slot boost - 2$ Crop Prices Bust up valued at 25$ Waist up valued at 30$ Full body valued at 50$ Paypal Only NOTICE: PLEASE READ. My goal for this shop is to expand outside imvu art, meaning the sizing for all commissions will be larger than 330x440/160x220. However, if for IMVU, State so in your form and you'll get your art in 330x220 + 160x220 crop. * I strictly recommend you do this if it's specifically for IMVU. You can request a cropped version otherwise for your big art, but these might look weird when resized, which is why it's better to state if it's specifically for a dp. (⁀ᗢ⁀) Waitlist ( ˙▿˙ ) ♡ Foodie / Sketch pending ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Stages: Sketch / Approved / Lineart-Coloring (LC) / Animation - Background (AB) Please copy and paste, organized is key! Click here for Bunny Lubu’s Mature shop Click here for my premade shop Bunny Lubu is a character of fiction
  11. Welcome to my Premade Shop Hi there! My name is Amanda and I draw as a hobby/second job. Thank you for stopping by my shop. Please review the rules, and as always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! Rules Support me: (Larger art versions may be available, just click the name to go to post announcing the new premade) Name: Bunny Boi Price: $5.00 Status: Sold Name: Widowmaker Price: $50.00 Status: Available Name: Witchu Price: $32.00 Status: Sold Name: Chompette Price: $20.00 Status: Sold Shop Assistant: Daniella Discord Join my Discord for WIPs, premade post tags, cute dogs photos, and more! It's also a great way to get in touch with me. <3 https://discord.gg/53vsum8 Form Copy and paste the form below, and fill out accurately Premade Name: Text & Watermark: Email for invoice: Any changes? (Fees may apply): -- PYOC Name: PYOC References (colors): PYOC Background: PYOC Animations: Text & Watermark: Email for invoice: Thank you for visiting! <3
  12. ♡ ♡ The beauty that comes from imperfection and transience ♡ Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! R u l e s ♡ info I'll be happy to do most themes, excluding offensive requests. All genders are enjoyable for me to draw. ^-^ Payment is required after first WIP. Please include your email in the form or DM it to me for an invoice. Shop is F U L L after all 4 slots are filled. I can tag you once it's reopen if requested. At least 2 WIPs will be shown. + add-ons Plushies/animals are an extra $5 added to your total. Double the price for couple, +$70 for trio. Simple animations are included, no extra charge. (blinking, glow, sparkles, hearts, etc) Complicated animations are an extra $5 added to your total. (hand movement, facial expression change, flying butterflies, etc) ✓ do's Please use the form provided, it will help me work on your order much easier. Post your form directly in this shop to make it fair for everyone. ♥ Be nice to everyone.♥ ✗ don'ts Please don't copy/trace/steal, everything here belongs to their respective owners. :c No causing dramas, any issues or concerns should be privately resolved in DM's. Canceling without a valid reason will make me less likely to accept your next order. A r t S t y l e s Style ♡ detailed anime ♡ Price $50 Ex. large eyes, shiny hair Style ♡ detailed realism ♡ Price $50 Ex. realistic eyes, less shiny hair Style ♡ lined anime ♡ Price $50 Ex. visible lineart, soft coloring and shading Style ♡ monochrome ♡ Price $40 Ex. using different shades of one color. (ithink? ouo) F O R M ♥ ♥ Style: Refs: Text: Price: Email: S L O T s closed! 0 available 1 ♡ - cupsu | finished 2 ♡ - skink | finished 3 ♡ - emberly | working on 4 ♡ - happy 5 ♡ - wubbsie 6 ♡ - skink ♡ P i c k - u p ♡ ♡ T a g l i s t ♡ Hufflepuff - Kay - Micy - Hiroki - Wrath Nikki - Spirits - Jukisan - Nyah - Fallon Blasphemae - Mya - Ghost - Nutmeg Thank you for visiting my shop. ♥ (table by Luxor)
  13. ♡ 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖜 𝕸𝖊 𝕾𝖊𝖓𝖕𝖆𝖎 ♡ ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔚𝔢𝔩𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢 ׺°”˜`”°º× Hello! You can call me Andy/Ban, I am excited to be drawing again and hopefully, I will be able to create some fun wonderful art once again! I enjoy challenging myself and I am very open to drawing most things. I hope we can all get along and create some fun stuff together! ׺°”˜`”°º× ℜ𝔲𝔩𝔢𝔰 ׺°”˜`”°º× Please follow all Art Haven rules Be Polite and keep the peace Please do not copy, re-sale, steal, or heavily reference my work Please send payment once order is ACCEPTED I do not draw furries