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Found 467 results

  1. spod

    personal dp

    this is my own personal dp i made since i never made myself one ;w ; will be making more in this style in my premade shop~
  2. It's the death of me. Welcome, people with money to spend! I'm opening (or have opened) yet /another/ custom shop, it seemed. I'm not sure for how long, I'll be sticking with this one, but I do hope that I'll follow this one through for a really long time. In case you don't understand my self absorbed and dry humor throughout the thread, I'm sorry in advance. ... Important Links : Twitter: @IKAN54N Discord: IKANくん#7356 or, join my server below! Premade Shop: This is a title. ... } UPDATE 22/07/19 What is Trial Slots? Starting 1st of August 2019, I will be requesting payment first before I start on the order. This is to increase my working speed and to decrease the potential of disappearing customer after I've completed the drawing. Only 5 slots will be opened as a trial to see whether or not I'm able to complete the orders before 17th of August (this does not include the delay caused by customer). Goals Added! In order to have a more fluid backed up finance, I've added one or two goals to achieve for each month. Possible Stamp System for Loyal Customers? Lets see how trial weeks ends!  } IMPORTANT NOTES, PLEASE READ no seriously, please read. Please order only if you're patient enough to wait. Only order if you have the money. Let me know if you don't have the payment now (the time you placed an order). It's courtesy, and it makes me feel better if I know that you're not just ignoring my order's pickup post later. :D Payments via invoice only. TIPS ARE MOST APPRECIATED. I meant, I enabled the option in invoice so I better see some tips in there. jk Please be nice. I will constantly update you on the art when I work on it, to ensure that the changes you want, will be done prior to finishing it. So please respond to it, thanks! My works are for personal use only. Please don't use them for monetary purposes.
  3. rules ✦ please read everything! ✦ gasr rules apply ✦ payments must be made within 24 hrs after claiming ✦ make sure to fill out the form correctly ✦ no refunds sorry ;w ; ✦ hair color change is $5, eye color is $2, ask for any other changes! ✦ purchasing a dp means you get: dp size, original size (480x660px), and textless ✦ most are paypal only (USD) ✦ it is possible to claim a wip - just ask! ✦ feel free to ask any questions you may have!! premades upcoming premades' theme: ? ✦ heart bunny ✦ $ 30USD comes with: original size (480 x 660 px) + gif dp size + gif with & without text ✦ changes are extra costs ✦ ✦ bratty kitten ✦ $ 34 USD comes with: original size (480 x 660 px) + gif dp size + gif with & without text ✦ fill out wip form with colors & hair changes + added details are no extra cost ✦ heart bunny ✦ $30 USD premade name ✦ price premade name ✦ price premade name ✦ price adopts also up for sale - $12 each 01/02/03 available available wips to claim will include blinking animation! (experimental) in order from left to right - you can ask for color changes, no extra cost! heart bunny - see above heartbreak demon couple - $36 will include blinking animation! (experimental) slight hairstyle changes are allowed!! form ✦ premade/wip/adopt: ✦ text: ✦ watermark: ✦ any changes: ✦ price: EXTRA FORM IF CLAIMING A WIP: ✦ hair color: ✦ eye color: ✦ any other colors?: sold premades big sizes in spoiler ✦ working
  4. WELCOME Welcome to my premade shop! Here you fill find all the stuff i've made for sale. If you're interested on having custom display pictures, please visit my profile(not available yet). DISPLAY PICTURE PREMADES PRICE 10$ USD PREMADE # 23 PRICE 10$ USD PREMADE # 25 PRICE 17$ USD PREMADE # 26 DISPLAY PICTURE PREMADES PRICE 17$ USD PREMADE # 22 EXTRA Can change background + different DP crops PIXEL ART PREMADES INFO \ RULES When you post a form or purchase a piece from me, you agree to all these rules. If you do not agree then please do not purchase. Breaking these rules will result in being blacklisted. Clica aqui para leer las reglas en español Cliquez ici pour lire les règles en français PAYEMENT INFO Premades can be paid with Paypal or credits In both cases, i will provide you the Paypal.me link or the sticker GENERAL RULES GENERAL GASR RULES APPLY Please respect one