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  1. HEY! WELCOME! This is a temporary shop I opened to, particularly, sell chibi heads or icons or however you like to name them! If things goes rather well, I might extend the closure date of this shop (or perhaps I might make this my second permanent shop *wink wink*). GENERAL RULES » All Art Haven rules also apply to this shop. » The only payment method I accept is Paypal. Payment must be sent beforehand. » Once I've messaged you my Paypal.me, you'll have to send within 48 hours. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Please let me know if you need more time beforehand! » Please don't rush me. I also still do orders in my main shop and my schedule is mostly pretty tight. » Please don't steal, trace, and claim that you made these icons by yourself. » I will not draw NSFW expressions, some males characters (I'll let you know if I can), old people, facial hair, and heavy gore. » My secret password is FRUITYCLEMENTINE. If you're unsure about something, feel free to ask! EXAMPLES Price: $4 USD Size: 300x300 pixels Background: Transparent, but feel free to add one yourself if you like! FORM References: (Only images or small descriptions) Expression: (If included in references, you can leave this blank) Secret Password: (Proof you've read my rules above) SLOTS 1. Boogz (1/2) - Sketched 2. Divorce - Base Colors Added 3. Private Order - Sketched Thank you for visiting!
  2. ~ PREMADES ~ !comment to buy !!available premades!! ~introductory prices~ I wanted to offer Halloween premades but also make them flexible so you can use them even during other seasons! Black Fire Vampire Butterfly Incubus SOLD paypal only image files will be sent via DM/email SOLD paypal only image files will be sent via DM/email includes: 160x220 animated gif without watermark 1000x1376 highres image without watermark includes: 160x220 animated gif without watermark 1000x1376 highres image without watermark SOME QUICK PREMADE RULES :: First come, first serve. Wait for confirmation before paying. You will be given 24 hrs to settle payment, otherwise the premade shall be available for sale again. :: Holds only for 5 to 14 days depending on the artwork price. :: Do not claim the design as your own, always credit TabrisDuCiel :: Reselling, trading, removal of signature, cropping or editing in any manner is not allowed. :: You may however gift them and/or turn them into your OC, give them a name, decide on the gender, story, personality, etc. :: Love them and have fun! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~ ADOPTABLES ~ !comment to adopt! Djra'co Mainlander - O'rina of Wisteria Djra'co Type: Mainlander Rarity: UNCOMMON Default: $95 comes as shown: fullbody design Set 1: $130 fullbody design comes with headshot by ki-yeon (samples) (to be worked on once adopted) Set 2: $150 fullbody design comes with headshot by ki-yeon (samples) (to be worked on once adopted) please read more info in the spoiler tag below CHIBI Adopt 04 : CHIBI Demon Halloween Set Price: $28 [HOLD] comes with Humand and Demon version! ~comment to adopt~ Adopt 003 : Butterfly [Revamped] Set Price: $30 hit by an inspiration for her again <3 CHIBI ADOPTS BATCH 01 #1 (brown-gold) OPEN: $8 #2 (purple-blue) OPEN: $10 #3 (red-white) CLOSED ~comment to adopt~ CLOSED ADOPTS SOME QUICK ADOPTS RULES :: Do not claim the design as your own, always credit TabrisDuCiel :: You may give them a new name, decide on the gender, story, personality, etc. :: You may not resell them at a higher price than you've bought :: Love them and have fun! Terms of Service
  3. scoop-a-cheeb ✦ instagram ✦ twitter ✦ youtube ✦ twitch hello i haven't been here in a hot min....... but i want to make a come back and make some art/projects to keep myself distracted and maybe cure depression. idk how well it's gonna work but we gonna try! status: open - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - guidelines you cannot cancel cheeb orders! for big-art if you cancel after i've started i will refund a portion based on what i've already done! after you've been accepted i'll invoice you & will start after i receive payment. i retain all rights to my work, which includes but is not limited to: distribution, reproduction, use of the commission for artist promotion! the art you have commissioned is for personal use only. you may use the work in online profiles, blogs, banners, avatars/icons, etc. if reposting on social media please credit me! you may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise gain a profit from my art (in any currency, nor merchandise; including online/game currency) if you wish your commission to remain private please tell me beforehand original hi-res image will be sent via pm cheeb approx. 3200 x 1800px big-art approx. a3 or a4 sized paper full terms and conditions located here! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - c h e e b s cheeb: $6 USD (+$5 for every character) full scale will be sent via pm! (3200 x 1200 px) form: name: (username / nickname) ref: (refs) extra: etc price: ($$$) paypal: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - b i g - art sketch: $11 USD (+$8 for every additional figure) add color +$6 hi-res bust: $16 USD (+$12 for every additional figure) full color + hi-res you will receive large image dp crop available upon req. background/effects +$8 waist up: $21 USD (+$17 for every additional figure) full color + hi-res you will receive large image dp drop available upon req. background/effects +$8 painted bust: $32 USD (+$25 for every additional figure) simple background/effects +$8 form for big-art: name: (username / nickname) type: (sketch, bust, waist up, painted bust) ref: (refs) extra: etc price: ($$$) paypal: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - dps size slots: jahh (private) vala Empty Empty thanks for dropping by!