Please be patient I work on top of drawing so art time varies Please do not give me too many references, I prefer already drawn characters All orders are final (No Cancellations) Line work cannot be changed after the order has been colored. I do not draw facial hair Please Type MEOW in the form so I know you read the rules :) ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔈𝔵𝔞𝔪𝔭𝔩𝔢𝔰 ׺°”˜`”°º× S͓̽t͓̽y͓̽l͓̽e͓̽ 1 Anime S͓̽t͓̽y͓̽l͓̽e͓̽ 2 Mature EXAMPLE Large ART ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔓𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔢𝔰 ׺°”˜`”°º× Single DP: $30 (160x220 + 320x480) Couple DP: $40 (160x220 + 320x480) Large Art : $45 (Singles only for now) Large art comes with DP crops. Simple Animations: $2 Each (Winking, Blinking, Blush, Sparkles, ETC.) Complicated Animations: $4 Each High detail background: $3 Big Props: $4 (Pets, Stuffed Animals, Toys, ETC.) Complicated Characters: Additional $5 (Many refs and accessories, Never been drawn, ETC.) If you would like LARGE art work please PM me for details and pricing Pay Here ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔪 ׺°”˜`”°º× Order Type: Username/Name: Character: Pose: Background: (Color/ OR Detailed) Animation: Price Total: Bribe slots +$6 (Bribes also get bumped up) Super Bribe +$10 (Mega Bump) (Please PM NSFW orders) ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔏𝔦𝔰𝔱 ׺°”˜`”°º× ♡ Bunnie (Couple/Anime) (S/P) ♡ Hazy (Single/Anime) (S/P) (BIG) ♡ DarthHayley (Single/Anime) (S/P) ♡ Hooligans (Couple/Anime) (S/P) ♡ Purs (Single/Mature) (S/P) ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔅𝔯𝔦𝔟𝔢 ׺°”˜`”°º× ♡ Puppuccino (Single/Anime) (S/P) ♡ Vickie (Single/Anime) (S/P) ׺°”˜`”°º× 𝔖𝔲𝔭𝔢𝔯 𝔅𝔯𝔦𝔟𝔢 (𝔘𝔫𝔩𝔦𝔪𝔦𝔱𝔢𝔡) ׺°”˜`”°º× ♡ Foodie (Single/Anime) (S/P) ♡ Roxylalonde (Couple/Mature) (S/P) ♡ TAG LIST TAG LIST? For Tag list please let me know if you would like to be tagged for a Regular or Bribe slot or both and I will add you to the list for when a spot opens~ HOW IT WORKS: Basically it is first come first serve once slot opens I will tag everyone who wants to be notified and who every grabs it first gets it.
  14. W E L C O M E T O P E A C H C U S T O M S H O P H E L L O My name is Sofiya aka Miaw in here. Feel free to look around and hopefully it interest you! P A Y M E N T i'll create an invoice for you so do put your PayPal email in the form or you can pm me. N A V I G A T I O N Custom Shop Premade Shop R U L E S all general Art Haven rules apply Please be nice and respectful I have the rights to decline or cancel your order Have patience, do not rush me or pressure me. Sometimes i can be fast and sometimes i can be slow due to real life related. Do explain your references in details and better understanding I need the mood and motivation for better results How I work: depends on how fast a person make payment or reply the wips Please inform me if you edit your form or reference No references changes once i colored (only adding things are allowed) Please read and follow the process/phases below Payment must be made in 48 hours unless you have a valid reason I accept private orders, my inbox are always open Note ! How I work: depends on how fast a person make payment or reply the wips P R O C E S S A N D P H A S E S PHASE 1 Changes available on the sketch and the line art only. *make sure to read the rules first* PHASE 2 Changes available on the colors only ( By here you agree with the line art and the colors and i will send you an invoice ) PHASE 3 Finished, no changes but if you want some changes you will be charged with extra payment. I DO pastel and kawaii, gore and goth, a little bit of nsfw or lewd, just plain and simple background only, i prefer pose free I DON'T DO muscle and facial hair, furries, complicated or detailed background S T Y L E A N D P R I C E S STANDARD STYLE you will get non animated ver & animate ver Single: $15 Couple: $30 90s STYLE you will get non animated ver & animate ver comes along with sub of your choice and w/o sub Single: $20 Couple: $40 EXTRAS/ANIMATIONS Large art (320 x 440): $3 Simple/basic animations: $2 each (blush, sparkles, blink, etc) Complicated animations: $5 - $10 each (hand movement, facial expression, splattered blood, etc) Props: $5 each (animals, toys, plushies, etc) FORM Text: Watermark (Optional): Style: Single / Couple: References: Extras / Animations: Background Color: Price: Email: SLOTS Unlimited 1. @llChannyll - sketching 2. private order - sketching 3. BRIBE SLOTS (0/3) Extra charge: $5 1. 2. 3.