another Please refrain from arguing with one another Please do not spam Please do not edit / resell / trade / share* / give away / swap any of the pieces you buy from me in any way shape or form. Please do not steal designs, art pieces or anything in general from me or my customers. All art pieces you buy from me are for personal use only, not commercial use (do not make money off of them) THEFT: If you notice an user using the art I created for you on IMVU or elsewhere, please report it to me and I'll try my best to contact the right DMCA agents to take it down. BUYING DISPLAY PICTURES One text name only, extra text costs 0.5 USD/1000 cr PER display picture, so if you want extra text on both the normal + animated version you need to pay 1USD/2000cr extra. I do not give textless display pictures. The text you want on your pieces have to be placed in your form publicly (for the normal and watermark). I do not make changes on premade avipics BUYING PIXEL ART The pixel art is only for badge purposes You don't have to grant it to me, but if you do, i'll be pleased By posting a form you agree with these TOS / rules. credits to @Capsule for this rules Section FORM _________FOR DISPLAY PICTURES _________FOR PIXEL ART
  5. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ☆ライス☆ (✧∀✧)/ ☆Welcome to Raisuland! Here's my art heaven, please, see what i have to you! ✩‧₊˚I'm starting to sell some art, it's not the first time I'm selling, and i would love to do it again, so please, buy some art of mine, i would love! ♡ ☆ Who is Raisu ( ライス )? ♡ I'm a brazilian girl ( sorry for my horrible english, i'm learning (•́︿•̀。)) i really love making my art and i want to see people wanting my art too... soo, it's that, some facts about me: ☆ What about art? ♡ I love making anime and semirealism, i also like making pixel art. ♡ I really like to make cute art, with kawaii fashion, but i would love to do some gothic things... just ask what u want (´。• ω •。`) ♡ I've been drawing for a few years, idk if i like my art for now, but i know some people will like. ☆ I'll add more things later ♡Prices and references : PIXEL NOT AVAILABLE. Pixel art: Face to bust : 160 x 220 = 22 USD Regular art: Face to bust: 160 x 220 = 27 USD 360 x 440 = 28 USD 360 x 440 = 50 USD Face to waist : 160 x 220 = 27 USD Face to waist: 160 x 220 = 30 USD 360 x 440 = 45 USD 360 x 440 = 60 USD Full body: I'm open for negotiations. Full body: I'm open for negotiations. Other sizes we can negotiate. Other sizes we can negotiate. ♡Order list: ♡Payment and rules : *Please, read the rules before submitting your form. DON'T PAY ME BEFORE I FINISH YOUR ART, I CAN'T REFUND YOUR MONEY IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG. ☆Be respectful with me and the others clients. ☆You can look at my order list to see when i'll start your art, i go from 1 - 10 in crescent range. ☆You can re-sell my art, but first inform me. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ☆Please, don't edit my art or something like ☆ I don't make trades ☆ Be patient with me and my awful english (っ- ‸ – ς) ☆ Respect my shop rules ☆ I'm only accepting payments in USD. ☆ We can create an oc design together. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ ☆ I don't save the psds from the art i sell, so i don't make text changes Payment will be made by paypal. ☆SLOTS♡ ♡ 10 Regular art slots for this month ♡ 3 Regular art slots for this month ♡ 3 Special slots for this month ☆Form : Details about the oc ( or not ) : (body tipe ( optional ), hair, skin color, accessories( optional ), clothes, pose, expression ( optional ) ) Semi realist or Anime? : General theme : ( like: kawaii menhera, gothic lolita, gothic queen ) ( Optional ) Pixel or regular art? : Will have animation?(+5 usd): 160x220, 360x440 or full body? : Background : Text and Watermark : Face to waist or Face to bust? : Price: ☆ Oc creation form (+10 USD) : NEW! General theme : ( like: kawaii menhera, gothic lolita, gothic queen ) Base references : ( A base concept like a girl image or some concept u like ) Semi realist or Anime? : ( Optional ) Will have animation?(+5 usd): 160x220, 360x440 or full body? : Text and Watermark : Face to waist or Face to bust? : Price: If you want something too much complex, please, negotiate the bonus for art complexity with me I can't refund because i don't have a credit card to register on paypal.