  4. ♥ pinky promise ♥ Status: OPEN About hi i'm mya and welcome to my custom shop! i'll be offering my two chibi styles and my anime/chibi dps! i work on a ugee m708 tablet +pen and i mainly use clip studio paint (manga studio) for all my art! thanks to @Sai for this cute free custom shop table <3 Rules Payment info - All Art Haven rules apply - Do NOT steal, edit, copy, trace, or resell my artwork. - No refunds - All art is drawn from scratch - Please be patient with me - Your order may take between 1-3 days or weeks depending on my health/life - Please pay after sketch or color wip - You have 48 hours (2 days) to pay for your order - I prefer already drawn ocs CLICK ON THE PAYPAL ICON TO PAY!! Pricing Anime dp Base price: $12 Plushies/weapons: $2-3 Complex oc: $4 Simple backgrounds only Chibi dp Base price: $15 Plushies/weapons: $2-3 Complex oc: $4 Simple backgrounds only Small detailed chibi Base price: $22 Plushies/weapons: $2-3 Complex oc: $4 Transparent background only Tall detailed chibi Base price: $25 Plushies/weapons: $2-3 Complex oc: $6 Transparent background only BRIBES ARE $5 EXTRA IF U WANT YOUR ORDER PRIORITIZE. Examples Anime dp Chibi dp Small detailed chibi Tall detailed chibi Reward system For every dp/chibi you order, you'll recieve a When you reach 3 's, you'll receive a 30% discount off your next order After using your 30% discount, you'll receive a When you reach 6 's, you'll 1 free dp After reaching 6 's, you'll start all over! EX: .... 1. user 2. user 3. user 4. user 5. user Form Slots Type: (chibi or dp) Style: (tall chibi, small chibi, anime dp, or chibi dp) Text: (only for dp) Watermark: (only for dp) Refs/ocs: (link ur oc) Extra: (any plushies/weapons or idk) Total: Normal: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bribe: 1. 2.
  5. W E L C O M E いらしゃいませ- Welcome to my shop! I'm fairly new but I'm hoping to offer my style up on this site for low prices~ I offer a somewhat chibi style focusing on cutesy eyes and interesting color palettes. R U L E S ルール I use Paypal as a means of payment. *PAYMENT IS UPFRONT AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL* All prices and payments are to be in USD ($). Once I accept your request, you can send payment. My Paypal is: [email protected] (check as goods and services; no address needed) I'll also be willing to send the final image via email if requested. - If I have delays, I will notify you beforehand. Please understand that some events may come up and the drawing will take a little longer to finish accordingly. I would prefer commissions of girls, since I have more experience with that. E X A M P L E S エグザンプル LINEART+COLORED: Headshot: $4 Bust: $5 Full Body:$7 E M O T E E X A M P L E S EMOTES: $5 each F O R M フォ-ム When requesting a custom, please include the following format in your post: I would like a....(headshot/bust/fullbody/custom emote) of (OC/specific character) If you mention an OC, please do include some form of reference. With....(text or specific background) And a....(watermark) In this specific pose....(include a pose reference) And with this color scheme...(include a general swatch if desired). The total cost of doing the specific drawing: If you would like to add a character, it is an extra $5. We can work out what you like via DMs if I'm still unsure of what you'd like. I'll also try to keep in touch (in trying to respond within 24 hours) and try to finish commissions works within a week or two.
