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  1. Meruhen Welcome! RULES All art haven rules apply. Art recieved are for personal use only No tracing, stealing, reproducing received artwork etc. Payment should be sent in SEK currency. You can pay once I've confirmed your order OR once I've sent you a WIP. No refunds DOS AND DONTS No nsfw at the moment No couples at the moment I can draw males, but I’m not the best at drawing them, they tend to turn out a little bit feminine, so beware. If you're unsure about anything, just ask! STYLES, SAMPLES AND PRICES Style 1: Oval framed bust-ups. Includes a DP version as well as a bigger version. Price: 180 SEK (equals ~18$) Style 2: Working on a bigger canvas which lets me do more details. Can do up to mid-thigh up. Includes a DP version as well as a bigger version. Price with simple bg: 250 SEK (equals ~27$) Price with detailed background: 300 SEK (equals ~32$) Examples simple BG: Examples detailed BG: FORM (you can leave some fields blank if you don't have any preference) Style 1 form Style 2 form Payment Click the pic below to send payment! Remember to please pay in SEK. SLOTS [0/4] 1. 2. 3. 4. FINISHED
  2. Shop ( OPEN / CLOSE). WELCOME ! This is my first shop so I hope I am doing it right ! more examples of my art can be found in my insta @ > Dp will be delivered in the big form to be converted to 160x 220 > No Nsfw ( Yes to cleavages and naked torso for males ) > Waiting time depends on availability and waiting list ( usually from 3 days to a couple of weeks ) > Half body for Oc’s or IMVU avatars 40€ — 5/10€ extra if extra Detailed ( 2048x2048) > Head shot 20 € — 5/10 extra if extra detailed. > Couple Half bodies are 80 €. > I do full bodies for 60 € ( extra for extra detailing ) — but please ask first before requesting one ~ RULES : * DO NOT RUSH ME. * PAYMENT WILL BE TAKEN ONCE THE WIP AND COLOURS ARE CONFIRMED * I TAKE EVERY COMMISSION WITH CARE AND PRIORITY. DETAILING AND TAKING MY TIME NOT JUST TO COMPLETE THE DRAWING BUT TO APPRECIATE THE MAKING AND THE RESULT OF IT * TO MAKE A REQUEST PLEASE FILL THIS IN : TYPE OF COMMISSION: HALF BODY /HEAD SHOT DISPLAYED NAME : HAIR COLOUR : EYE COLOUR: IDEA IN MIND FOR THE ART : REFERENCES : * FOR HALF BODIES IF YOU HAVE A POSE IN MIND PLEASE SPECIFY IT. IT WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP TO VISUALISE IT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE 💕💕
  3. This is a custom and a premade shop. You can place multiple orders into one post. Please be kind, this is a clinic so we want everyone to be happy and treated well! Patience is virtue. Please pay once the order is placed, maximum after the sketch is approved. All AH TOS apply. Art is for PERSONAL use only! Payments are done via Paypal and in USD only. Turnaround Time is estimated 2-3 weeks starting from the approval of the sketch, could be subjected to change and you'll be notified. You can ask for unlimited changes during the sketch stage, limited number of minor changes (±5) on the line art stage, very minimal and minor (±2) on the coloring and finishing up stage. Any major changes beyond the second stage will cost a fee. STYLE 1 IMVU EDITS Start at $15.00 ▹ Size start at 160x220px ▹ Additional Characters double the price. ▹ Review animation information below. STYLE 2 Anime Style Thin, defined lines and colors ▹ Start at $35.00 ┊Bust $35┊ ┊Hip-up $45.00┊ ┊ Fullbody - $65┊ ▹ Additional Characters double the price. ▹ Pets and Complex details will cost extra. ($5~$15) ▹ Review animation information below. STYLE 3 Semi-realism Painty looking with thick, if any, lines ▹ Start at $45.00 ┊ Bust $45 ┊ ┊ Hip-up $55.00┊ ┊ Fullbody - $85┊ ▹Size varies, but start at least 950x750px ▹ Additional Characters double the price. ▹ Pets and Complex details will cost extra. ($5~$15) ▹ Review animation information below. STYLE 4 Mixed Best of both worlds! ▹ Start at $55.00 ┊ Bust $55┊ ┊Hip-up $75.00┊ ┊ Fullbody - $125┊ ▹ Additional Characters double the price. ▹ Pets and Complex details will cost extra. ($5~$15) ▹ Review animation information below. ▹ Colored Sketch of headshot/busts only for 20$ Animation adds separately Goal: 100$ Example: We offer a wide selection of animations! Animation is charged per one! (For example: Blinking ($2) + Sparkles ($1) = $3 Total for animation) Here are some examples of what we can do: ▹ Blinking ($2) ▹Ear and tail flicking ($2-$3) ▹Blushing, smiling ($1) ▹ Sparkles ($1) ▹ Flickering and glitches ($1) ▹ Particles ($1) ▹Glow ($1) ▹ Blood splatters ($1-$2) ▹Smoke ($1) ▹ and way more! If you have a specific animation(s) in mind, please contact us to see if its possible and we will work something out! [2/5] Private - PAID Painting ShannaBanana - PAID Coloring Premades are first come first serve. Changes are +5$ Animation prices apply to non-animated premades Code: - Price: - Code: Flower Price: 25$ 22$ Code: Heart Price: 25$ 22$ Code: SakuraYCH Price: $140 Animations sold separately For every purchase in this shop, whether it is a premade or a custom, you get a capsule and after 5 you get a bottle! You can redeem 1 bottle for 50% off your custom order or 50% off your next premade. ShannaBanana - credit to king-lulu-deer @deviantart for the icons
  4. DTPAY Draw the Person Above You Welcome to DTPAY! Here, you can claim a spot to make an art piece for the person who posted before you! Everything posted here will be free, so you are only encouraged to play if you are not expecting anything in return from the person you are making art for. This thread is not meant to get special custom artwork made of your OCs/screenies. If you are claiming, you are meant to make your own interpretation of the avatar image the person you claimed is wearing.[1] No one should be posting OC stash links, toyhouse links, references, screenshot galleries, etc. when they go to claim. The only exception to this is if you were posting some information about your current DP to help the person who claims you, if it is necessary.[2] Current Moderators Managing DTPAY thread: @Baah @Amy @Luxor Rules & Guidelines We do send out reminders/warnings for excessive misses here. It is not fair to the people who actually participate when others come in, claim without doing anything, take their free artwork, and leave. Do not post unless you're claiming. If you wish to thank someone, edit your claim post. Failure to abide by this rule will cause your post to be deleted and subsequent warnings will follow. If you're claiming someone, try to complete it within 24-48 hours at most. If something comes up, edit your post with a WIP or a message saying you may be late. Even if you PM your claimed person directly, you still need to edit your post with a note. You are only allowed to claim one person at a time. Do not claim another person until you are 100% finished with your previous one. No one should have more than one claim at a time. Please do not rush your art just to get a free piece; put effort into it. ( Stick figures, hastily drawn images, or images with minimal effort/care do not count. ) Do not paint over or trace the avatar image of the person you claimed. You are meant to draw the image yourself. Please review our guidelines on tracing and other forms of art theft by clicking here. Even if the claim has been PMed to the user, you still must show proof of the drawing in your post. Failure to do so will result in a strike. [1] This does not mean to take the user's avatar image and draw on top of it. Please refer to the rules. [2] Links will be removed and multiple occurrences will result in either a warning or temp ban from this thread.