  15. ⊹ SUMMr ⊹ ⊹ Hello and welcome to my custom animation shop! It’s finally here and updated! ⊹ My goal here is to introduce a new way of animation effects; hand movements, eye movements, big emoji like effects as well as expression transitions! The style of this shop varies, but you can expect to see semi anime style. Click here to pay: https://www.paypal.me/calastia ⊹ RULES ⊹ DO NOT try to scam me! DO NOT edit, resell, trade, share or steal any of the pieces I make! DO NOT steal designs from other customers or me. DP swapping is not allowed. ⊹ ART THEFT ⊹ If you notice on Art Haven that there's an artist or user copying the premade that you purchased, please report them to the art theft mods with proof! ⊹ BUYING CUSTOMS ⊹ Please provide proof of the payment if possible, either through PM or in the thread itself. ⊹ TEXT ⊹ If you changed your name and want brand new text, pm me! I do not give textless display pictures!!! The watermark MUST be either your Art Haven/IMVU name. I only accept PayPal! Please send as goods and services! ⊹ ANIMATIONS ⊹ Expression Change >See examples Hand Movement >See examples Accessory Movement (limited) >e.g anything taken off and put back on, in frame and out of frame Effects >BG Color Transition >BG/Character/Item Glow (I can make parts of the gif have a glow effect if wanted) >Hair/Eye Color Change PRICE: $50 USD Base animation includes face change and sparkle, extra animations are $2 each ⊹ FORM ⊹ Text: OC/Ref: Theme: Animations: Extra: Price: ⊹ SLOTS ⊹ ⊹ PROGRESS ICONS ⊹ Not Started Sketching Lining Coloring + Animating Finished ⊹ PAID ICON ⊹
  16. 💖Rorichi's Custom Shop💖 Hello and welcome to my shop~! I've only recently created an account here, so I'm sorry if something isn't clear enough. Don't hesitate to ask me questions! Have a wonderful day <3 Other Social Media: DeviantArt Tumblr Instagram Rules: I can decline a commission, if i don't feel comfortable drawing it or because of other personal reasons Please don't remove the watermark Don't claim a piece is drawn by you Please don't edit my works unless you have a permission Payment in usd via paypal only (or in da points, but it's not preferable) What I will draw Female/Male Anthro/Humanoid NSFW/Gore What I won't draw Overly complicated armor Mecha Prices and examples: Headshots: Sketchy:7 usd/700 points Regular: 10 usd/1000 points 2nd character: +50% of the original price nsfw/gore: +35% of the original price Halfbodies: Sketchy:13 usd/1300 points Regular: 17 usd/1700 points 2nd character: +50% of the original price nsfw/gore: +35% of the original price aesthetic print or extra details on the background: starting from 3 usd/300 points Fullbodies: Sketchy:19 usd/1900 points Regular: 25 usd/2500 points 2nd character: +50% of the original price nsfw/gore: +35% of the original price aesthetic print or extra details on the background: starting from 3 usd/300 points Chibis: Sketchy:9 usd/900points Regular: 13 usd/1300 points 2nd character: +50% of the original price nsfw/gore: +35% of the original price aesthetic print or extra details on the background: starting from 3 usd/300 points Customs Form username: - Commission option: (sketchy halfbody with aes. print for example) - PP or points: (split payment is accepted) with or without background: - Character reference: (please send me a clear reference where all details can be seen, written references are not to my liking, but if you dont have any arts of your character at all, ill accept it, tho please don't blame me later if a drawing isn't accurate enough in your opinion) - Extra details: (like outfit or pose) credit to king-lulu-deer on DA for pixel art