  6. Welcome to the premade branch of Galaxies! In this shop I'll post any and all premades I create. If you're afraid of missing out, make sure you have notifications for this thread turned on because I will make a new post every time I upload a new premade. P R E M A D E S A selection of art that you can snag without a custom order. #2 - $9 #8 - $10 #22 - $7 #24 - $12 #26 - $7 #28 - $8 #29 - $11 #30 - $11 (can change uniform colors) #32 - $13 R U L E S F O R M ☆ First come, first serve ☆ ☆ You can reserve a premade for two days max. After that it'll be free for others to purchase again. ☆ ☆ Please don't fill out a form to buy a premade if you don't have the money ☆ ☆ I only accept PayPal! ☆ Extra changes I can make: Adding piercings or other accessories/changing color of the eyes - $1 Sparkling eyes - $1 Glowing eyes - $1.50 Blinking/winking - $2 Additional text version - $0.20 PREMADE Premade number: Text: Extra: Final price: PayPal email:
  7. Welcome to my shop! I currently offer DPs and character artwork. I am exploring different styles, so at the moment I am flexible as far as specific request go. I can do realism, semi-realism and more of cartoonish styles, all depending on what is wanted! DP Examples Semi-Realistic Paintings Rules All GASR Rules apply No refunds The artwork created is for personal use only, no commercial usages, reselling etc. Payment is done via Paypal in € Payment is done after approval of my sketch Creating the artwork, depending on circumstance and type of order, can take up to two weeks In-progress images will be send to discuss possible revisions Pricing Semi-realistic Painting Portrait 30€ Half-Body 40€ Full-body 55€ DP 20€ (comes in standard DP size only) Line drawing Half-Body 25€ Full-Body 35€ Guide Backgrounds and misc. things can cost extra depending on complexity Slots 1. 2. Form Type of order: References: Additional Information: Text: Price: Paypal E-mail: (can be send via PM) If there are any questions, don't be shy to ask!
  8. Hello, earthling! I'm Meren and I'm back :3c Here I’ll experiment with styles, expect specially pixel DP’s and badges as I want to level up my pixel game. I truly appreciate any kind of support, thank you for taking a look! *✧º・Rules・º✧* *✧º・Form・º✧* ✧All Art Haven/GASR rules apply. ✧Claims will be held up to 48 hours! ✧No refunds. ✧Changes allowed if PYOC or pre-claim, otherwise only name edit/changes allowed for an extra $2. ✧Allow me up to 2 weeks to complete a PYOC/WIP, life happens, man, please don't rush me. ✧You're free to PM me your questions! ✧Also feel free to make suggestions. <3 ✧Premade: ✧Offered price: ✧Main text: ✧Watermark: ✧Colors, if applicable: *Send payment here with your username in a note. *Prices are in USD, Paypal only. *Feel free to PM me the form! *✧º・Available・º✧* Kissy Cutie|$50 Available | On hold | Sold Eye see you!(PYOC)|$50 Avaible| On hold | Sold //|$0 Available | On hold | Sold //|$0 Available | On hold | Sold *✧º・Sold/Examples・º✧* *✧º・Rewards・º✧* Reworking 'w';; *✧º・List・º✧* Nemesis P1NK1EP1E Alea Akisa *✧º・Goals・º✧* To get enough for rent tbh. *✧º・Credits・º✧* *Banner background by Geya Schvecova. *Pixels and dividers unknown :( Please tell me if you know who the creators are! *✧º・Thank you!!・º✧*
  9. bakas

    SHINJO | [6]

