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🌷 mya's flower shop 🌷 [1]

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♡ Welcome to my flower shop 

f2u flower f2u flowerf2u flower f2u flower

I'm a 21 yr old self taught artist.

In this shop, I'll be selling premades in varies styles!






♡ Terms of Service 

f2u flower f2u flowerf2u flower f2u flower

▹All premades are for personal use which means you cannot use them for commercial.

▹Do not steal, edit, copy, claim, trace, crop, or repost my art in any way.
▹ Do not heavily reference my premades.
▹ I allow resells for the same price you paid for but do not increase the amount whether it's a whole OC or not. This also means do not include my artwork as a whole value with your other OC artworks.
▹I allow trading the art but not for a price.

▹You must make the new owner aware of my ToS or you and the buyer will be blacklisted.

▹You may use the art you buy for yourself such as uploading to IMVU, ArtHaven, Toyhouse, and using it as a desktop on your computer, or reposting for personal use. You must credit me with a link back to any of my socials.

♡ Additional info 

f2u flower f2u flowerf2u flower f2u flower

▹I do not allow holds or refunds.

▹Payment is made via PayPal invoicing.

▹ You must provide your PayPal email in the form or you may private message if you're uncomfortable.

▹You have 24 hours to pay the invoice after I approve your form.

▹Please do not send proof of payment. I receive email notifications when someone has paid the invoice.

▹Color changes are $3 extra per change.

▹1 text and 1 watermark per premade. Additional cost $5 extra.
▹I do not draw detailed backgrounds, only simple. ex: (patterns, plaid, scenery like clouds, or sunsets, etc..)

▹ Simple backgrounds come free of charge.




♡ Portfolio 













$10.00 usd





1565157334_placeholderv4.png.67b0607d0fad4c22f52dbc421d2f9ade.png 1565157334_placeholderv4.png.67b0607d0fad4c22f52dbc421d2f9ade.png



♡ Reward system 
f2u flower f2u flowerf2u flower f2u flower

Please let me know when you changed your onsite username so I can update the list.


For every premade you buy, you will receive a  F2U pixel sprout next to your name.

▹ When you reach 4 F2U pixel sprout, you will receive 20% discount on your next premade.

When you reach 8 F2U pixel sprout or more, you will receive 50% discount on your next premade.


To redeem your rewards please copy and paste the form below when you order.

Once you use your rewards you cannot use them again. You will need to start over to continue to use rewards.


 I would like to redeem ♡


Reward type: (20% or 50%)


♡ Lil sprouts ♡

LilMooMoo ~ F2U pixel sprout F2U pixel sprout F2U pixel sprout

Digidoll ~ F2U pixel sprout

Beep ~ F2U pixel sprout

Ibuwny ~ F2U pixel sprout

Food ~ F2U pixel sprout

Meowsy ~ F2U pixel sprout

Allygator ~ F2U pixel sprout



♡ Form 


f2u flowerPremade name:

f2u flowerText:

f2u flowerWatermark: (optional)

f2u flowerAdditional info:

f2u flowerColor changes: (if any)

f2u flowerPaypal email:

Flower Sticker by Demic





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