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Found 131 results

  1. ABOUT Hi everyone! I’m Ukie. This is a custom and sometimes premade dp shop. If i’m slow sorry!Please be patient i ever finish all orders but sometimes rl work is very bussy, anyway if you have questions feel free to ask me here or pm me.Blixt can help you too! -I use Paint Tool Sai and PSCs6 // -CrazyThings are COLLAB drawings. You can follow me on: T.O.S. •No resells (please do not insist) •Be patient I use imvu screenies or google references for all styles (Others artists art are not allowed as reference) •Be specific, it will get better results (I don’t do big changes) •Do not steal (DMCA Protected) •Do not edit //claim as your work//copy //sell my artwork •You can post more than 1 order at time but if you like “bribe” is per form •If you pay “Bribe” your order will have high priority than others (firsts 3 slots) •If shop is FULL please don’t post your form, only lmk if you’d like be tagged when it open •I can send wips PAYMENT •Do not send the payment before you receive the invoice •Send me your proof of payment via Private Message •You can post your PayPal email in your form or Pm me it •After that you will receive an invoice in your PayPal page •If you choose a CT or CTCute drawing you will receive 2 invoices ,one from Jessica and one from Debora refunds are not allowed •Payment needs be sent within 48 hours or i'll remove your from slots How to Pick your sketch PRICES •In PYS section please see if is taken, on hold or available , if you are not sure feel free to ask •Post your PYS form If slots are full and you’d like a sketch YOU CAN post your form (incluiding extra’s price) and one at time you receive both invoices and send payments pm me your proofs •When slots open again i’m going to add you at slots BRIBE : $8USD COUPLE :Base price x2 •Sparkle:Eyes / cheeks / accesories= $1.45USD •Eye movement (looking other way)= $1.45USD •Blink/ wink= $1.60USD •Smile / kissing lips= $2.00USD •Change expression= $4.00USD •Glowing:Eyes/ accessories= $1.45USD •Bouncing:Boobs /arm/etc= $2.00USD •Floating:Particles/hearts/ sparkles = $1.45USD •Wiggle:Ears/ wings= $1.60USD •Tongue out= $2.00USD •Drip blood= $2.00USD •Animated text:Bounce/shake/disappear= $1.45USD •OTHER GIF: Please ask :) •Full body for style 1 to 5 , pixie and pixel is +$5 All are drawings, not repaints STYLE 1 $14USD STYLE 1v2 $14USD STYLE 2 $13USD STYLE 3 $14USD STYLE 4 $10USD STYLE 5 $15USD PIXIE $20USD PIXEL $20USD CRAZY THINGS (CT) $20USD CRAZY THINGS CUTE (CTC) $20USD ON HOLD CTC #25 @Zalila AVAILABLE # 6 //#74 //#75 //#77 //#78 //#82 CTC #22 CTC #24 CTC #25 CTC #26 CTC #27 CRAZY THINGS SKETCH CRAZY THINGS CUTE SKETCH PREMADES NAME NAME NAME FILL YOUR FORM CUSTOM FORM Fill this form if you’d like order: Style 1 to 5 / Pixie/ Pixel/ CT/ CTC ○Style: ○Size (160x220 or 320x440): ○Rerefences(Hair&Color/Pose/Clothes/Accessories,etc.): ○Background: ○Animations/ extras: ○Watermark text: ○Text & Color: ○Bribe ○PayPal e-mail: ○Total: PYS FORM Fill this form if you’d like a sketch from CT / CTC/premade sketch ○Sketch : # ○Size (160x220 or 320x440): ○Colors(skin/eyes/hair/clothes/accessories/etc): ○Background: ○Animations: ○Watermark text: ○Text & Color: ○Bribe ○PayPal e-mail: ○Total: P RE M A D E FORM Fill this form if you’d like a premade :) ○Premade: # ○Animations: ○Watermark text: ○Text & Color: ○PayPal e-mail: ○Total:
  2. BATCH 1 FULL ICEBORNE Terms of Service - All GASR rules apply. - All artworks commissioned are for PERSONAL use only. - Commissioned piece are not allowed to be reproduced as Prints, Stickers, or anything mass produced - Make sure you have enough funds before ordering. - Changes in forms are allowed as long as you let me know! - No need to ask for permission when reselling / trading your OC - Complete forms with reference(s) will be prioritized - Forms without reference will be ignored - Payments can be made on the following: 1.) Before starting on artwork 2.) When first WIP is shown 3.) After finishing the commission - You will be given 5 days to send payment after the artwork is finished. - Any unpaid artwork will be sold as premade. (there will be alterations) - All payments should be in USD only. - Refunds are not allowed once transactions are 100% complete. - I reserve the right to cancel commissions at any time. IF there are any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know! L I N E D More lined works on my Twitter R E N D E R E D More rendered works on my Instagram Bust: 40 USD Half: 55 USD Full: 100 USD Additional Character(s): Bust: 35 USD Half: 50 USD Full: 95 USD Additional Pets/Companions: 15 USD Bust: 50 USD Half: 75 USD Full: 150 USD Additional Character(s): Bust: 45 USD Half: 70 USD Full: 145 USD Additional Pets/Companions: 25 USD What's Included? (1) Full Resolution Version (1) Web size version (2) DPs F O R M By filling out this form means I have read and agreed to the artist's TOS Style: Lined / Rendered Size: Bust / Half / Full Username: (Include watermark if choice if needed) Reference(s): Background: Extra: Note: If you can, please include your OC's backstory, personality , and/or additional info. I can assure you it will help me greatly and will make it easier to draw your character as accurate as possible. (not required but it will help!!) Check out my Social Media! S L O T S Gif by: SunhiLegend
