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  1. Hi, I'm Lid, I'm from Argentina and I work freelance doing illustrations and color bases for comics. I love pizza, sailor moon, vampires and everything dark. (I also have my pink side). I hope you like my drawings as much as I love to make them! __________♥___________ https://twitter.com/LidEvArt https://www.instagram.com/debastetev/ https://www.facebook.com/lidevartist/ https://www.deviantart.com/dgcps https://www.tumblr.com/blog/lidevblog - You must send your Paypal e-mail and I´ll send an invoice. - Provide proof of payment. - Follow all Art Haven rules. - I accept PM orders. - I will not initiate your order if you do not send the payment. - Do not rush me, be patient, I always finish all the work. -Only payments with PayPal. - You can not edit the piece in any way, edit , resell, gift or claim as your work - There are no refunds. - By completing your form and sending it, you accept my Terms of Service and Rules. Please do not send drawings as references and in the case of doing so attach the evidence that said drawing is your property. imagen imagen Price NO gif 10usd Price WITH Gif (blink - smile- smirk- wink- blush - sparkle) / Pet 12usd Couple NO gif 15usd Couple WITH gif 20usd Another gif consult Trio NO gif 23usd Price NO gif 10usd Price WITH Gif (blink - smile- smirk- wink- blush - sparkle) / Pet 12usd Couple NO gif 15usd Couple WITH gif 20usd Another gif consult Price NO gif 12usd Price WITH Gif (blink - smile- smirk- wink- blush - sparkle) / Pet 15usd Couple NO gif 18usd Couple WITH gif 23usd Another gif consult imagen imagen Texto Texto DP (160x220 + 320x440) Style (Anime / Semi Realistic / Pixel) Text: Text Color: Water Mark Text: Paypal e-mail: Please specify here (reference) Color ( hair/skin/eyes/makeup/accesories) Background Extra (gif/pet) Brive 7 Usd (yes/no) Total Big Art(21x29cm)/Banner/Emotes Style (Lineart / Portrait / FullColor/ Chib( 1 or 2)/ Furry/ Soft/ Fanart/ Cartoon ) Text: Text Color: Water Mark Text: Paypal e-mail: Please specify here (reference) Color ( hair/skin/eyes/makeup/accesories) Background Extra Total
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  2. Welcome! Hey! My name is Courtney and this is my official shop! I'm 27 bored in "social distancing" so I'm home a lot more often. SO why not?! I've been on art haven for quite some time, but when I was active the site was called Art Haven Forum. So this is me just coming back with a whole new art style c: Enjoy! FORM: Chibi Art: Click here for the Chibi Art Form <3 FORM: DP Art : Click here for DP Art Form <3 Prices: Paypal only <3 Rules: Orders: (First come first serve) Chibi Art: $5 DP Art: $7 Extras(stars, pets, etc): $2 All Art Haven rules apply. You have 3 days to pay/claim art. Unclaimed art will be resold. Be patient! No rudeness. I have the right to decline requests. Do not resell. I normally finish art within the same day. Slots OPEN (0/8): Yuri Exed Squeef **** PLEASE INDICATE WITH A "♥" that you have filled out a form. c:
  3. DP & ILLUSTRATIONS ♡ ---------------------------------------------- I N F O R M A T I O N ---------------------------------------------- Read all first, plz. If you have any questions or doubt send a PM INFO & RULES ORDER STEPS & PAYMENT ---------------------------------------------- S A M P L E S ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- P R I C E S ---------------------------------------------- FLAT COLOR / RENDERED Samples: headshot Payment in EUR - PAYPAL (Choose EUR when you sent the payment, paypal change currency automatically) Currency converter (In case you want to check prices in USD. Approx amount) HEADSHOT BUST HALF BODY FULL BODY Flat color 25€ Rendered 50€ Flat color 40€ Rendered 70€ Flat color 70€ Rendered 100€ Flat color 100€ Rendered 150€ Includes: • 1 character • Simple background (pattern, gradient or flat color inside a geometric form). • Art piece + DP crop Prices would increase according to the level of complexity: • Each extra character + base price • Elaborated background (inside a geometric form) starting from +30€ • Elaborated details & clothes starting from +6€ • Add animals starting from +6€ • Big modifications after sketch approved suppose an extra cost. Small details are free. ---------------------------------------------- P R E M A D E S [EMPTY] ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- F O R M S ---------------------------------------------- DP & ILLUSTRATION PREMADES