  17. E U N T A E ' S S E R I A L E X P E R I M E N T S P R E M A D E S ♥ THANK YOU FOR COMING ♥ I like to experiment a lot and I have many art styles, I will always try my best for you to discover new and fresh items here~ Feel free to always mention your tastes so I can give you a better experience. I would love to hear your interests and favourite pieces or styles ♥ ♥ you can also check my custom shop ♥ ♥ Please read ♥ P R E M A D E S | G E N E R A L I N F O Y O U W I L L F I N D T H R E E P R E M A D E S C A T E G O R I E S Silver are premades that are up more often, Deluxe are up once per month and SPECIAL EDITION ones are rare items. The differences between the categories are the complexity of the drawing, the style used and the amount of animations of the DP versions. W I T H A N Y P R E M A D E P U R C H A S E Y O U ' L L R E C E I V E Full resolution unwatermarked file and named DP full resolution file is 1092x1500 at 300dpi All premades are PYOC. That means you can choose to change the colors, but I also allow to change any small detail you want to; like nails or hair lenght or tatoos. Split payments are accepted (up to 3 parts) P R I C I N G S I L V E R P R E M A D E S $60 D E L U X E P R E M A D E S $160 S P E C I A L E D I T I O N P R E M A D E S $200 P A S T P R E M A D E S If you're curious about the past premades I made, you can check HERE no one can use the files on that links besides of their owners. COUNTER 25 P Y O C P R E M A D E S D E L U X E PREMADE NAME Asmodeus D E L U X E PREMADE NAME Aequitas -%20 SALE ($45) S I L V E R PREMADE NAME cute guy -%20 SALE ($45) S I L V E R PREMADE NAME holo beauty -%20 SALE ($45) S I L V E R PREMADE NAME crybaby -%20 SALE ($45) S I L V E R PREMADE NAME expensive -%20 SALE ($45) S I L V E R PREMADE NAME bitch D E L U X E (SOLD) PREMADE NAME d e a d e n d S I L V E R (SOLD) PREMADE NAME twilight S P E C I A L E D I T I O N (SOLD) PREMADE NAME Veritas S P E C I A L E D I T I O N (SOLD) PREMADE NAME Runaway COMING SOON Y O U R C H A R A C T E R H E R E ( Y C H ) | S E M I C U S T O M G E N E R A L I N F O A YCH, means that your characer will be drawn in a specific premade pose base. Y O U W I L L F I N D T W O S E M I C U S T O M C A T E G O R I E S ONE SHOT This ones are sold only once, so if you purchase a ONE SHOT YCH, you'll be the only one to have that base with your character on it. You'll be able to choose from my STYLE LIST and have as much animations as you like for free. This is why this ones are the more expensive ones. BASE This ones will be available to purchase many times for many different people with their own characters drawn on it, that makes them more cheap and accessible. BASE YCH's will be available until either I get tired of them or the slots are full (usually 4-5 per week). COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON COMING SOON F O R M I N F O FOR PYOC PREMADES PREMADE NAME: PREMADE NAME GOES HERE MAIN TEXT: (this is the big text) WATERMARK TEXT: (this is the semitransparent text on the borders) CHANGES: (here mention if you want any small changes on the premade) PRICE: CHOOSEN PRICE GOES HERE FOR YCH SEMI CUSTOMS SEMI CUSTOM NAME: SEMI CUSTOM NAME GOES HERE MAIN TEXT: (this is the big text) WATERMARK TEXT: (this is the semitransparent text on the borders) CHARACTER REFS: (here put all the info of your character/s) CHANGES: (if there's any custom props to be changed) PRICE: PRICE GOES HERE ♥ T H A N K Y O U F O R S T O P P I N G B Y ♥
  18. Hello hello, cuties! As I have quite a lot of time on my hands and I feel very inspired to draw adorable characters , I am coming to you with a large variety of options to choose from! Hopefully my art will interest you and will make you want to order something for me as I am looking forward to drawing some cuties for y'all. That's all! Please read whatever I have to say carefully! ♡ RULES ♡ all Art Haven rules apply ♡ payment will always be given before the piece is started and no refunds will be made, unfortunately ♡ please do not rush me, despite being very inspired , my art block may come back at any time, though unlike requests, customs are things that I will not drop! and if I do, that's when a full refund will be given! ♡ please follow the form because it helps me a lot ♡ changes can be made but they cannot be too drastic to