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Kneck and I'm a 24 years old self taught artist. I am still a beginner when it comes to art as my job as a media designer in reallife doesn't let me have enough time to spend it on improving my art. However, I offer dp edits of IMVU or SL avatars and drawings. All GASR rules apply Don't trace, edit, claim as your own or remove watermarks of my art You have 3 days from when I posted your finished art to pay Please don't insult anyone in this thread Don't spam For edits use *hiresnobg in a shadowless room (I need a highquality screenshot) No NSFW art (nudity or extreme blood) Only post a form, when I'm OPEN I have no waitlist, I'm sorry :c DP EDITS They come with 3D effect and B/W Single: $10 / 28k Credits Couple: $15 / 35k Credits Hands: $2 per Hand / 3k Credits per Hand Animations (twinkling, blinking, moving object, glow etc): $2 / 3k Credits DRAWINGS NOT AVAILABLE ATM Paypal: paypal.me/Julia911 (( Credits: [email protected] )) For Drawings For Edits amethyst simi Support me and add my banner to your homepage or signature:
  4. Welcome to my premade shop! You can call me by my real name, Isa, or you can just call me Lunna :3 Let's make this simple! R U L E S Do not claim, resell, edit my art as your own. Be nice to everyone here. First come, first serve. This applies to posting in the shop, I give priority to people who posts in here. I only hold for 24 hours and that's the same time to make the payment, after that if you don't contact me anymore or don't pay in the time, the premade will be put on sale again without a warning. If changes are available will say under each premade. Note that complex changes, if available, will cost you more. I don't offer textless versions. Two texts per premade, more than that will cost €1.00 per text. Always use the form to order please. You can purchase more than one premade. PLEASE DO NOT POST THE EMPTY FORM JUST TO BE FAST THAN OTHERS. You should be able to post and fill the form completely, this is to be fair with every user. P A Y M E N T I N F O Payment is in euros (EUR/€). I will work with invoices, you can pm your email if you don't want to show it here. No refunds. Please send proof of payment once you have been accepted! E X A M P L E S (these are all sold, do not request them please!) F O R M Premade name: Text: Watermark (yes/no): (If yes) Watermark text: Paypal email (can pm): I read and agree with your rules. P R E M A D E S A V A I L A B L E Name: Suki Price: €16.00 You will get: - 4 DP sizes (160x220, 2 normal and 2 animated) No changes. Screenshot by ExDies. STATUS: Available ♥ R E C E N T L Y S O L D Big size art recently sold: Pixel credit to [email protected] and [email protected]
  5. Im trying to do some more realistic things Ill see if i can come up with something good for ya
  6. HELLO, WORLD Welcome to The illshop, hope you find what you're looking for! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Respect and follow Arthaven's rules 2. Commissioned artwork is for personal use only. 3. Use and follow the form attached below. 4. Must include a reference picture of VU or SL avatar 5. Payment after first WIP, which should include a sketch of the drawing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, follow this form and include all data Extras if you require Animation, Notes if you have comments (Both are not required to fill) 1. Name: 2. Style: 3. Reference: 4. Extras: 5. Notes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.paypal.me/saifragab Don't forget to add $2 for PayPal fees!
  7. LIKES Dislikes Anything abnormal (Aliesn, Neko, Furry, Mix Spc.) Gore or Gothic themed Mature Content Complicated features / designs Anything super colorful or Monocromatic Cute or babygirlish Basic or plain humans (not much to the character) Anything that has dull muddy colors Lake in details to the character in general BIGGEST THING IS i dont want to get bored while painting it. But I will usually draw anything you hand me. FORM: RULES Paymemt: PAYPAL ONLY (Click for my Paypal ) SLOTS CLOSED Progress updates here: https://trello.com/b/BbG62Grs/online-orders Tepid CLOSED Depredation CLOSED WAIT LIST OPEN CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED PRICES SKETCH ∆ Simple sketching. You can pick the pencil color and the background color. - Head Shot $5 - Bust Shot $10 - Hips & Up $15 - Full Body $20 LINE ART ∆ Inked in version of a sketch. Just the outlines done in clean black lines. - Head Shot $10 - Bust Shot $20 - Hips & Up $30 - Full Body $40 STYLIZED ∆ My quirky cartoonish style. - Head Shot $20 - Bust Shot $30 - Hips & Up $40 - Full Body $50 RENDERED ∆ More realistic. I spend time shading and coloring in a more detailed way. - Head Shot $30 - Bust Shot $40 - Hips & Up $50 - Full Body $60 EXTRAS ANIMATIONS: Blinking - $5 Twinkles - $3 Larger animations - Prices Negotioable depending on the animation. BACKGROUNDS: Simple design - Free Painterly fuzzy - $10 Detailed - $30 EXTRA CHARACTERS: Per Person - +%60 Per Pet - +%30 YCH (YOUR IC HERE) Completely customizable except basic pose! $50 ANGEL YCH Comment Below to request this with basic form, Just include title ANGEL YCH RECENT EXAMPLES
  8. Hello~ Well another finished commission nwn
  9. Hey!! New drawing of my boys tristan and kai nwn I hope you like it 💞👀
  10. Emm yes, another drawing of this boy xd I hope you like it nwn
  11. Kai_ao07