  4. P O O ' S A N I M E S H O P ♡ Welcome to my Premade shop! I hope you enjoy your stay <3 R U L E S F O R M P A Y M E N T I accept Paypal only. USD only. P R E M A D E S "Kuromi" | $60 AVAILABLE "Goth" | $60 AVAILABLE "Mummy" | $40 $20 AVAILABLE "Pharaoh" | $30 $20 AVAILABLE "Kitty Girl" | $30 $20 AVAILABLE N/A -- N/A -- N/A -- S O L D
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  5. yes hello welcome to my art shop sorry for being scatter-brained and S L O W rules and info: -no furries -no complex tattoos or facial expressions -no cyborg/robot stuff -no hardcore gore, light gore is accepted -male art encouraged! -i'm not too fond of body shots *do know that my style changes A LOT* -i love oc's, lemme see em! -make sure you can pay first -artists tend to be busy so please, no rushing -be nice -i have the right to decline some orders payment: only accepting paypal (USD)! chibi DP- $12 regular DP- $15 pixel DP- $17 couples- $20 full art 1080x1080- $30 +5 for couples eye blink + sparkle animation: +$2 examples: chibi: you get the point...LOL regular: once again, it's a lot lmao and my style changes! pixel: couples: full art: form: commission type: (choose one!) references/screenies: text: animations?: (eye blink/sparkle) style/theme: (soft colors/harsh colors) extras: price total: send screenshot of proof of payment plz finished art will be posted here my paypal <( ty! )
  6. P O O ' S H A L L 🎃 W E E N A U C T I O N ♡ Auction Duration: Oct 16 - Oct 23 11:59PM PDT Approved by: @Demon Welcome to my auction! I hope you enjoy your stay <3 I will be auctioning off 2 Halloween themed Dps! This is my first auction so please bare with me ^^;; JANGSHI CB: $40 SB: $30 AB: N/A Min bid Increment: $10 CORPSE PUPPET CB: $40 SB: $30 AB: N/A Min bid Increment: $10 W H A T Y O U G E T Both Dps come with a HQ version + imvu optimized version R U L E S & P A Y M E N T 1. The winning bid must be paid in full within 48hrs 2. Payment is through Paypal invoice, USD only, no refunds. 3. No changes/edits to the piece 4. You may turn her into an OC F O R M Premade: (Jangshi or Corpse Puppet) Bid: (Amount, example: $30 USD) B I D H I S T O R Y
  7. Jewel Lilies ((shop under construction )) welcome to my premade shop Rules all ARTHAVEN rules apply the usual : no stealing, re selling, etc, etc please have funds before placing your order (THIS MEANS : NO HOLDS. ) Payment (PayPal) Please include your email address in the form so I can send you a invoice via PayPal ORDER FORM VIP list $2 OFF ANY PREMADES **THOSE WHO HAVE ORDERED MORE THAN 5 TIMES FROM ME** -VANATEI -MINNS -SATANISAFK -AION New premades available premades available pyoc sale Customers
  8. .. Bunny Lubu is a mischievous little bunny rabbit who likes to draw. His favorite activities consist of hiding inside caves, looking at Sanrio plushies online to marry, and sharing his totally safe for work comics with his friend, Lola the cat. That being said, He welcomes you into his shop! Be wary though, he can be cranky. Tell him he’s pretty to boost his mood! He’ll thank you. ^^ This shop has been opened in hope to provide beautiful art pieces you’ll treasure and cherish for years to come! I’m your guide Alex here to help you around the shop, but to start off, I’d like to show you the only style we’re offering at this current moment! Make sure to come back and check for updates sometime! Kitty Recently finished down below for more examples. Available Crop Options: Click Each Tag For Specific Samples ♡ Bust Up ♡ Bust down ♡ Full Body Extra: ♡ Cheesy four panel comic *meant for lols and not serious art* Rules Prices By ordering, You’re agreeing to: Follow and respect Art Haven's rules. Pay after a sketch is provided. Accept that refunds and editing aren't allowed. Accept that there will be no huge changes after the sketch is approved Keep orders outside of my inbox if not extremely necessary. Remember Use the Spoiler when showing payment confirmation receipts. Only order if you can afford and plan on going through with it. I'm able to showcase these commissions in any social media I'd like (with credit.) Please add artist credit if using on AH Understand I spend hours on these and depend on the money made from here. Single Artwork depends on crop. +15$ for an extra person. 