  5. Welcome to Kijo's Premade Shop! I'm just a little shop selling premades only! Please be respectful and enjoy! ♥ ♡ PayPal or Venmo only please ♡ Follow all AH rules and guidelines ♡ Please don’t resell/edit my art or claim as your own! ♡ Art is sold as is! ♡ Will add a name or watermark if desired! Send payments to Paypal or Venmo: @hiddynleafemotes FOR PREMADES: Premade Name: Watermark: Text: Price: Examples of art: Available Premades: Devil Baby: $15 Purple: $15 Minty: $15 Fishnets: $15 OPEN SLOT OPEN SLOT OPEN SLOT Split Dye: $15
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  6. The store will be closed until May 23 I'm taking a break to go on vacation after a tough season I've had. You can continue reserving your space if you wish and don't mind waiting until that day. I hope you have a nice weeks! ¡Welcome to my DP store! You can ask the questions that you think are convenient and request extra information if you need it. Please read my performance standards and guidelines carefully. I also make extra orders such as backgrounds, covers, accessories for twitch (alerts, emotes, badges, layouts, etc...), for more information you can contact me or you can look at it on my carrd info page LocuProjects Info Rules Time to carry out a commission DP: 4-7 days approximately from the completion of the payment (Normally if I have no personal problems and I have full availability it is in 3/4 days). Avipic: 1-3 days approximately from the completion of the payment (Normally if I have no personal problems and I have full availability it is in 1 day). Changes You can only make changes to the sketch or the lineart, after this only changes to the color but not to what affects the shape of the character, background or objects. Price of each extra change DP: 2€ Simple Changes. (Added tattoos or marks that do not affect the lineart). 4€ Complex Changes (That affect the lineart or addition of accessories, for example). Avipic: 1€ Simple Changes. (Added tattoos or marks that do not affect the lineart). 3€ Complex Changes (That affect the lineart or addition of accessories, for example). All artworks include DP: Image with background + name. Avipic: Image with background + name. Size of services DP: 1000x1750px (And you can order a 160x220px copy for IMVU). Avipic: 160x220px and copy to 600x825. All the works are delivered with my signature and you cannot delete it You can check the progress of your commission in my list of "Slots'' where your order is (Sketch, Lineart, Colored and Textured) The payment will be made in full after the delivery of the sketch, there is no possibility of splitting it and a maximum of 3 days is given to pay it, otherwise the order will not continue Orders are placed in order of arrival By paying 50% more than your order you can have your commission in half the time, advance it to the rest of the commissions in the list of slots and you will have three additional changes It is absolutely mandatory to fill in the form as accurately as possible. You cannot trace, recolor, sell or use my works commercially (or for profit) You cannot modify my artwork without my permission If you need to use a filter in my work of art, do not hesitate to ask me, these minor changes I can accept. Do not rush me I understand that you will want your order as soon as possible, but in order to work comfortably and as well as possible, please be patient. I reserve the right of admission If I do not feel comfortable placing an order or I think I cannot give you what you are looking for, I prefer to be honest and give another artist the opportunity to do justice to his character if he manages to capture it perfectly. Payment will have to be made in full after the sketch has been made and it is accepted by you You will only proceed with your commission as soon as you have the receipt with the payment made. If you do not pay in 48 hours I will not continue with it and will give way to the next customers in order of slots. Obviously I do not deliver anything before a payment. No