    Just practice

    Hello~ practice that I did yesterday, I'm excited because it only took me 48 minutes xd So I hope you like it 💞👀
  12. neizu


    6 usd
  13. Welcome Hello and welcome to my shop! Feel free to explore! My name is Lekisha, you can call me Leki or Yura. Rules Order Form All general rules apply Be respectful 48 hour holds No reselling Be patient Paypal Only- USD Currency Screenshot proof of purchase Every art comes with a larger version unless stated other Premade: Text: Price: Paypal: Email: Available Premades Name: Three Faces Price: 25 You will get: DP crops - Larger Art Can change eye and hair color. Status: Available Name: Miyuki Price: $20 USD You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Name: Dhalia Price: $20 USD You will get: Dp crops - Larger Art No Changes Status: Available Name: Sweet Cream Price: $20 USD You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Name: For you Price: $30 You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Name: Batty Price: $20 You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Name: Rose Price: $20 You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Name: Oni Girl Price: $20 You will get: DP crops - Larger Art No changes Status: Available Sold Premades Pixels by Starrichan and socksyy Banner by Fervent
  14. Cadejo


    Drew my sheikah Oc!
  15. Hey! Recent commission of this unicorn boy nwn Pd: I have open commissions...if you're interested 👌🏻👀
  16. Cadejo


    a lil smooch uwu
  17. Cadejo


    This is a drawing i did based on a dream I had! it was so sad u.u
  18. Cadejo


    This is my unicorn Oc Annelise! She's having a nightmare :c
  19. Intro Hello and welcome to my custom shop! It is been a while since i had a custom shop ▲ Status: Closed ▲ ▲ Updates ▲ N/A Previous updates: N/A
  20. Citket


    © @citket

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  21. Shoory


    Coral a Merman Prince love to SPEEDPAINT https://youtu.be/GdaK3w-OoBE Hours spend 6-hours 88layers Programs Sai 2 Youtube Discord Instagram Pixiv Artstation

    © Shoory

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