4Panel Comic priced at 5$ Price per animation - 1$ Animals/Plushies (Example) - 3$ Detailed Background - 3$ Text change - 1$ Extra text v. - 1$ Slot boost - 2$ Crop Prices Bust up valued at 25$ Bust down valued at 30$ Full body valued at 50$ Paypal Only Things I can also draw! Males (Both Feminine & Masculine) I’m not against trying to draw furry oc’s NSFW, but please leave these orders in inbox for now ♥ NOTICE: PLEASE READ. My goal for this shop is to expand outside imvu art, meaning the sizing for all commissions will be larger than 330x440/160x220. However, if for IMVU, State so in your form and you'll get your art in 330x220 + 160x220 crop. * I strictly recommend you do this if it's specifically for IMVU. You can request a cropped version otherwise for your big art, but these might look weird when resized, which is why it's better to state if it's specifically for a dp. (⁀ᗢ⁀) Waitlist ( ˙▿˙ ) ♡ Piyao [2] 1: done -2: LC ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Stages: Sketch / Waiting Approval (WA) / Approved / Lineart-Coloring (LC) / Animation - Background (AB) Please copy and paste, organized is key! QUOTE ME WHEN YOU ORDER- IDK WHY I'M NOT GETTING NOTIFICATIONS Recently finished Click here for Bunny Lubu’s Mature shop Click here for my premade shop Bunny Lubu is a character of fiction
  9. ♥ 𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓽𝓮𝓭 ♥ Changes Infomation - Hey guys, here I'll be posting some premades for sale! Keep an eye out, and possibly follow, to be updated on new PYOC premades, adoptables and general premades. I like to regularly experiment with some new things here like animation and various crops so I hope you'll enjoy them ~ For anyone interested, below I have a link to my sta.sh that includes all customs and premades when I remember to update it! There's also a link to reduced premades at a discounted price. Sta.sh with all examples S.O.S Link: Customise-able Discounted Premades PYOC (pick your own colours) General Pre's (completed premades) New There's now the option to choose the style of the premade (common, uncommon or rare) yourself from the PYOC sketch wips! Please add it to your form when ordering with the correct price. Prices and examples of each are listed in the styles/examples section below~ Payment Infomation- I've thiefed the grading system of rpg game gear to help categorise my art styles/methods more simply from now on Common - Green Uncommon - Blue Rare - Purple Legendary - Yellow Styles Info I'll be taking payment through PayPal using the email in your form (or via PMs if you prefer ) Refunds/General Rules Animation / Text Prices/ Additional Form First! Please read: Pick a Style: common/uncommon/rare Premade Number: Text: Colours: Changes: Email: Please add up your total in GBP: £ Support Banner! Free to use to support me if you'd like: (for more examples, gifs, true sizes and misc. projects my Sta.sh link is located at the top right of my shop) Styles/Examples - Choose your style: Common - (Base Price) Uncommon - (Base Price +£3) Rare - (Base Price +£6) PYOC 021 £7.00/$9.00 032 Rare only £16.50/$21.31 003 £6.00/$8.01 PYOC SOLD033 £8.00/$10.28 020 £6.00/$8.01 019 £8.00/$10.28 Premades (Premade) 016 Rare £11.00/$14.23 (Premade) 007 £5.00/$6.45 (Free colour changes) HOLD (sketch wip) 005 £6.00/$8.01 Premade (lineart wip) 027 £13.00/$16.81 031 Rare w/ Background £18.00/$23.46 001 Rare w/ Background £19.50/$25.19 SPECIAL EDITION! 2 (YCH) C003 £13.00/$16.81 Info: ~coming soon~ C002 £12.00/$15.50
  10. Welcome to my shop! Stay comfy ♥ Private Orders: Open Discord: lamb#1111 Twitter: @milkplushy Twitch: lambplush Instagram: @lambgorl ✦ All Art Haven rules apply ✦ Use form given ✦ No NSFW, furries, mecha, armor, elderly, extreme gore, stolen OCs ✦ No proof of payment needed ✦ Payment upfront, within 48 hours of being accepted ✦ I am not comfortable with drawing IRL people yet ✦ Please be specific in your order and don't say artistic freedom for important things such as pose, expression. Photo references if you don't have an OC sheet are mandatory. IMVU/Second Life screenies are accepted too. ✦ I prefer already drawn characters, but will draw characters who haven't been drawn before too ✦ Please do not rush me about your order! I try to complete all art in a timely manner. I have an estimated wait time set for those ordering, depending on how many orders in front of you there are. Rush orders (+$10) will have priority. ✦ Please be nice and respectful to everyone in the thread! ✦ You may edit your form at any time before I start