  6. Rules 1. No Textless |No Name Changes | Do not edit/alter them | No Trading | Do not resell them! This is for personal use only. 2. First come, First serve 3. No Refunds, All sales are final 4.Once you receive the first W.I.P of your order, you must send payment before I continue. I will message you my paypal info. ^^ UNLIMITED SLOTS Orders may take 1 day to 2 weeks depending on how many orders I have. Bribe slot : Open Bribes are made within 24 hours once order has been accepted. Currently working on: 1. Slot: 2. Slot: 3. Slot: 4. Slot: 5. Slot: 5. Slot: 5. Slot: EXAMPLES + PRICES Single: usd15 | Couple: usd 28 | Facebook Cover Chibi art: usd 35 ( Usd 8 per additional person) | Large Chibi art: usd 54( Usd 8 per additional person ) (Note: Two separate DP completing each other will no longer count as a couple. Bribes are half the order's total price. After you bribe, you will need to wait 72 hours to bribe again. Bribes do not double your entries. ) FORM (Note: Do not give me 'artstic freedom'. Do not give me an endless amount of folders to choose from.) DP or Large art: Single, Couple, Group (Group option is not available for DP) : Pose: Theme: Hair length,Hairstyle,Hair Color: Eye Color: Eyebrow Color: Skin Color: (Please be specific, for example; don't put 'tan' since there's many shades for tan. ) Lashes or no Lashes? Face expression: Clothing: Accessories: Background: Desired text: (Due to no name changes, do put multiple texts.) (Tag your name here so I can keep track of entries. ^^)
  7. This is my dragon mascot, you are NOT allowed to use her in anyway shape of form. She belongs solely to me. New Premades will be posted as often as I can, eastern time. Rules 1. No Textless |No Name Changes | Do not edit/alter them | No Trading | Do not resell them! This is for personal use only. 2. First come, First serve 3. No Refunds, All sales are final 4. Do not pay ahead of time, please wait for me to accept your order. Once I accept your order, I will send a Color Form for you to fill out; along with my Paypal email info. You may send then send the payment. AVAILABLE PREMADES + PRICES Available Chibis ( #1 Sold,#2 Available,#3 Available,#4 Sold,#5 Sold,#6 Sold,#7 Available,#8 Available,#9 Pending,#10 Pending,#11 Pending) --- -- - Single: usd15 | Couple: usd 28 | Group: usd 32 FORM Premade#: Price: Desired Text: Any lineart changes: (Tag your name here so I can keep track of entries. ^^)
  8. 👊 👊 👊 👊ONE PUNCH !!!!!!!! Hey guys welcome to my shop ♥ My name is Ace. I'm a Malaysian. An 21 years old self-taught artist just for fun. I finally came back from Japan, it was a short but very pleasant trip Now that I have the Anime figure I want to buy, I will start accepting the commission again in July. (English is not my first language, as an excuse for my bad grammar.) I hope you like the work I have to offer and respect/read all the rules. Rules and Notes = = = = = (▼▿▼)(⊙▿⊙)= = = = = 👊 COMMISSION PRICE 👊 ORDER FORM  COMMISSIONS STATUS (JULY/AUG/SEP/OCT) COMMISSIONS STATUS (NOV/DEC) COMMISSIONS STATUS (2019) PAYMENT Email address : [email protected] PayPal Me ↑↑↑(Click and type your price amount)↑↑↑
  9. welcome to my chibi big art practice shop! i'm mya (my-uh or my-ah) and i'm 18 yrs old!! I love drawing kawaii girls. basic rules - All Art haven rules apply - Be patient - I'm a sensitive potato so be nice :3 - I prefer already drawn ocs - uh credit me if posted offsite - slots are unlimited until i feel like i have enough practice/examples - no screenies plz examples!! size: 340x440 form oc/refs: text: extra?:
  10. ☕Please be patient ☕Please be as active as you can for WIPS & PMs so i can finish your order as fast as possible ☕No editing/reselling/copying my art ☕If i don't feel comfortable or inspired by your order I can decline ☕Please make sure you have the money before you order ☕Paypal only (i will send invoice after first wip) ☕Please make sure your form has all the info for what you want, clear as possible ☕Payment must be made after first wip ☕MAX 2 different texts --- What i like drawing: Gothic Dark Chokers Demons Pink/cute Coloured hair Animations Lingerie Bangs Long hair What i don't like: Lots of piercings Tattoos Too much blood PRICES: FORMS: DISPLAY PICTURE CHIBI FULL ART ART PRINT DISPLAY PICTURES CHIBI FULL ART PRINTS Slots Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 IZ (chibi) Amelia (full body) Babas (chibi couple) Chey Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8 iCaedis SpyroDragon Sade