the point where I have to redo the whole thing ♡ for the payment, I will create an invoice for you to use and it will be done through Paypal, either put your email address for it in the form or send it privately! ♡ pieces will be done in ORDER , therefore no two pieces will be worked on at the same time ♡ ♡For more rules (yes , yes , i know, phew) please clickeu below! They have been provided by Capsule. DO's ♡ girls and boys ♡ any species ♡ animations if desired will be added, no more than two ♡ lewds but not explicit/nsfw ♡ simple background, whatever you want really- it depends DON'Ts ♡ mecha ♡ muscular characters ♡ any facial/body hair ♡ furries ♡ detailed background OPTIONS A couple things to keep in mind beforehand: -the price can vary depending on the character and various requirements of yours -you have the option to choose where you want your cheeb with or without background -additional characters on the same canvas are ¾ out of the base price however animations remain the same, additional characters on separated canvas (aka ordering two singles) , it’s the normal price -if you order two single characters (aka not in a couple , drawn on the same canvas) please fill two order forms Option 1 : DP Price: 15$ Animations: +1.10$ + 4.40$ depending on the complexity Size: Everything is done on a 320x440 canvas, you will get wips in that size, however the final piece you get will be 160x220 (that is , watermarked & texted , framed and animated if desired). If you want to keep the wips, let me know since the final wip will be the closest version of the final product. Option 2 : Chibi Price: 20$ Animations: +2 to +$5 , depending on the complexity Size: starting with 1000x1000, may vary depending on the character. Keep in mind that due to my chibi style, poses may be limited, though still fill in the form with what you wish for and I will let you know whether or not I can make it work. Option 3 : Character Sheet Price: 50$ Size : 2000x1200 Comes with front and back bust, , front and back waist down, accessories and two chibi headshots. You can mix and match, for example you could have two front busts, different waist down poses and maybe some characteristics text added to the side. That can alter the price so please keep that in mind! Option 4 : Head Icons Price: 4$ Blinking/winking/ears wiggling animation: +1$ (can be more than one) Size: 100x100 , may vary depending on the character’s traits. You can add different shapes around it or just leave it like that. Option 5 : Pixel Head Icons Price: 6$ No animations can be added at the moment. Size: 100x100 , may vary depending on the character’s traits. You can add different shapes around it or just leave it like that. Option 6: Pagedolls Version 1 Price: 10$ Animations : +1$ each : floating , bouncing , ears wiggling (2$), blinking, winking, blushing You can only change the hands pose , leg pose and expression. The overall stature remains the same. Size: 400x400 Version 2 Price: 8$ Only animation is floating and is free. Can pick: The object the character is sitting on, the form of the speech bubble and what should be in the speech bubble. Option 7: Mix and match This is where you can propose something you wish for me to draw. For example, half body , full body or maybe a twitch banner? Feel free to ask for anything and I will let you know whether or not I can do it. FORM ♡Option: ♡ Text (optional for DP, please state if you wish for the text and watermark of the dp to be different or the same): ♡ Watermark: ♡ Single/Couple/However many characters you wish: ♡ References (please include as many references as possible as well as pose references otherwise I will come up with one myself to best fit the character): ♡ Animations: ♡ Background idea/colour/anything else you want me to add: ♡ Price ( please, if you tip do add it as a + , just so i can confirm the original price! ♡): ♡ Email (here or on private): ♡ Anything else you want to add (optional) SLOTS not started sketching/ lineart done finished and waiting for approval -at w Adodo + Vickie -Fullbody x2 for cel -couple DP for Lina -half body for Alex -half body for Wubbsie -DP for Foodie LOYALTY SYSTEM The loyalty status for each individual starts at two purchases! For each one starting then, you will receive a star. Every two stars will earn you a 5% discount on whatever option you choose except for the head icons. You can either choose to use them one by one or stock them up. You can stock them up to 50% ! Boogz Ochakiis() Wubbsie Miaw June Lina nutmeg Gimbap Wrath Hufflepuff Vickie ChocolateTentacles cel Alex Foodie