on your order, just let me know if you do edit it because I copy your form in slots below! ✦ No more than 2 people per DP ✦ No cancelling orders if I've already started ✦ Up to three changes can be made per WIP ✦ No changes after final preview is accepted by you ✦ Do not alter/claim as own art/steal/resell/trade/share/copy/trace/heavily reference/repost my art ✦ I am free to decline any orders that I think I would not be able to draw satisfactorily, I am still learning. I am also free to decline orders I may be uncomfortable drawing. ✦ I have permission to post the art from this shop to my social medias (Instagram, Discord, etc.) ✦ You may not use my art for commercial use (making profit off of it) ✦ Any attempts at charge backing, scamming me, etc. or breaking multiple rules will lead to a permanent block from buying any of my art in the future. ✦ If you would like me to draw something not offered below, please PM me! ✦ No refunds !! ✦ While I am waiting for a response to a WIP, I begin working on the next order, otherwise I work one by one down the list (160x220 and big size art (320x440) crops included, NEW > OLD) Bust Up: $18 Waist Up: $20 NEW DP STYLE! Bust Up: $18 Waist Up: $20 NON-DP ART Half Body: $25 Full Body: $35 Icons: $20 Full Illustration: $50+ experimental style (160x220 crop only) Bust Up: $19 Waist Up: $21 more simplistic, crayon brush (160x220 crop only) Bust Up: $15 Waist Up: $17 Blinking/Wink: +$1 per person Floating Sparkles: +$1 Floating Accessory (halo, wings, etc.): +$1 each Expression Change: +$3 Blush: +$1 per person Detailed Character Fee: +$2 per person Plushy/Pet/Prop: +$2 each Additional Character: +100% of price Detailed Background: +$2 to $4 depending on detail Text Change on Old DP: $5 each Rush Order: +$10 (Skip every order in slots. Only one rush order can be taken at a time) If an animation or something you want isn't listed above, feel free to ask, however my limited skill in animation means 3-4 animations max! (The text in parentheses can be deleted) Text: (1 max) Watermark: (optional) Style: Single/Couple: Bust/Waist-Up: References: (character, pose, expression, etc. here) Background: (simple bgs are free) Add-ons: (animations such as blinking which can be added with extra cost) Extra: (anything about your character's personality, extra notes, etc.) Total: (by ordering, you have agreed to, read and followed the rules above!) (Estimated wait time: 1-3 weeks, usually less depending on workload) Rush Order Slot (MAX 1) 1. OPEN Normal Slots (OPEN) 1. SAVE 2. RURIJOU 3. OPEN Payment only accepted with PayPal or ko-fi only in USD. Please add your AH username in the notes when sending payment! Please send with "NO SHIPPING ADDRESS" NEW! ko-fi: If you'd like to support me and my art more directly or pay for your commission using a different way: For every DP you order in this shop directly (doesn't include private/Discord orders), you'll earn either 1 or 2 tickets you can use to redeem a variety of rewards! If I forgot to add a point of yours here or your changed your username, please let me know! DPs redeemed through the reward system will be done on my own time, so please be patient with me! Single DP = 1 ticket Couple DP = 2 tickets Triple DP = 3 tickets Tier 1 Reward - 4 tickets 10% off order Tier 2 Reward - 6 tickets 30% off order Tier 3 Reward - 10 tickets Free custom DP (single) Tier 4 Reward - 15 tickets Free custom DP (couple) S U P P O R T Quinn Capsule Ayumi Puppuccino Lynn Raisu Miaw
  11. Noodles Art Shop Welcome to my shop! I work on both digital and acrylic custom pieces- so please take the time to look at some examples to see if you like my style! Rules Prices I am able to use any artwork created as examples You may not resell the image Do not claim as your own If ordering acrylic, half payment must be due after sketch Single Character: 10$ - 14,000 Credits Couples: 15$ - 17,000 Credits Single Acrylic Paintings: 70$ + Shipping -Stateside only- Extras: Animations(Digital): +2$ - 4,000 Credits Animations(Acrylic): +8$ Types: Digital Acrylic + Digital Acrylic + Digital + Animations When ordering acrylics: *You will first receive the drawn sketch, once accepted, half the payment will be due (Include Address information and Payment Proof in PM) *After completion, invoice will be sent for the remaining balance(including Shipping) Examples Premades - - - - - - Form and payment Name: Type: Animations: Reference Links: Theme: Notes: Payment with Paypal > [email protected] paypal.me/gimmesimoleons Payment with Credits > RussianOG Current Orders Merida Tappy Tappy Esxobarz Esxobarz Esxobarz Esxobarz Xuck -Thank you for stopping by and I hope to draw for you soon