  11. chibi 1: £8 chibi 2: £8 chibi 3 (pixel) £10 (detailed vers) (£12) chibi 4: £12 (detailed vers) (£14) Ref sheets; £25-£30 Artists choice; let me choose what to do! : £13 all gifs are free (wink/blink/eye sparkle/mouthchange/blush) if you want to ask me about other orders/custom orders please message me! Chibi dp Brush DP £6/$6 £13/$13 blink gif + £2 finished art examples: -basic GASR rules apply. -please be patient with me. -do not trace/steal/resell my art. -please message/comment me if you want to ask me a question. Minimum orders: 2 I WILL NOW BE ACCEPTING DOLLARS AS PAYMENT! FORM Chibi style/Dp style: Name (one only) : Oc/Ocs (MUST HAVE ART.)( unless you want a ref sheet made): Price: Extras: SLOTS 1 2 3
  12. Kinda coming back from my hiatus from doing art orders n I've been messing with my style a bit and trying some new things and I figured I'd make an art shop n stuff. It's still somewhat experimental and might go thru a few more minor changes. I do fanart and OC art n such. Tysm for your interest! Expanded my slots temporarily just to test the waters. I'll make this look pretty soon, but rn am tired. ;a; Slots: Diablozoo DP - Starting (5k) Private Order - Starting Prices: DP (160x220): 3$/5k (5$/8k for 2 characters) Large art n DP (320x440 n 160x220): 5$/8k (7$/10k for 2 characters) Chibi bust simple: 1$/2k Chibi bust detailed: 4$/8k Examples for experimental: Feel free to pick a simple background pattern style Hearts, stripes, circles, gradient, etc Examples of Detailed n Simple chibis: (Simple is the Kimon one and the old man one and the others are detailed) simple is cleaned up base sketch + color + simple shading and then detailed is sketched, relined, colored and detailed shading Form for chibis: Form for Experimental DPs: Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I do holds on payment for up to a week before I resell (if it's your oc I will change it before I sell it, but you will be blacklisted from ordering again either way)
  13. R u l e s ►Respect others in the forum and in my shop. You know the drill. ►Order when I'm open ►Please be patient (I know I'm slow) ►Please be aware that I do not work in order ►I have the right to decline your order for whatever reason ►No private orders unless it is a surprise for someone else ►I do not do textless ►PayPal only and select Goods & Services and uncheck Shipping ►Pay after the first WIP is sent P r i c e s & E x a m p l e s no need to send fees Send payment to [email protected] Drawing DP 20 USD◄ Chibi DP 12 USD◄ A d d - o n s ►1-2 Simple animations (ex: blinking, sparkly eyes, etc.) 2 USD blinking blushing X sparkly eyes X|X|X bouncing arms X faded expression change X|X floating props X ►Additional animations are +2 USD each (5 animations max) ►Couples are double the price ►Additional text is free. Max 2 texts per order. ►For Drawing DPs you can ask me for original larger version if you want F o r m ►ordering: ►refs: ►pose: ►background: ►text: ►extra: S l o t s Milkpaw open open Aha so I’m starting pharmacy school now, and I’m going to be even slower than before due to the amount of coursework. But don’t worry I will still have a routine to get all orders done in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting me