  19. \\ Sweets Cafe Welcome to my shop! Stay comfy ♥ Private Orders: Open rules ♥͏ Sorry, I know it's a bit to read but please read all of these to make everything run smoother! Last updated: 5/30/2020 If you have any questions feel free to PM me or ask here and I'll try to reply ASAP! contact me ♥͏ Discord: lamb#1111 Twitter: @milkplushy Twitch: lambplush Instagram: @lambgorl Bust Up: $18 Waist Up: $20 Thigh Up: $22 No couples at the moment, sorry! add-ons ♥͏ Floating Accessory: +$2 Plushy/Pet: +$2 Detailed Background: +$2 Extra Text: +$1 Extra Change: +$1 order form ♥͏ Text: Single/Couple: Bust/Waist/Thigh-Up: References: Pose: Expression: Background: Add-ons: Extra: Total: Email (for invoice, can be pmed): (by ordering, you have agreed to, read and followed the rules above!) payment ♥͏ Payment only accepted with PayPal only in USD. I will send you an invoice after being accepted. slots ♥͏ UNLIMITED 1. @Gimbap 2. @cel 3. reward system ♥͏ For every DP you order in this shop, you'll earn either 1 or 2 tickets you can use to redeem a variety of rewards! If I forgot to add a point of yours here, please let me know! Single DP = 1 ticket Couple DP = 2 tickets Tier 1 Reward - 4 tickets 25% off order Tier 2 Reward - 6 tickets 50% off Reward Tier 3 Reward - 10 tickets Free custom DP
  20. Raspurrry’s Pixel Art Shop Hi! Welcome to my shop! I'm new to ArtHaven but have been taking commissions since 2018! Thanks for your support! Socials: Rules Prices I have the right to refuse any commissions. Upfront Payment. Nonrefundable unless I decide cannot complete commission. Payment is in USD **Paypal Invoice** only. For animated commissions, you'll receive a 2 GIFS and PNG. You may request to have files sent to your email, otherwise it will be a pick up. Payment must be made within 24 hours. Cannot be used for commercial use unless stated otherwise. Commissions will always come watermarked. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for your commission to be completed. Though, it likely will not take this long. You will receive a sketch WIP. Headshot $22 Bust Up $27 Halfbody $45 Animation (Blinking,Winking,Eye Sparkle,Mouth Movements, Etc) +$3 each Extras +$5 Complex Characters may increase these prices Characters that haven't been made and only have photo references will be +$5 Size 160x220 and 800x1110 What I will draw Female Males OCs Kemonomimi Slight NSFW What I won't draw Heavy NSFW Armor Furry Mecha Gore Extremely Complex Designs Examples of my work Icons Base 150x150 8USD Animation +2USD each Extras (hands, toys) +2USD Customs Form Type (single only): Name: Character Reference: Pose: Background Pref(simple only): Animation: Extras (toys, animals, etc): Icon Form Name: Character Reference: Animation: Extras: Custom Slots Name Type Paid Progress 1: Exed Bust Up Yes 2: Alex Bust Up No 3: 4: Not Started WIP Lined Color Complete PREMADE RULES You may resell/gift/trade etc. You may not claim to be the artist. You will receive premades w the DP size and original size + png You will receive adopts 160x160 and original size + png I will not send a textless version. I will not remove my signature on premades. I require payment upfront. You have 24 hours to pay/claim, I will make it available again after that. Paypal Invoice Only Absolutely NO REFUNDS Atm, I do not offer changes. If you're buying a sold DP, message me and I will change the name if I still have the file. Avaliable Premades Babydoll Kitten Belongs to SweetieBear Boba Baby $28 160x220 FORM & PAYMENT Premade/Adopt Name: Name: Paypal Email (pm me) credit to king-lulu-deer on DA for pixel art