  12. M Y S E C R E T G A R D E N Hello I'm Nicole and Welcome to my shop! Rules - Don't steal please - All screenies are taken with *hiresnobg and shadowless - All credits to be sent to 'ExDies' - I accept Paypal payment, only invoice - First come, first serve - i'll hold a screenshot for 24h - I like to see artwork made with my screenies - watermarked. - Only send payment when I accept your order - Screenies that have someone's username as a title are on hold/reserved - Please tell me your favorite plant/flower on the password V I P S S E C T I O N Only paypal payment Marigold 25 Screenshots Available only for 5 people Price is 1.40€ Rose 50 Screenshots i will show you the new screenshot before putting them on the folder Available only for 1 people Price is 2.20€ Cherry Blossom 100 Screenshots i will show you the new screenshot before putting them on the folder I will make you custom screenshots by pm Available only for 1 people Price is 4.00€ My Flowers - Karismic (Rose) 12/50 - Clementea (Marigold) 2/25 - Obake (CherryBlossom) 5/100 - Pey (Rose) 4/50 S C R E E N S H O T S Single Price is 100 cr Single / Special / Free Packs Name : Ordinary Day Screenshots : 16 (8 Balds and 8 Hairs) Price : € 1.20 /3.200 cr F O R M Screens: Price: Password: Would you like to be tagged?: Idea for new theme?: Vip Form I want to be a flower! Pack: Price: Password: Email: PixelArt by gunsweat and alaskass and Pupbloom and Ksanya and Raridecor
  13. Welcome to my art shop~ I'm pmcats/coeffishent. Basic info: Unlimited slots! Payment through PayPal in USD before I start. Occasionally I will take credit slots. Art usually takes 2 days-2 weeks depending on how fast you respond to my WIPs (usually at lines/flat colors stage if applicable). Table of Contents: 1. stickers 2. chibis 3. DPs 4. full-size art 5. emotes 6. order form Stickers: Actual physical stickers that will be mailed to you. Etsy Sticker Store Chibi: DP Options: Full-Size Art (NSFW, +DP crops available): Simple detail: Full detail: NSFW (female only): $40+, ask for quote Emotes: Form: Freebies/Art Trades: <b>Name:</b> username <b>Style:</b> chibi, dp, full-size, emote <b>Type:</b> mini/doll, simple/full, bust/premade, etc. <b>Details:</b> images, poses, description, background, name, etc. Not first-come-first-served. Will choose based on request/offer. --art trade: your shop layout design for my non-fullsize art of your choice --freebies: experimental dp edits; just post your dp and I may try it
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  14. All Art Haven rules apply, no stealing. ~ All drawings are 160x220 ~ Payment method:Paypal under good and services with no shipping address only, and please don't send before I accept your order. Don't order if you can't pay. ~ Just Color changes. ~ No textless & refund. ~ Requests have a minimum price of 40 usd, extra elaborated items have a charge of 5usd. ~ Wips can be preordered. ~ Feel free to give me theme suggestion. For Buy Premade: Text & watermark: Total: [email protected] Mint F**k You Blood Control Tulpas Kyonshii Set Husbando Black Swan
  15. R u l e s ►Respect others in the forum and in my shop. You know the drill. ►Order when I'm open ►Please be patient (I know I'm slow) ►Please be aware that I do not work in order ►I have the right to decline your order for whatever reason ►No private orders unless it is a surprise for someone else ►I do not do textless ►PayPal only and select Goods & Services and uncheck Shipping ►Pay after the first WIP is sent P r i c e s & E x a m p l e s Send payment to [email protected] Drawing DP 20 USD◄ Comes with optional larger version (let me know in the "extra")◄ Chibi DP 12 USD◄ Chibi FULL BODY 18 USD◄ Comes with optional DP crop (let me know in the "extra")◄ Animations go on the DP crop only◄ A d d - o n s ►First 2 Simple animations (ex: blinking, sparkly eyes, etc.) 2 USD blinking blushing X sparkly eyes X|X|X bouncing arms X faded expression change X|X floating props X ►Additional animations are +2 USD each (5 animations max) ►Couples are double the price ►Additional text is free. Max 2 texts per order. F o r m ►ordering: ►refs: ►pose: ►background: ►text: ►extra: S l o t s open open open Aha so I’m starting pharmacy school now, and I’m going to be even slower than before due to the amount of coursework. But don’t worry I will still have a routine to get all orders done in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting me