    TERMS & RULES All GASR rules apply Do NOT steal my art, claim my art as your own, or resell my art Currently, I do NOT make changes to my premades. All sales are final. 48 HOUR HOLDS PAYMENT paypal: paypal.me/corpsemobile or [email protected] imvu: bakas PREMADES For PICK YOUR PRICE (PYP) if you attempt to offer less than $3USD or 8,000 credits your form will not be accepted. Display Pictures Adoptables lilac halos 160x220 + 320x440 $5USD AVAILABLE witchy business 720x1280 + DP Crop $10USD AVAILABLE syringe sugar 160x220 + 320x440 PYP (USD or Creds) AVAILABLE pumpkin spice 160x220 + 320x440 PYP (USD or Creds) AVAILABLE pastel princess 720x1280 + DP Crop $10USD AVAILABLE big ouch 160x220 + 320x440 PYP (USD or Creds) AVAILABLE FORM please make sure you’ve read the rules! ♡ PREMADE: TEXT: WATERMARK (optional): PRICE: SPOTLIGHT
  10. Hello! I am looking for someone who can make me a creepy IMVU Dp. I would PREFER for it to have a Ferret with it, but if not possible, it's okay. I will show below my current IMVU outfit and i would like to keep it within the same Aesthetic if possible ♥ My IMVU name is "Ferrets". Below are some photos of my Avatar. I'm up for any kind of changes. Thanks! My Price range for paypal is $30 at the highest and Credits is 30k at the highest. Repaints are Preferred but not Necessary. Message or reply with any questions.
  11. So I'm looking for an artist willing to create me a halloween theme display picture for IMVU using my OC, Reka. I want it to be sexy or cute, but also a little spooky with some animation. I'm picturing her in a costume dressed as a witch, or even a cat. ♥ I'm willing to pay the normal price of what the artist charges along with a tip, but I will not send payment until I see the first WIP. I also don't mind waiting but please don't make me wait too long. The longest I'll wait is 2 weeks, not trying to be pushy. <3 I just want my art. The last time I requested art done it took 2 months, and before that it took a year to get the artwork I paid for. Which I didn't even get what I asked for. :c Thank you so very much and I hope I can find the right artist for me. ♥♥ More Photos and information about her can be found here: https://sta.sh/2199uvy5aohb?edit=1
  12. HELLO! Welcome to my Shop! :) RULES FOLLOW ALL GASRFORUM RULES. DO NOT RUSH ME. BE RESPECTFUL PAYMENT SHOULD BE SENT AFTER I SHOW YOU THE FIRST PREVIEW DO NOT STEAL, CLAIM, TRACE, OR EDIT MY ART. OUTLINES ARE THE ONLY THING YOU MAY COLOR YOURSELF. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE FUNDS BEFORE ORDERING. IF YOU CAN'T PAY BECAUSE SOMETHING CAME UP, PM WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT!! DO`S HUMANS FEMALES MALES SOME GORE I can draw girly :D DON`TS CRAZY BACKGROUNDS (will try thought!) NSFW CAN TRY FURRIES/AMIMALS Coloured Price Credits: 7,000 Paypal: $10 Flat colour Price Credits: 8,000 Paypal: $7 Coloured Painted Price Credits: 17k Paypal: $15 FORM Name: Character Sheet/Refs: Pose: BW/Color: Background color/details: whatever you think fits! Extra: Payment type: Price: SLOTS open open open I will only accept Paypal and IMVU credits. Send credits to Diablozoo Paypal Dm
  13. Citrus

    the bag

    hi im citrus and i have come back to secure the bag bc my scholarship didnt come thru yet:) meaning: im a broke student for another 1+ months what i offer: dps, i mean u can pm me about bigger pieces but thats gonna cost more ok the dps are gonna cost u 12 USD payment through paypal only send it to [email protected] under goods&services with no shipping address examples: oh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh and like dont: steal my art, resell it or rush me other than that all gasr rules apply thank u this is open UPDATE: do not comment on my shop unless its for art, thank you.
