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Happy Lunar New Year fellow Haveners! We're celebrating the Year of the

Rabbit, with a new and exciting drawing prompt. If you're interested please

come and join us for the festivities!

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As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different recently.

There are a few things to address as to why this is happening,

what is currently not available, and what is being planned. 

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  • Posting on Art Haven






    How to: Posting in a Topic

    Posting in a topic is fairly simple!


    In order to post a new message into a topic, you will need to scroll to the bottom to which you will find a rectangular box like this: 


    Once clicked, It will open up to a full editor: 



    From here you can type the message you'd like to post in a topic, and hit "Submit reply" to send.


    How to: Using Preview Mode

    In the case that you would like to preview your message before submitting, you can simply hit the preview post button at the top the editor: 



    From there, you can view 3 different preview modes:




    How to: Quick Drafts

    Accidentally closed the tab you were working on? With our new drafts feature, you won't have to worry about losing all of your recently added data. If you happen to leave a topic without posting, you can simply go back to the topic, click on the post editor on the bottom of the page and your recent message for that topic will be there! 


    If you try to edit a post after its been posted, the drafts feature will not auto-save your edited post. If you are making a new topic and leave the page, it will not auto-save.



    How to: Tagging a User

    The tagging feature is a quick and easy way for users to notify one another when needed! To do so, simply start the the "@" Sign and start typing the users name. A window should pop up listing all the users that start with the letters you type, and from there you can choose who you would like to to tag! 



    How to: Creating a Table

    Please click here to visit the wiki explaining how to create a table! [ Making a table using Google Docs ]



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