  21. .+✽:。(*→௰◕)♡(◕௰←*)゚.+✽:。 MYSHUCHIBI CUSTOM (◕‿◕✿) OPEN ~♥ Hello guys! My name is Myshu. and Welcome to my custom shop ^^! ♥ I speak english and spanish. I consider my style to be cute and sweet. I do chibis style and anime style ♥~All payments payable to my paypal.me! ~♥ ♥~Chibis halfbody $10 the final result is sent without a background or with a square background of a solid color (the one you detail in the form) ♥~Chibis fullbody $15 the final result is sent without a background or with a square background of a solid color (the one you detail in the form) ♥~Anime halfbody $25 the final result is sent without a background or with a circular background of a solid color (the one you detail in the form) F O R M Name: Style: Reference: Details Extras: Color Backgraund: Paypal / Email: Price: RULES ♥Be detailed with your commission. ♥Couples are double the price ♥You must send payment after i show the sketch ♥will show two wips more once the payment is made ♥all styles can be done in DP without problem ♥~Thank you for checking out my shop! ~♥ .+✽:。(*→௰◕)♡(◕௰←*)゚.+✽:。
  22. Welcome to my Premades Shop! So, I'll keep this short and simple! I figured it'd be nice to post my premades here as well (since I've been doing a bunch of them lately), given that this section is dedicated to them. I hope that you'll enjoy my art! ♥ COMING SOON♥ - No WIPs - ♥ AVAILABLE PREMADES♥ Name: Crossing SOLD Price: $50 Animations included: Eye glint, blink, blush, ears wiggle ♥ FORM ♥ Name of the premade: Name(s): Watermark(s): Extra(in case of pyc): ♥ PAYMENT♥ https://www.paypal.me/Meylith ♥ PREVIOUSLY SOLD ♥ Thank you for your interest! ♥
  23. W E L C O M E いらしゃいませ- Welcome to my shop! I'm fairly new but I'm hoping to offer my style up on this site for low prices~ I offer a somewhat chibi style focusing on cutesy eyes and interesting color palettes. My linework style has changed to be more about smooth tapered lines R U L E S ルール I use Paypal as a means of payment. *PAYMENT IS UPFRONT AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL* All prices and payments are to be in USD ($). Once I accept your request, you can send payment. My Paypal is: [email protected] (check as goods and services; no address needed) I'll also be willing to send the final image via email if requested. - If I have delays, I will notify you beforehand. Please understand that some events may come up and the drawing will take a little longer to finish accordingly. I would prefer commissions of girls, since I have more experience with that. I will prob have a lot of trouble with drawing: super detailed mechas, furries that lean more towards animal anatomy (humanoids are a little better), and muscular figures/very masculine traits, so I would recommend you don't request those. E X A M P L E S エグザンプル LINEART+COLORED: Headshot: $5 Bust: $10 Full Body:$15 E M O T E E X A M P L E S EMOTES: $5 each F O R M フォ-ム When requesting a custom, please include the following format in your post: I would like a....(headshot/bust/fullbody/custom emote) of (OC/specific character) If you mention an OC, please do include some form of reference. With....(text or specific background if wanted) And a....(watermark if wanted) In this specific pose....(include a pose reference) With this emotion...(What's the expression for the face?) And with this color scheme...(include a general swatch if desired). The total cost of doing the specific drawing: If you would like to add a character, it is an extra $10. We can work out what you like via DMs if I'm still unsure of what you'd like. I'll also try to keep in touch (in trying to respond within 24 hours) and try to finish commissions works within a month. Just do note that I can be busy and sometimes commissions will take longer than expected.