  14. Hello and welcome to my customs shop Feel free to look at the examples and see if it's to your liking All commissions are appreciated I do both DP's and bigger art, let me know in the form which you would like it to be DP Examples Bust Half Body Bigger Art examples Full Body Half Body Do's Cyberpunk Women Men Neko Dragons Environments Cutesy girls Anime-ish style Dont's NSFW Chibi Gore Fetish Rules All GASR rules apply Please don't rush me I only take PayPal as payment I reserve all right to decline certain orders No Copy/stealing or tracing any of my art Do not resell any art works ordered All orders are for personal use only No refunds once the order has been completed Always send proof of payment Minor tweaks to the order will be free but any bigger ones will cost extra Payment must be in GBP Orders cannot be cancelled after the half-way point I will send an invoice for payment after the initial WIP You can choose to pay in full or pay 50/50 make sure to let me know beforehand Credits: Cookie City circle Red Dragon Green Dragon GIF Prices Bust: Digital £10 traditional £15 Half body: Digital £15 Traditional £20 Full body: Digital £25 traditional £30 Form Style: Traditional / Digital DP/Bigger: Size: Bust / Half body / Full body Text/Watermark: Refs: Pose: Background: Full-body: With / Without background (If with explain what type of one you want) Email:(Can be sent through PM) Extra: Price:
  15. Only making this so I don't clutter the premade art topic Gonna keep this sweet and simple since this isn't permanent anyway. GENERAL INFO: - everything is PYP (Pick Your Price) ... pls be gentle - Majority will be PYOC (Pick Your Own Colours) - I can most likely make small changes or additions (just ask) - I will hold a piece for max 24h after showing the first WIP! After that it will be up for grabs again if not paid for within 24h (if you have a valid reason to request more time then I can hold for longer) - I'm usually busy during weekdays so most progress is done on the weekends - I may or may not add animation/s... this usually depends on the price people choose and is not requestable PAYMENT: - I only take PayPal (unless stated otherwise) as I have no use for credits ... pls don't ask - send payment in USD - My PayPal: PayPal.Me/parvus - I won't continue past flat coloring until payment is sent and confirmed with proof or a note FORM: Premade Name: Text: My Price: Colour Refrences (for PYOC): Extra: NEW ADOPTABLES: (click for bigger pictures) Bitter Sweet (PYOC Adoptable) What a Witch (PYOC Adoptable) Perfectly Toxic (PYOC Adoptable) AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE NEW DPs: (click for bigger pictures) Apathetic (PYOC DP) Flower Boy (PYOC DP) Playtime (PYOC DP) BOO! (PYOC DP) ON HOLD AVAILABLE SOLD AVAILABLE Say Yes (PYOC DP) Say No (PYOC DP) censoring it just to be safe let me know if you want to see the uncensored ver can also add more coverage if preferred AVAILABLE ON HOLD OLDER STUFF FOR SALE: Adoptable 1 IDK Adoptable 2 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Thanks for stopping by!
  16. Welcome to Orny's Bunnies! This is my custom shop, where you may order my experimental style, or my chibi! ( Chibi is relatively new 09/12/2019 ) Experimental Style - NOT ACCEPTING RIGHT NOW Chibi Style Detailed BG's ( More than just flat color ) : +$2USD Bribe: $5USD ( Bribe orders get done in less than 2 days after being accepted. ) Experimental Singles: $9USD Couples: $15USD Animation Options: Blinking Sparkless orbs hearts Chibis Singles: $7USD Couples: $13USD