  16. some rules you need to know ! Be kind to everyone! Respect Art Haven rules. You may not claim/edit/resell/modify my art in any way. Don't claim my art as your own. First come, first serve. I don't offer textless versions anymore. I'll keep all the art I'm selling so if you change your username in the future, I still can change that with no extra cost. Only send the payment after your form has been accepted. Always use the form provided. I will hold premades for 24 hours (this is also the time you have to pay the premade). After that, if you don't contact me anymore or don't pay in time will be put on sale again. You only earn points if you order on the shop. Will work with only invoices, if you aren't comfortable to put or email on the form, you can send me in private. Payment must be in Euros (EUR). I will send the payment via invoice, because that way i can put the name of the premade on the invoice, will be my work more easly. My paypal email is [email protected] Please hope you understand! forms ! I want a pyc! First time buying my art?: Premade name: References: Background: Text: Paypal email: Final price: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want a premade! First time buying my art?: Premade name: Text: Paypal email: Final price: Just to let you know; one text per order, more than that will cost 1€ extra. If you want to change something will cost 1€ per change and you need to tell me on your form. Name: Keqing Price: 25.00€ .- Status: Available Name: kimono cat Price: 25.00€ .- Status: Available Name: ooh cat Price: 25.00€ .- Status: Available Name: Paimon Price: 25.00€ .- Status: Available Name: halloween Price: 25.00€ .- Status: sold to alcoholic Name: just took a bath Price: 25.00€ .- Status: Available Name: lolipop Price: 25.00€ .- Status: sold to Radd Name: comfy Price: 25.00€ .- Status: on hold Name: test Price: 25.00€ .- Status: on hold
  17. Hi! I am Vyc, a cordial welcome to the Asthetic Hotel, where you can ask for any type of commission, a cordial greeting! Style manga (Black and white or color degrade) Bust $14 Halfbody $16 Fullbody $19 +1 Character $7 + Extra animated wink $7 Style Doodle full color (Hard and colored stroke without many details) NEW EXAMPLES! NEW EXAMPLES ANIMATED Example of star animation and color change Bust $23 Halfbody $31 Fullbody $44 *Included simple solid color background + 1 character $13 + Extra animated wink $12 + Extra Star Effects and color change $7 Style flat color semi detailed (Defined stroke and color with shadows)} NEW Bust $32 Hafbody $46 Fullbody $60 *Included simple solid color background or fund in detail for $ 10 + 1 character $14 + Extra animated wink $12 + Extra Star Effects and color change $8 HOW TO ORDER Comment your order here or send a private message with the following information: * Commission type (Flat color, manga style, etc) * Reference images of your character (remember to send as many as you can, as well as the idea or image of the pose you want) * Total price of your commission (this includes if you want to add an extra character, etc.) * Extra comments (here you can add any extra note for your order, be it details of the pose, the expressions, color of the garments, etc.) * If your order is approved, I will answer you right here that I have accepted it or I will send you an MP WAIT TIME The waiting time is 1-2 days to send a preliminary sketch or WIP and 3-7 days after approving the WIPS, only one type of WIP will be sent in black and white, there will be no base color shipments. In case of emergency, I will notify you of the reasons for my delay when delivering the order. * No refunds after order is delivered What I can draw: -Girls -Boys -Furry -Antrho -BL -GL -Chibis or Semi Chibis -NSFW (you can chat privately about this content) What I can't draw: -Weapons -Vehicles -Metal -Muscle characters - Characters with a mustache or beard -Lolicon -Gore extreme -Very detailed backgrounds Please leave your email in your order, so I can send you a payment format via paypal. Important: Full payment must be made before starting the order. IN PROCESS 1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.- Thank you very much for your visit!