refunds are made Once you start with your order you will not be able to cancel! If you cancel while I'm working on your art, I'll finish the job by changing colors or with different additives and sell it as a premade. If I haven't started, feel free to cancel. Payments will be via Paypal invoice Attach your Paypal email in the form to be able to send you the invoice as soon as you accept the sketch of your commission. Signature I will not deliver the DP without a signature and the Avipics they will also carry my signature in a visible way. You have the possibility to talk to me in the future to change the name of your avipic, I do not mind changing it, but I will not deliver without a signature. ❤ I DO ❤ ✘ I DO NOT ✘ ♡ Girls/Females ♡ ♡ Boys ♡ ♡ Kawaii ♡ ♡ Goth ♡ ♡ Creepy ♡ ♡ Furries ♡ ♡ Gore ♡ ♡ NSFW ♡ ♡ And More… ♡ ✘ Fan Art ✘ (I only accept to do partial fan art, your character with a “waifu” or a “husbando” if you wanted and it would be in my drawing style, or your character in disguise. I don't do fanart of two characters.) Prices Avipic Prices DP Prices Chibi Prices Form Slots Commission Form Premade Form You can check my slots and progress of my global work on the next book: The slots mentioned below are ONLY from ArtHaven, I will not place the external ones so your request may take a little longer, for global information visit the previous link. Avipic: 3/6 1 @DiabolicDoll 2 @DiabolicDoll 4 @Vashbo Open Open Open DP / Chibi: 1/3 3 @Borden Open Open Open Open Open Portfolio (Examples | Sold) Avipics DP’s Chibi’s Premades Tag List (Ask to be added) Credits Table Resource · Summon · Tablet Pagedoll · Dino Divider · Golden Star · Bat Bullet · Birds Bullet · Shooting Star Progress Bars · Bouncy · Stars - Divider · Pastel Divider Left · Pastel Divider Right · Potion Brewing · Bird Skull Facing Left · Bird Skull Facing Right
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  7. Hi! This is dp is up fir sale for $7 and comes with a nonfee animation. ( I’m still practicing my animation ) I accept PayPal, cashapp and venmo 💖 Follow my insta at @Artfairyi
  8. ~🄶🄰🄼🄴🅁 🄶🄸🅁🄻 🅁🄴🅀🅄🄴🅂🅃~ Hey, everyone! Renee here! Been a while since I've put a request on here! Wanting some video game themed art! I don't really care what style, type, etc. DPs, Big art, Chibis, Pixel art, whatever Umm.. My OC is just a girl with dark ginger or dark red hair and green eyes. I wear large black glasses as well, if you want to add those (optional) You guys can really have artistic freedom as long as it pertains to the video game I'm cool with tattoos, piercings, gore, weapons, etc. I want ' QOTDS ' as the name on any art I buy. Rules: General Art Haven rules apply, please. PLEASE POST YOUR PRICES AND EXAMPLES BEFORE YOU DRAW ANYTHING FOR ME. You don't have to draw my OC if you don't want to. If there's a character in a game you wanna draw, let me know! Here's a little form if you wanna use it. Idc I Want to Draw: (Video Game Title) OC or Game Character: Examples of My Work: My Prices: Am I a Weeb? Games I'm Requesting For: 1. Mass Effect (1, 2, 3) 2. Fallout (3, 4, NEW VEGAS) 3. Skyrim 4. Red Dead Redemption (1 & 2) 5. Gears of War (1, 2, 3, 4) 6. L.A. Noire 7. Until Dawn 8. ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS Favorite Villagers: Punchy Boomer Lilly Phil Lucky 9. SOMA 10. Slender: The Arrival 11. GTA 5 12. Alien: Isolation 13. Little Nightmares (1 & 2) 14. Cuphead 15. Detroit: Become Human 16. Last of Us (1 & 2) 17. Mafia (1, 2, 3) 18. Ori & the Blind Forest / Ori & the Will of the Wisps 19. Tomb Raider (OF COURSE) (1, 2, 3) 20. Pokémon Favorite Pokémon: Bellsprout Deoxys Pikachu Numel Poliwhirl 21. Detention 返校 22. Phasmophobia 23. Spyro 24. Left 4 Dead (1 & 2) 25: Crash Bandicoot ART I'VE BOUGHT IN THIS REQUEST: .... .. .. ... .
  9. 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖗 - By Lambs Sold Premade
  10. Awwe