  24. O P E N 𝕴𝖒𝖕𝖘 𝕮𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖔𝖒 𝕾𝖍𝖔𝖕 Hiya! My name is Juli! I like to do the art from time to time, so here's a shop with my NOW permanent look! Now it doesn't look so trashy lol! I'm a very busy lady! Please try to understand that when ordering! You're more than allowed to DM and ask about the progress on your piece! E X A M P L E S DP's Single: $13USD or 20K Couples: $20USD or 35K LARGE ART ( 750 X 1000px ) will come with several crops, and ofc.. the large art. Singles: $18USD Couples: $25USD +$5USD per person AFTER couple Animations I do them for free, however I will only DO ONE per DP. - blinking - sparkles - bouncing name / stars / hearts / boobs / arms - expression change any other? Ask. ( you can't get animation on the large art unless it's sparkles for the DP Crops! ) TEXT REFERENCES EXTRA DETAILS ANIMATION TOTAL Join @slurs and I's Art Discord for a more direct way to get our attention! https://discord.gg/axX5HDh S L O T S | 0 / 2 - -
  25. Hey there, Traveler! Come in, come in. Do I have new wares for you, too! I do hope you enjoy your stay. We love seeing Travelers like you come by. Well, would you like a room? Or perhaps maybe something... more exclusive? Rules 1. Upfront payment, please. And no refunds unless an emergency! 2. I have the right to deny a commission if I see fit. 3. For animations, you will receive 1 GIF and 2-3 PNGS. 4. Usually finished within a day, otherwise will be notified! 5. I will send updates at sketch phase and then lineart. 6. 1-2 Texts per DP! None on icons! 7. No full furry or mecha, but mild NSFW welcome! 8. Be kind, have fun, and enjoy your stay! Thanks for visiting!! Examples: Prices: DP (Animated or just a still) [OC belongs to holobat on IG] - Animated DP (160 x 220 px) = $38 +Additional DP per order each= $30 [Basic Animation for $38 includes blinking + one other minor effect! +$2 for any other animations] -Non Animated DP (160 x 220 px) = $26 +Additional DP per order each = $18 Pixel Icons (Animated or just a still) My OC, Zero @Koju (my wife) OC, Barry Purrresas_Designs OC, Sol on IG - Animated Pixel Icon = $25 +Additional Icon per order each= $20 [Basic Animation for $25 includes blinking + one other minor effect! +$2 for any other animations] -Non Animated Icon = $20 +Additional DP per order each = $15 [Sizes are either 200x200 px or 300x300 px, your choice! Also its one color for bg, your choice too!] Form Type: Character Ref: Animation(s): Size: Price: Extra: Slots Name Type Status 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Paypal/Inquiries: [email protected] Cashapp: $luneartic Personal Info About me: Hey! Im Alex, AKA Luneartic. Im a 22 yr old Independent Creator/ Aspiring Webcomic Artist. My wonderful wife is @Koju, some of y'all may know her! She's fantastic, right? Koju is actually the one who introduced me to Art Haven/AH, its very lovely here I might add! Even though my main base of operations is Instagram, haha. Anyways, i thought that i should at least introduce myself because im new and koju has told me art theft can get big here from new people. But rest assured, I am very much a real person! I joined a while back but well years before I didn't have the tablet I do now and only really had my note 8 to do art on.Which don't get me wrong, was honestly a good Era. I was still able to build some rep on IG at least. Although, here not so much for multiple reasons.. had been ages since I dwelled on a forum, couldn't be efficient w/ that current art situation, i'm really horrible at marketing myself and at business stuff in general, etc. But! Surprise i'm back heheh. I just wanted to tell a little bout myself to ease any worries y'all might have about me. You can also find me on Instagram under the same name or if ya want, check my little things at webtoon also same name! The reason im doing commissions tho is currently me and koju are in a sucky situation. Stuck living with my not-so-great parents until she goes to basics for the Air Force! And with me being heavily mentally Ill and us just quitting Doordash within a really bad time in general rn, money is much needed. We gotta buy our own food and clothes since my parents are so damn lousy lately. And honestly its been really hard. I know my arts crap and im messy but koju has done so much for me and she has been GRINDING commissions and such to get us some shit. I don't wanna keep living off her money so im trying my best. Im not asking you to pity me. (I have too much Taurus pride for that hahs) but just look at my shops and if you don't want any of the things I put out, could you please leave some suggestions for this that you would like to see? I'd greatly appreciate it. Besides that, its been kinda lonely and due to a lot of stuff. I like making internet friends! So, if ya just wanna chat, im open and here to vibe!! Thanks for taking time to read this, I love you!

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