  18. RULES! FORM Please always use the form to send orders or to purchase something. Do not spam buy slots or premades. (2 min +1 for gift) I always request payment first, i do not accept anything else. If i ask for pounds please send in pounds. (£) I do not give refunds. Please note this is my main income atm, so all prices are final. Do not trace or re upload my artwork. Please ASK if you want to resell. You must NOT sell premades/adopts for more then you purchased them for. I WILL NOT change usernames for you if you resell, thats up to you or the buyer to add or edit. PLEASE tell me who you sell or trade any adopts too. Holds for 24HR or it will be put back on for sale. Must wait for invoice always. Premade : Text( one only) : Price : your PayPal: PREMADES REWARD LIST! LIST 3 purchases of premades or adopts will reward you a BLUE TOKEN which gives you 20% off any future works from me. 5 purchases will get you a PURPLE TOKEN which allows you to get a free future premade or adopt. (Do not sell these.) 8 purchases will earn you a PINK TOKEN which allows you a free commission. (Do not sell these) If you go over any of these and purchase often i will randomly send you a token as thanks! please know, these tokens are for YOU ONLY. I will date them and watermark them, they are one time use. Lilmoomoo Momoi Susie Alyssa Daniella Fern Layah Anti-You Nutmeg Kat koru: chiaki wrath puppucino (note: i have an updated version for myself, this may not be updated however.) SALES! BARGAINS! SOLD! Credits: Hands in DPS: @ThroughtheLightx and her Pack please check it out! Decals : https://www.deviantart.com/diegovainilla/art/light-cherry-blossom-651176268 https://www.deviantart.com/plushpon/art/i-potted-sprout-pixel-625588822
  19. w e l c o m e 🍡 ✧ R U L E S ✧ ✧ All ArtHaven rules apply ✧ Please don’t rush me ✧ I only accept USD ✧ Please send payment within 24 hours of sketch being approved or I will resell it as a premade ✧ Do not resell/trace/copy my art ✧ I do not do refunds ✧ If you have any questions please feel free to DM me ✧ I don’t do textless but it doesn’t have to be your real name or screen name ♡ P R I C E S Bust Up ♡ 20USD Waist Up ♡ 25USD Animations ♡ 1-5USD Pets, large/complex accessories ♡ 5USD Another Person ♡ 35USD Bribe ♡ 5USD Large Art Base Price ♡ 40USD Animations, pets, another person is all double from the cropped version. S L O T S ❀ ❀ ❀ B R I B E ❀ E X A M P L E S DP You get: 160x220, and a still version if it is animated LARGE You get: 320x440, still if it is animated, please let me know if you’d like it to be cropped to 160x220 F O R M Large/DP: Style: Name: Screen Name: Bust/Waist*ignore if large art*: References: Background: Pose: Extras: Bribe?: AVAILABLE PREMADES
  20. Welcome to The Lemonade Place! We have lots of goodies for you to enjoy here~! I have my helper Lem (on the left) to help me with any orders I receive! Thank you for stopping by!! Don't hesitate to visit us again soon! Shop layout by @Fervent Art of Lem done by @McDolly Discord: gwen#3333 IMVU: Lemonroll you can also pm through here :3 Please don't resell/trace/copy/steal/change my art! You must credit me for badges in your descriptions! Do not rush me! If you can't be patient, please don't order from me. Orders will take 2-7 days depending on my job, I will be sure to keep you updated! I don't start lining your order until I complete the orders ahead of you if there are any. I work in order of the slots listed down at the bottom! I start on the first order, finish then go to the next! Badges must be granted (once made) to Lemonroll, tamales, and Catbug @ imvu!! If they are exclusive or personal badges you only have to grant to Lemonroll! I will send wips through the pm! Either on here or on discord if I have you on discord! All my pixel art is for IMVU use ONLY! Please do NOT use it anywhere else, thank you. I have a right to decline your order if I feel I cannot do it! Please don't get offended, it's not to be rude! Once you have read through all my rules put the password in the form! Password: lemonade temp. display ;w; Shop icons- Base price: $15! Extras/Complexity: $2-$5 Badges- I charge $4 for every one tile! Animations: $1-$2 per tile, depending on complexity! Still new to animations, so bare with me please c: Badge Doodles: $5-$7 Shop Banner: $10-$15 Please make sure when sending payment to send as goods and services, no address needed, thank you! I'm ordering a: (Badge/Shop Icon/Badge Doodle/Shop Banner) Tile size: (for badges) Colors: click here for colors! References: IMVU username: Extra: Price: Password: Premade Form Premade #: Price: IMVU username: Changes: (This may cost extra.) Password: littles (sketching) slime - WAITLIST: - - -