    $50USD | Name can be added

    © Awwe

  11. 𝕻𝖎𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖊𝖉 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘𝖘 - By Lambs Sold Premade
  12. dm or msg my discord to buy
  13. Hi I'm Nycky | ᴅɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛ | ᴄᴏᴍᴍɪssɪᴏɴs: ᴏᴘᴇɴ | ★ INSTAGRAM ★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER ★ TUMBLR ★ TWITCH S A M P L E [ DISPLAY PICTURE ] P R I C E DISPLAY PICTURE S A M P L E [ C H A R A C T E R ] P R I C E C H A R A C T E R P A Y M E N T PAYPAL [email protected] PAYPAL ME [ NYCKYS ] O R D E R F O R M ( DISPLAY PICTURE ) O R D E R F O R M ( CHARACTER )
  14. $100USD|Name change can be added

    © Awwe

  15. From the album: IMVU Premades

    This one has blinking animation but you can choose which one you like best. Dm if interested

    © Full

  16. 𝖊𝕮𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖓 - By Lambs Premade for sale $30USD via PP DM if interested~
  17. CountingSheep


    𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓻𝔂 - By Lambs Premade for sale $25USD via PP DM if interested~
  18. Lemonroll

    Icon for Doki @ imvu

    Shop icon for Doki @ imvu! Link to my shop on my profile! c:
  19. Artwork I did for myself of my OC's, I think maybe I've been reading too much shoujo lately haha >v
  20. ✨🌟🌌🌌🌟✨ I see my future in the stars Out of the darkness Shining guideposts Illuminates me - Stars • MIYAVI My Redbubble:

    © AtlasCaeruleus

  21. Commission - Not Available
  22. XERX

    Bun comission - xerx artist

    I hope you are having a wonderful week AVAILABLE COMMISSIONS, if you are interested in my pixel art, you can send me a message, I will gladly assist you. XERX ARTIST please do not steal or copy

    © Xerx

  23. 30$ commission i did for a friend ! was super fun to work on bc i loveeee lain haha. canvas was actually 3000x4000 so it was above upload limit and i had to ss the original peace so it'd be low quality enough to upload :3
  24. All my social medias My name is Aria, a digital illustrator running this from my apartment somewhere in Romania. I have been learning digital art for 6 years and I'm still learning everyday. I have a traditional art background and 5 years of fashion design with a Masters Degree. I love experimenting & painting digitally so my art style isn't very defined. I'm hoping I can grow this more so I can put my dog through college. If you like what I do, you can follow me on my social medias, share my work, purchase something I made or buy me a Ko-fi. Any kind of support is appreciated. ✩ All Art Haven rules apply. ✩ Digital "premade" drawings are sold only as exclusives (higher price, one owner). This means that only one version is being sold to only one buyer. This also applies to gifting. ✩ All my artwork is for personal use only. You may use them for social media with proper credit, wallpaper, print them, frame it in your house etc. You are not allowed to make profit out of them. ✩ My signature will be on all the drawings somewhere small in a corner very faded. ✩ I will not be adding any texts to the artwork. But you are allowed to add your own as you see fit for your needs. ✩ What you see is what you get, meaning, I will not be making any changes to the drawings. ✩ All sales are final, after I send you the files since refunds are impossible due to the digital nature of the files. ✩ I will not be holding drawings. ✩ I will accept only orders that use the form and give me all the information. ✩ Pending orders can be purchased only after the first buyer doesn't pay/respond/etc. ✩Reward system✩ ✩For every 5 purchased premades you get 50% off your next premade✩ ✩This applies to purchases made only on this shop✩ ✩I am keeping a file to track everything since I opened this shop✩ ✩You can also keep track of your purchases if I get too slow and you wish to use that 50%✩ ✩ The only payment accepted is PayPal invoice. ✩ The currency for all the payments is EURO. ✩ All payments have 72 hours (3 days) to be payed in full amount. If you fail/can't pay, you can always let me know, if not by default after 3 days I will cancel the invoice and the drawing will be available for selling again. ✩ You can PM me your PayPal for privacy reasons. Or you can post it in the form that is up to you. ✩ I will send the files only after you have paid. ✩ The files will be directly PM'd to you asap after you complete your payment. ✩ Delays can happen due to different time zones. ✩PREMADE NAME✩: abc ✩PAYPAL EMAIL✩: abc ✩TOTAL✩: abc STATUS: FULL Available= I can take commissions Full= I have commissions I need to finish up before I take more ✩Workin on:✩ 1. @Luxanna -Couple AirBrush style -COMPLETED- 2. @Bellatrix -Single AirBrush style 3. @Puts -Single AirBrush style

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