  14. WELCOME TO MY CUSTOM SHOP! The name's Clementea. I'm formerly known as Tangerines. I'm a high school student that likes to doodle for fun. Latest Updates (2nd November 2019) To keep up-to-date with important updates, WIPs, giveaways, and discounts a day (or more) earlier, you're free to join my Discord server! https://discordapp.com/invite/sYRw3yh »┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉« RULES By ordering a commission from me, you've automatically agreed with the rules below. ▸ All Art Haven rules apply to this shop. ▸ Be kind and respectful to me and other people here. ▸ Don't push me to draw things that are included in the "Wont's". If you're unsure about this, you're welcome to ask! ▸ Please don't rush me. I have a tight school schedule and I might not be able to draw during weekdays. I promise to get your commission done as soon as possible. ▸ The only payment method I'm accepting is Paypal. ▸ For me to start with your order, you'll need to at least send 50% of the full payment. ▸ Send references as clear as possible. Sta.shes are very appreciated! ▸ Once I've sent you my Paypal.me, please send payment within 48 hours. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Before sending, make sure you chose "No Shipping Address" or "No Address Needed" in the address box since the commission you'll be receiving is a digital product. Will Draw: Female characters, humans/humanoids, kemonomimi (humans with animal features), plushies/mini companions, pastel/semi-dark characters, mild gore, friend-like couples, and solid/simple-patterned backgrounds. Won't Draw: NSFW/fetishes, romantic couples, cleavage and breasts, male characters, licensed characters/fanart, heavy gore, scenery, and negative intentions. My current password is: CLEMENTINEFRUIT »┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉« PRICING COMMISSIONS PREVIEWED ABOVE BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Chibi Type: Small Chibi DP (320x440 pixels) || NEW Big Art Chibi (Above 500x500 pixels) Prices: $7 || $10 Additional Character: 50% of normal price Holding Plushies or Item: +$2 Animations: None (Free) || Blinking (+$2) || Winking (+$1) Not available for big art chibi! FORM Text and Watermark: Chibi Type: (Small Chibi DP/Big Art Chibi) References: (Only images and small descriptions) Background: (Solid/Patterned) Extras: (Animations, item holding, etc) Password: (As proof that you've read my rules) If your character doesn't have already-made art (from scratch), please state it in your form and be specific as possible with your references. »┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉« SLOT AND WAITLIST Currently Working Noxey - Special Bundle (1/5) || Base Colors Added (This doesn't eat up a slot) Valkyrie - Giveaway Winner || Not Started (This doesn't eat up a slot) Toxicpunkette - Non-animated Small Chibi DP (2/3) || Not Started Digby - Non-animated Small Chibi DP || Base Colors Added I don't work in a specific order. Characters that are non-animated and has less accessories will most likely be finished earlier. Waitlist - Empty - »┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉« SPECIAL REWARDS 1 Purchase = ☁ 3 Purchases = ☀ (30% Discount Coupon) 9 Purchases = Free Custom (Equivalent to ☀☀☀) Hiroki ☁ PastelHiccups ☀ Vanatei ☀ Pey ☁☁ Shoua ☁ Cymette ☁ LiLMooMoo ☀ Boogz ☁ Valkyrie ☁ Keai ☁☁ Babas ☁ Cheebii ☁ Noxey ☀☀☀ Akisa ☁ Toxicpunkette ☀☁☁ Hauntings ☁ Elliee ☁ Digby ☁
  15. Hullo! Some of you may know me from my other artsu shop. I'm Ophy and I do art on AH! Here is some examples of my art: Last time, my art shop got a bit hectic and inactive (my apologies!!) so here's to a fresh start. If you've posted before, feel free to do so again. Please keep in mind I'm trying to stray from pixelies and try non-pixel stuff! You can get some really nice art (the pink-haired dp was a freebie for Hopey!) but also keep in mind you may not getting something big, you might get a sketch, or nothing at all! I am currently not open for coms (sorry!!) Here are some very very important rules!!! * Please DO NOT mini-mod my shop!! * Please do not PM me as a way to get my attention unless your sta.sh can't be posted here (if you ask for free art in my dms i will ignore you!! sorry ;w;) * Do not steal people's free art or be cruddy :c * Don't spam or re-post your sta.sh if I don't make a post saying you're free to post your st.ash again * Credit me pls ;w;, I do not put my own signature on finished art unless it's a wip so if you could put my name in the description/sta.sh name it'd be great * I am perfect ok with gore/slightly sexy oc's but don't post a sta.sh of like.. full on porn D: i dont wanna see that * This is not a shop where you take slots or get put in a list, I will let you know if I draw your OC but you're not on any sort of waitlist, this is so i dont put pressure on myself to finish freebie art and get overwhelmed ;o;