  17. .Important Update. I will change the payment method to PayPal ONLY after this. The reason for this is that i want to be able to make at least some money during my education and to be able to pay my bills and my insurance. Thank you guys so much for ordering from me and i hope to be able to make more work! The People that already commented down below or send me a note are still able to get the DPs for credits! I sometimes are open to take a request for credits so, feel free to just ask me! <3 THE DP EDITS ARE ALWAYS OPEN FOR CREDITS. <3 Edit: Thank you guys so much for ordering from me, i'm so glad to be able to make some cute DPs again after ages! <3 ☯ Beerus The God of Destruction ☯ ☯ About me ☯ Welcome, My name is Nemesis and it's lovely to meet you! I love to make new friends and get to know people and share our hobbies so, feel free to chat with me! ❤ ☯ The Book of Rules ☯ ☯ What i Draw ☯ All GASR rules apply. No DEADLINES. Two orders per person per slot. Contact me via notes, down below or on IMVU. Do NOT PAY until I send you an invoice. NO refunds. Only if the artwork has not been started yet, you’re able to cancel your order. However if it is started I will do a partial refund depending on how far I am. First come first serve. DO NOT RESELL, TRADE, SWAP, ETC. My art is for your personal use only. Payment Methods are mostly throughout My PayPal = [email protected] Sometimes I can make an acceptation for Credits. (*HIRESNOBG is needed for a DP EDIT with Your Avi Clean and their full look.) It’s Over 9000 | Yes | Girls/Boys/etc. Lewd but not too much. OCs/FCs. Slight Gore. Nah | No | NSFW Anthro 18+ ☯ Styles☯ ☯ DP Edit ☯ (Details can differ) $13 USD 13K CRED ☯ Anime Style ☯ (Lineart/Styled) $17 USD 17K CRED ☯ My Style ☯ (Detailed/CellShade) $23 USD ☯ Chibi Style ☯ (Cute/CellShade) $20 USD ☯ DP Form ☯ ☯ Style Prices☯ Username: (YourName) Avatars: Single/Couples. Your Avatar: (Insert Pics here) Style: (DP Edit, Anime Style, Goddess) Reference: If you have any ideas let me know. Tekst/Watermark: (input here) Background: (Insert Here) Animation: YES/NO/Blinks/Winks/Sparkling Eyes/Glowing Eyes. Extras: (More detail of things will cost more.) Payment Method: PayPal/Credits (Reed the Rules) Price: (Total Price.) ☯ DP Edit ☯ Regular: $13 USD/13K CRED Animated: $15 USD/15K CRED ☯ Anime Style ☯ Regular: $17 USD/17K CRED Animated: $20 USD/20K CRED ☯ My Style ☯ Regular: $23 USD Animated: $25 USD ☯ Chibi Style ☯ Regular: $20 USD Animated: $23 USD ☯ Detailed Style ☯ Coming soon. ☯ Other Animations ☯ Coming soon. ☯ Slots ☯ 1. Deathly - Finished/Paid 2. Pestulence - Finished/Paid Half 3. Poo - Lineart/Coloring. - Paid 4. JacobMa - Lineart/Coloring. - Not Paid ☯ Wait List ☯ 1. OOZR ☯ FAQ ☯ Can i get a discount? Only if there is an event going on or only friends/family can get a discount. <3 Can i get a DP? Ofcourse you can! Do make make Couple DPs? Yes i do! They cost double the price. But I prefer doing Singles. Do you have a wait-list? In fact i do and there are slots left! ☯ Latest WIPs ☯ ☯ Feel Free to visit my Premade Shop! ☯
  18. welcome to my artshop~ I want to draw halloween theme or anything cute all rule applied Prices includes 434x614 and 160x220 size singles : $28usd couples: $45usd gif: $3-5usd info: paypal | if u want to reach me faster here's my discord :𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑#1692 434 x 614 size examples Form Text: Character (references/details): Pose and expression: animated?(yes/no): Background: Proof of payment: Extra?:
  19. Morrya's Premade Shop PremadesAdoptables Custom Shop Premade DP's Scar Girl DP 160x220 ( animated sparkles) +original illustration Price: 15 USD Paypal Area 51 DP 160x220 ( animated sparkles) +1091 x 1500 version Price: 25 USD Paypal ADOPTABLES [ removed by moderator ]
  20. Hello! Welcome & Thank you for stopping by to Digital Wonderland! This is Where I'll be holding commissions for custom art. I hope you find what you're looking for here. 1x Single DP - Open 1x Couple DP - Open Payment Options Paypal Credits Single:10k or $10 Couple:20k or $20 Add ons Animations: $1 or 1k//Per Piece Bonus text(s):$1 or 1k//Per Piece *Tips are appreciated but not necessary* - Single / Couple: - Text (S +1$): - Reference(or screenie): - Animation: - Background: - Total Payment: - Extra Notes All Gasr Rules Apply Be kind & Patient! No refunds & Editing No Text-less Offer if you can afford Payment After Wip No huge changes after the Wip! Please try to keep orders outside of inbox
