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[2022] Trip to the Enchanted Vale

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Sickness has overtaken your youngest sibling, with no doctor residing in the village. The only option that you could think of at the moment was to call home in order to save a loved one. With bravery, you took it upon yourself to find a cure, a cure that was not of this world, one way or another. Being the eldest of the family burdened your shoulders, but saving your own is far more important than the unknown, filled with woodland creatures not familiar to you.


Setting foot in the Aphotic Forest, a mysterious place known especially for the lack of sunlight. It was no easy task. And even with all the warnings given and the far cries of your parents, you remained determined. Walking right under the willow trees, you followed the path to a mysterious with living by the end of the road, or, at least that was what the rumors promised.


Before a word could even escape your mouth, the world around appeared to grow darker, the shadows almost illuminating against the darkness. A figure of an unknown origin spoke, in a low voice, with a rhythmic tone. 


Within the heart, life beats and booms, Mother Nature resides, it gives us life at dawn but at dusk we lay in it to rest till the end of time.

The solution to this riddle is key to the beginning of your journey.  If you managed to surpass the riddle  you will be directed towards the first Element Keeper. You must message them, to inform them of your presence. Please make sure to message the corresponding Event Coordinator with the  correct element. If you initially send your response to a different Element Keeper, and guessed incorrectly an Event Coordinator will direct you elsewhere. 


Welcome Haveners, to this years Earth Day. Much like last years event we decided to continue the interactive journey, but with a twist. It still pursues the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) and each one of us (Event Coordinators) are Keepers of those elements. However, with a new adventure comes, new locations, new characters, and new interactions. And you will be introduced to that, if you are brave enough. It's simple really: travel to the protected regions in the world of Tiva, and solve two riddles within each (8 riddles altogether). Solve them precisely, and the Keepers will aid you in your journey, possibly providing you with ingredients for the cure.  Be careful as  there may be some challenges ahead, even possible Keepers hesitant to help while others are willing to do so.  But don't let that discourage you, remain determined wanderer for I hope you have a victorious journey. Best of luck, safe travels and Happy Earth Day. 🌎

To add to the immersion of your adventure, we created a playlist for your inner wanderer. Enjoy!

Feel free to skip around the playlist if you like. 


➤ Anyone can participate.
➤ ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING. No exchanging answers whatsoever. Do not spoil anything to anyone.
➤ Do not post your findings/results in public and/or private to other members.
➤ Please be patient when waiting for a response.
➤ And of course have fun!







✦ Riddle one relates to the current element you traveled to.

✦ Riddle two relates to elements you have yet to explore.

✦ Answering the first riddle in one (or multiple elements) incorrectly will result in the unpleasant ending.

✦ As long as you successfully solve the second riddle, you will receive a badge for participation. However, you are more than welcome to restart the journey for a better ending. 

✦ Answering the second riddle in one (or multiple elements) incorrectly will result in a complete restart of your journey. As there is a set path you must follow to fully finish the story. Be sure to pay attention to where the second riddle will lead you.

✦ You will not be notified of your errors until you have reached the last destination.



✦ For riddles one and two you will be given one hint and three chances to answer.

✦ Asking for a hint BEFORE answering the riddle is possible.

✦ Only one hint will be given per riddle. In order to receive the final reward all riddles from all elements MUST be solved.

✦ Once all riddles have been solved and each exclusive overlay has been received, PM your screenshots to any Event Coordinator.




 The reward system will be based on which places you have traveled through the world of Tavi.

To unlock all the badges you must follow through the whole story and answer every given riddles.



Earth (Terra)


Water (Aqua)


Fire (Ignis)


Air (Ventus)











Fern (Atlas) | Earth 

Soil Goblins of Telluric

Calder (Solaire) | Water

River Nymphs of Serein

Elia (Sabbu) | Fire
Light Fairies of Lux


Avel (Sel) |  Wind

Aeolian Elves of Sough



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These adventure story type events are lowkey one of my favorites. The story and writing are always 608858019538927677.webp?size=96&quality=

Thank you to the Event Team for always coming up with unique ideas and bringing something new each time.

I really love the added playlist this time, it really make this feel more immersive!! :blove:


For all of those joining in the adventure, I wish you the best of luck. GO FIND THAT CURE!




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3. Remember to read and delete your e-mails ! The more there is, the more servers work to keep them up and saved. Anything without importance should be deleted !


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Hello fellow travelers. 


This is a quick reminder that the placement of the images within the event information are not the order that the elements go in and are not related to the order of the riddles  As it states in the riddle information here: riddle one relates to the current element you're in/traveled to. Riddle two relates to the element you travel to next/have yet to explore.


Please make sure you read the rules thoroughly, The riddles will lead you to the elements you travel to in the correct order. 


For reference here is the event information again, which provides in-depth  information regarding the riddle system.


Have a safe journey.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello adventure seekers, we have news to share in regards to this event. We all decided that  it would be best continue your adventure through the world of Tiva until the following date.


Your journey will be extended to:


Monday, May 16th at 12AM UTC.


We have all decided it would be best for those who still have yet to start their adventure and those who would like to restart their adventure completely for a better ending. The choice is up to you but be sure to keep the date in mind!


And as previously stated in the prior announcement: please make sure you read the rules thoroughly, The riddles will lead you to the elements you travel to in the correct order. For reference here is the event information again, which provides in-depth information regarding the riddle system.



Have a safe journey.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact an Event Coordinator.

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The world of Tiva mysteriously drifts into the mist. The memories of the world you traveled only remain. This concludes the end of this adventure through The Enchanted Vale.


Thank you all for being apart of this event. You took risks and faced challenges head on in order to save what was at risk.  And all the Protectors, thank you.


Now on to the rewards. For those who traveled gifts were given by each of us by ways of completing each story. However, depending on the path you took (the realms you entered), it will determine the rewards you unlocked.



By completing the 1st realm, Telluric, also known as the Earth Realm. Protected by Fern@Atlas, the Sovereign of the Soil Goblins, you will receive:



By completing the 2nd realm, Sough, also known as the Wind Realm. Protected by Avel@Sel, the Prince of the Aeolian Elves, you will receive:



By completing the 3rd realm, Serein, also known as the Water Realm. Protected by Calder @Solaire, the Ruler of the River Nymphs, you will receive:



Finally, by completing the 4th realm, Lux, also known as the Fire Realm. Protected by, Elia @Sabbu, the Queen of the Light Fairies, you will receive: 




All badges were made by the skilled @Sabbu

If you do not receive your award within a few days, please message an Event Coordinator. 


Thank you all once again for being apart of this magical adventure. 

Until next time.



The Event Team 





If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message an Event Coordinator.

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