  16. Hi! I've decided to open a shop again here after a long hiatus of almost 2 years. This week has been rough to me financially since I've been smacked with unexpected bills and fees which sucks since I'm currently saving up money for moving out next year when I start University. It is important that I save up since the city that my university is located in, it is extremely hard to find decent student apartment so I want to be prepared with the money I've saved up. Since I'm in need of money to make up for the loss the bills have caused me, I will make discounts on various of commission listings! I also apologize beforehand for any misunderstanding, english isn't my native language ;; Slots R U L E S x All Arthaven/GASR rules applies. x All commissioned art is for personal use. If you're interested in using the commission for commercial purposes contact me but keep in mind the price will be charged higher (3x times). x I have the right to decline the order x No refunds will be accepted past the sketch phase. x Detailed art takes around 10 days to complete. The rest will be completed within a week. x I have the right to use the finished commission for my portfolio. x I have the right to decline a commission order. x You may not copy, steal, make profit nor trace my art. x You can use your commission order for whatever you want, but not for commercial purposes unless the order was made for those purposes. x You have the right to decline from me posting the finished art onto my social medias, but please let me know ahead. x I prefer to be paid first when it comes to artworks that takes longer time to complete, such as illustrations, headshots etc. Emotes can be paid after the completed sketch. x Once I've accepted your order, I will send an invoice from PayPal. I will be the one covering every PayPal fee, so you do not need to send extra money to cover for it. ON GOING DISCOUNTS Sketchy lineart has 20% OFF Buy 2 of Simple bust up for 17% OFF Semi Realistic Bust up has 35% OFF Emotes has 33% OFF What I draw vs. Don't draw Commission Process F O R M (Please fill out this one and be as clear as possible) A R T LINEART SIMPLE SEMI REALISTIC SECTION CHIBI SECTION EMOTES If there is anything you wish to commission but can't see if its available (for an example, full body semi realistic commisssion) you can just PM me and I will send you more details! STATUS AND LIST:
  17. VELVET GOTH YES/NO love to draw fine detail gore hot boys hot girls different skin tones goth ok with drawing weapons (extra cost if complex) animations fanart wont draw offensive symbols/messages sexual nsfw anything banned by gasr PROJECTS noxey 60% caedis 45% remba 70% snowfreek 70% hopey 70% form username; type (icon, chibi, dp) oc; animations; extras; comments; tips (optional); total cost; EXTRAS FOR CHIBIS blinking/winking; $2 pets; $3+ weapons; $3+ simple animations; $0 i won't do deadlines unless a month in advance + fee ART STYLES
  18. Heyo! My name is Silhh. I'm just a loser who draws. I enjoy drawing chibis! ´ ▽ ` )ノ If you have any questions feel free to ask! ❤ [ DA ] Commissions: OPEN - Unlimited Slots Here are the styles available! $8.00 Couples - $15.00 $15.00 Couples - $28.00 $20.00 Couples - $40.00 DO/DONTS: ✓  Boys/Girls ✓  Avatars/Oc's ✓  EVERYTHING WILL BE SIMPLIFIED ✓  Couples ✓  Groups (ask about this) ✓  Animals with ur oc (ask) ✓  real-life photos ✖  anthro/furry ✖  Muscles/facial hair/manly ✖  detailed weapons/armor ✖  Text Descriptions Payment: I only accept paypal! ORDER FORM: Please fill this out if you want to commission me! Style: (please link an example of which style u want) Couple art?: yes/no Refs: Anything I should know?: Paypal email:
  19. WELCOME hi im spod and i like to draw and dye my hair! sometimes i stream (you can ask me to stream your drawing if you'd like to watch!) if interested in getting more than a bust (like a fullbody), feel free to message me! deviantart ✦ premade shop RULES SLOTS ✦ please read everything! ✦ name - status ✦ name - status ✦ name - status ✦ name - status EXAMPLES regular style: detailed (fully colored) $35 ✦ couples $55 // simple (flat colored) $20 ✦ couples $35 first four are detailed, next row is simple chibi style: detailed (fully colored) $20 ✦ couples $35 // simple (flat colored) $12 ✦ couples $20 first 3 are detailed, last one is simple experimental style: $35 (fully colored) ✦ couples $55 animations: (+$3) blinking, winking, blushing, crying example of full size! FORM & POINTS form in spoiler! for every dp purchased, you will receive a every 3 gives you 15% off on your next purchase! if you save up 6, you can get a free chibi headshot star pixel by diegovainilla
  20. ALREADY DRAWN CHARACTERS ONLY PLEASE! I wanna try out this new chibi style more and flesh it out before I start doing customs Just post your refs below using the form or your own idc uwu Examples / done in shop: Form: OC: Text: Extra:
  21. Durian is a really tasty fruit, don’t try to say otherwise. Hello everyone ! I’m Kimin or Kim for short and I love shaddy drinks ! Welcome to Durian Milkshake, my custom shop to help me buy a new tablet ! Enjoy your stay here All GASR rules apply Payment by paypal only All the prices are in USD Payment after the first draft The drawings are for personal use only, do not sell any reproductions Do not retrace/steal/claim as your own/and such There is no refunds unless I’m unable to finish your commission You can always ask me an update or a screenshot of your commission by PM You can order as much as you want, but keep in mind that it will always take time I do not accept all orders, i choose those that I think I’ll be able to finish Everything can be cropped for DP (free of charge if it’s just about resizing+adding my default DP teamplate) Sizes given are what I start from, the final result can be cropped (aside from DPs) I usually take up to 1 week to finish a commission, but this is stated only as reference Send me PM or ask here if you have a question ! I can draw I won’t draw Fanarts Original Characters Slight NSFW (partial nudity, bloody stuff ...) Animal chibi Nekomimi Extreme NSFW Animals Anthros, furries And anything not too human Backgrounds Probably more, just ask me ! Comment with your form filled ! (see next part) You can also PM me you form if you want to keep your commission private ! I reply to you asap if I can draw it and tell you the price expected I send you a rough sketch Payment (I won’t go any further if I’m not paid) I can send you an invoice or you can send me the payment to my paypal account → Use paypal.me/Kimin or send to [email protected] I finish your commission and send to you a screenshot, final adjustments will be made if needed When everything is OK, I email you the finished piece ( .png or .gif files, ask me if you want another type) DPs Chibis STYLE : Which style do you want TEXT :If you want me to insert a text, you can precise which font/color you want ANIMATION : What do you want to be animated and how BORDER : Around the character or/and a box on the DP CHARACTER : How you want your character to be (pose, expressions, situation, action) REFERENCE(S) : References of your character(s), aesthetic board(s), IRL picture(s), or a text description or a screen to repaint PAYMENT : Whether you want me to send you an invoice or not ADDITIONAL NOTES : If there is something specific you need to tell me or if you have questions (like if you only want a DP file) STYLE : Which style do you want SPECS : Choose which specifications you want + extras CHARACTER(S) : How many