  21. ' Click here for the full album of sold premades and adopts! Support me! ♕ Shop Assistant ♕ @Jahh ❂ jah will be around to help me manage the shop! She sometimes will answer for me after consulting, promote premades, or bump! All premades are drawn from scratch. I put a lot of time and energy into each premade so sometimes there may be long periods of time between releases, as I like to spend time on them! if you see a premade you like, but the colors arent for you, ask me about it and I can see if I can change them (for a small fee) Adoptable rules: Available: #3 On Hold: Sold: #4 #1 #2 After every 3rd purchase, you'll get 15% off your next dp as long as the dp you're using the discount for is $15 or over! click the image for the full list I only keep track of your potions here for you, its up to you to check here to keep track of your discounts! I dont wanna spam potion reminders lmao Please indicate in the form when you'd like to use your red potion! Elites are valued customers who have either been around since the start of my shop or is a very frequent buyer via pm/in shop! ____________________________________________________________ Elite perks: - Can hold a premade for 4 days instead of 2 - One color change option on a premade is free - 20% off discount instead of 15% when using rewards - I love you - [ More to come! ] Elite members: @Zvirx @Opertum @Pupper @Jungkook @Amputate @Elliern @FloatingMoons @booped @sippycup Premades ۩ Premade: ۩ Text (would you like it watermarked, just regular text or both?): ۩Changes (if any): ۩Price(reminder to check the rewards page for any active coupons): ۩ Paypal/Email: (can pm) ۩ Premade suggestions: Adopts ۩Adopt number: ۩ Text (would you like it watermarked, just regular text or both?): ۩Price: ۩ Paypal/Email: (can pm)
  22. Hello! Welcome & Thank you for stopping by to Aidoru アイドル ! Where I'll be holding commissions for custom art in my styles ^^ I hope you find what you're looking for here (゚ヮ゚) ♬ More samples ♬ ♬ More samples ♬ ♬ More samples ♬ You want samples? I've got em! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ -With all shops, Rules!- ♡ All Gasr Rules Apply ♡ Be kind & Patient! ♡ No refunds & Editing ♡ No Text-less ♡ Offer if you can afford ♡ Payment After Wip ♡ No huge changes after the Wip! ♡ Please try to keep orders outside of inbox ♡ Yosahira / Wip ♡ Digby / Haven't started, need answers. ♡Available ♡Available ♡Available ★~(◠△◕✿) Visit my premade shop! I've gotta eat somehow > < ♡ Single - 10$ ♡ Couple - 20$ Paypal only ! ♡ Animal-5$//Experimental ♡ Detailed Background - 3$ / Experimental ♡ Animation - 1$ // A piece ♡ Bonus Text(s) - 1$ // Each ♥Tips are appreciated but not necessary♥ - Style ♡ - Single / Couple: - Text (S +1$): - Reference: - Animation: - Pose (S): - Background: - Total Payment: - Extra Notes ♡ Detailed backgrounds are only given if specified ( ̄。 ̄)~zzz Pixel decoration made by Nerdy-pixel-girl King-Lulu-Deer Edited 16 minutes ago by Smile
  23. ωεℓcσмε Henlo! Im Samantha ~ Welcome to my smol tiny shop ☆ Some rules~ ρяιcεs ☆ Do not resell/edit what i make for you ☆ All Gasr rules apply ☆ I dont do couple dps atm ☆ Do not rush me ☆ Be as specific as possible when ordering i dont like artistic freedom pls tell me what to do bbs uwu ☆ I wont give textless versions ☆ Please show proof of payment ☆ You have 48hrs after i post your finished order to pay If not paid I will sell it as a premade ☆☆Unless stated you need more time to pay☆☆ Paypal only ☆ 10$USD Paypal ☆ Hands are 1$ ☆Props (plushies, phones, controllers etc) are 1$ per item ☆ Blink/Wink Animation is 1$ ☆ Eye Sparkle Animation is 1$ ☆ Other animations just ask ☆ Send payments to: here please put your username in the notes example - [email protected] Sℓσтs fσям 0/4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Text: ☆ Text Color: ☆Watermark Text: ☆Screenies/Refs: ☆Background: ☆Details: ☆ Price: εxαмρℓεs more can be found on profile