  21. / C R Y B B Y (ノ﹏ヽ) / W E L C O M E . Hi! Hi!! Kookyan desu~, i'm living in Argentina, Im a Little Weaboo too. Freak // Cute // Guro // Sexy // Pixel / R U L E S. / P A Y I N G. > Follow all Art Haven rules. > DON’T spam / flood. > DON’T edit, steal any piece. > Make sure you can pay before ordering. > I reserve the rights to decline any order. > No cancellation once I start working. > I can edit your order and sell as a premade (If you don’t pay me). > ONLY Paypal. > Send me a proof of your payment. > Send the paynament to [email protected] or advise me to send you a invoice. > There are no refunds. > Make sure you can pay before ordering. > Tips are welcome (but they are NOT necessary). / E X A M P L E . / READ BEFORE ORDERING . > Base price: 40$usd. > Please be clear and specific. > You need to pay BEFORE. > After I accepted your order you need to send me your email to give you an invoice from Paypal. > Complex stuff, accessories and animations can cost an Extra. > You can choose the DP in extra sizes (160x220 and 480x660). / E X T R A S . / A C C E S O R I E S . / A N I M A T I O N S . > Guns: +5$usd. > Hats: +4$usd. > Pets +10$usd (Can be free if they are simple). > Aditional Character: +10$usd. > Other accessories: they depends on the complexity. > Detailed Background +10$usd. > Simple Background Free > Furry Character: +5$usd > Blinking: Free > Hands movement: +5$usd. > Ears movement: +5$usd. > Hair Animation: +5$usd. > Expretion change Animation: +5$usd. > Background animation: From +5$usd. > Blush animation: From +3$usd. / F O R M . > References: > Outfit: Leave this in blank if the outfit are in "References" > Pose: Leave this in blank if the Pose are in "References" > Main Text: > Watermark Text: > Info Extra:
  22. Welcome Fatal Attraction: An attraction between two individuals that is so strong it lacks reason and logic. An unpredictable infatuation that often ends in despair. An unhealthy obsession with someone/something that usually leads to destructive behaviors/patterns. Available Premades Click to enlarge Name: Penny Status: Available DP size Static and animated versions Price: $40 No changes Sale! Name: Talia Status: Available DP size Static and animated versions Price: $35 No changes Sale! Name: Sacrifice Status: Available DP size Static and animated versions Price: $35 No changes Examples Rules/info Rules are subject to change without notice Payment will be via paypal invoice No Holds Please only post a form, if you intent to purchase a premade. Once you have posted your form and I have sent the invoice please pay within 24 hrs. If payment is not received within 24hrs I will put the artwork back up for sale. Please submit a completed form for the premade you wish to purchase, simply stated in the thread your desire to purchase a premade will not be accepted in place of a completed form. Premades are first come first serve - meaning the first person to post a completed form will be accepted. you may only purchase one premade per day(24hrs), to give others a chance but you may submit a second form if you are purchasing for someone else. Proof of payment is not required in the thread All sales are final. No refunds. No stealing/tracing/reselling or gifting to someone else, though you may purchase for a friend. Art may be used as an example on social media or Art Haven though always watermarked All Art Haven Terms and conditions apply Art is drawn by me from scratch Any resources/brushes I use are free for commercial use Be kind! Form Form: ♥ Name of Premade: Text: ♥ Watermark(Optional but recommended) ♥ Email for invoice(You may pm it) ♥ Price: ♥ Have you read and agree to all rules?: Artists that I support Please check out /support (More to add soon) Xunjo, Vaixe, Lunna, Tao, Y0UI, Crima
  23. ♡ Hello and welcome ♡ ♡ Rules ♡ ♡ All AH rules applied. ♡ Don't claim/trace/edit my art as your own. ♡ You're not allowed to resell or trade my art. ♡ Custom premades will take from 2 to 7 days to complete depending on my availability, ♡ Payment for customs premades will be done AFTER I send you a wip with color check. ♡ You have 24 hours to make the payment for normal premades, after that it will go back on sale. ♡ I can hold any premade for 24 hours only- ♡ No changes to normal premades (adding something minimal is whoever acceptable but it will cost more). ♡ Only one text/watermark per premade. More than that it will cost $1.00 per extra text. ♡ No refunds. ♡ Only send payment after I confirm your order. ♡ Examples ♡ ♡ Payment Info ♡ ♡ Payment is in USD. ♡ Always send the payment as "Goods & Services" with no shipping address! ♡ My paypal.me: click here to pay ♡ Forms ♡ I want a premade ♥ Premade number: Text: Watermark: I want a custom premade ♥ Premade name: References: Background: Text: Watermark: ♡ Premades Available ♡ Premade number: 001 Price: $10 Status: available ♡ Sold ♡ Pixels credits: x x
  24. Hellooooo~~ Normally i sell everything on my FB page because i dont have rlly success on Art Haven. But well i try it. I really need some money soo why not trying here too.. I also Accept customs. I accept Lindens for Second Life. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite for drawing: 113 / 379 Premades on SALE: 1: 7€ 5€ 2: 7€ 5€ 3: 7€ 5€ 4: 7€ 5€ 5: 6: 7€ 5€ Premades: Yellow 7€ Golden Lady 7€ Icy 8€ Red 10€ or 4k Lindens Lollipop 10€ or 3,5k Lindens Love 10€ or 3,5k Lindens Green 15€ or 4,6k Lindens Devil 15€ or 4,6k Lindens IT 15€ or 4,6k Lindens BIG ART (old to new) Form: PixoZz Shop. Premade: Name: Price: Tip: Sold Premades
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