characters there are, and how you want them to be (pose, expressions, situation, action) REFERENCE(S) : References of your character(s), aesthetic board(s), IRL picture(s), or a text description PAYMENT : Whether you want me to send you an invoice or not ADDITIONAL NOTES : If there is something specific you need to tell me (like a resize for a DP) or if you have questions Emoji Set EMOJI(S) : How many emoji you want, which expression you want (please list them) REFERENCE(S) : References of your character, aesthetic board(s), IRL picture(s), or a text description PAYMENT : Whether you want me to send you an invoice or not ADDITIONAL NOTES : If there is something specific you need to tell me or if you have questions Painted DP 160x220, 300 dpi DP Only 1 character for the moment 20$ +10$ for a1600x2200 px, 300 dpi version too + 5$ per animated elements (up to 3 animated elements) (little doodle, eyes blinking, eyes shining, sparkles ...) The animation can only be on the DP !! Chibi Style A 1500x2000 px, 300 dpi Specifications : White outline or not Up to 3 characters on the same drawing no animation for this style 15$ + 10$ per additional character Chibi Style B 1500x2000 px, 300 dpi Specifications : Chalk effect or not Up to 3 characters on the same drawing Up to 3 animated element 8$ + 5$ per additional character + 5$ per additional animated element Chibi Style C 1500x2000 px, 300 dpi Specifications : White outline or not Up to 3 characters on the same drawing no animation for this style 12$ + 8$ per additional character Emoji Set 700x700 px, 300 dpi for each emoji Only 1 character 10$ for 6 emoji + 2$ per additional emoji +5$ per animated emoji Please list all the emotions you want Couple Sketch commissions (halfbodies only) 1200x1200 px, 300 dpi Specifications : A restricted color palette, I get to choose the colors, but you can choose the ambiance (cold/warm, pastel, etc) 30$ Welp, that's all I have for now, more will be added later !
  22. welcome to my artshop~ I want to draw anything cute all rule applied Prices includes 434x614 and 160x220 size singles : $28usd couples: $45usd gif: $3-5usd info: paypal | if u want to reach me faster here's my discord :𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑#1692 434 x 614 size examples List SPIRITS Form Text: Character (references/details): Pose and expression: animated?(yes/no): Background: Proof of payment: Extra?:
  23. 〜please indicate your name, character/s, references, on the kofi page or by replying here below! 〜k-pop, anime, OCs, kemonomimi, slight gore OK! ✅ 〜NSFW, furry, extreme gore, mecha ❌ colored waist / thigh up is 7 coffees ($21) while colored chibis are priced at 4 coffees ($12) i also offer colored icon headshots for 5 coffees ($15) my ko-fi link is at www.ko-fi.com/nafunin
  24. Hi everyone ! ~ We are PixyPersephone and Mitchiri Welcome to our Premade Collab Shop ~ Read the rules please, all rules are for both sections ~ ♡ PREMADES SugarBunny: $25 usd BikiniGirl Badge: $60 (collab with TCF) ♡ PAYMENT Please send your payment here :paypal.me/PixyP Please remember to send in $USD. ___ Credits to my account PixyP please ~ (Please always send a proof) (this is only for this section) ♡ RULES All orders are for personal use only, no reselling No refunds, sorry. What's bought is bought. DON'T ask for changes after buying please. If you are interested in a change you MUST specify that in your form. (changes only in DPs with "changes available" near to them) Do NOT steal-copy-tracing. For badges grant to both once made. "Mitchiri", "PixyPersephone" and "PixyP". Credits: stars: planet-spatulon | Controls: King-Lulu-Deer | divider: apparate. (this rules are for ALL the shop) (this form is only for my section) ♡ FORM Premade Name: Text in the DP|Chibi|(not badges): Price: ♡ SOLD PinkDiva SOLD GlitterSummer SOLD BlueHorns SOLD DreamerBaby: SOLD SweetDiva: SOLD (collab with Jiggly's Art @ FB) SweetWonderland: SOLD (collab with mitchiri) CherryFox: SOLD ♡ SUPPORT US

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