  24. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >> LOVE BITE << >> custom art shop << ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all! You may not know me but I'm Sterminate and I've got a premade shop. And I decided to open a custom shop. I want to try different screenies, references, want to do new things instead of the premades I've done so far. RULES - Check all the GASR rules for good behaviour and so this shop can work well - Please don't try to rush me, I have to do this at my rhythm, not that I do it slowly, but I've got uni stuff to do and so I may be a little slow or not, depends - The order will finally be delivered by PM when it's completely finished (with text). - I may ask you to check your DP to see if changes may be necessary, please say if you need changes or not. I may cancel orders of who doesn't answer for a long period of time (if you already paid I won't cancel). --- WHAT I CAN DRAW - People (I can draw both female and male) - Backgrounds - Fantasy things (ears, wings, etc) or real things (clothes for example), even if I prefer to draw fantasy - Fan art - I am not great at drawing animals but I accept drawing them - I also accept drawing couples, but they add more to the custom price (see that in the prices below) WHAT I CAN'T DRAW - Gore, meaning, too much blood - NSFW - Furries --- PAYMENT RULES - As told in the rules, pay only when I tell you so or you can pay wherever you want since I accept your order but I mostly tell you to pay when the custom is almost or practically finished. - Watch that animations, high details, changes will make the orders cost more - SEND PAYMENT TO paypal.me/quirkytistic (EUROS) OR Guest_Sterminate (CREDITS) - If you think that the prices are too low or too high, tell me and I'll think about changing or not - It's only needed to pay when I tell you to do so. PRICES EXAMPLES STYLE 1 STYLE 2 FORMS STYLE 1 ORDER STYLE 2 ORDER --- SPOTS --- Thank you for visiting my shop and my art, even if you don't order, I really appreciate your visit, I hope you liked it. Banners and little stuff may be done, but for now there's none. Have a nice day! ---
  25. GOOOOOD MORNING GAMERS!!! A few quick rules: - Follow ALL GASR rules. - Please don't ask me to draw stolen characters (fan-art is okay, but please keep it to official franchises). - Please be explicit when making your requests, as there will be no more changes after finalization. - Drastic changes will not be made after the sketch has been completed, I will give you progress shots and ask for your feedback. - If you're gonna post my art, please credit me. Don't re-edit or resell my work. Stealing is an obvious no-no. - If you can't pay, I'll make it my own. Don't reserve slots. - Please complete form, if not applicable, type 'none'. - Please PM me if you would like to negotiate pricing or payment. What I do: I create semi-realistic digital paintings which can fit as IMVU DP's or standalone pictures. If you would like an artwork of a different nature to what is listed, please feel free to PM me. Things I will draw: - Banners ($25) - Scenes/Painting-like compositions ($25) - Full-body concepts ($25) - IMVU DP's - Gamers Things I will NOT draw: - Convicted serial killers or registered sex offenders. - Incredibly intricate decoration (see: x), lace I will do. Payment options: - PayPal - IMVU Credits (multiply marked price by 2k) A Paypal.me link will be PM'ed to you. If you choose to pay with IMVU credits, my username is Exeunted. Below are some of my works: *additional $5 for extra person in picture, animations are an extra 5k General concept works/paintings ($25 USD) : 1 2 3 4 Exclusively IMVU DPs ($20 USD): 5 6 8 Ordering: If there is a particular style here you would like yours in, just pop it down in the 'other' category. Form: Name: Number of people: IMVU[ ] Concept[ ] Full Body[ ] Reference/s: Background(optional): Theme/color palette(optional): Size(optional): Other: Payment type: Contact info: Slot 1: Slot 2: Slot 3: Slot 4: Quick Update: Due to popular demand, I've opened an unlimited wait-list! Just pop your form down below and I'll add it on here. Once I've accepted your order, I'll put out an update and you'll get a slot!!!

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