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Happy Lunar New Year fellow Haveners! We're celebrating the Year of the

Rabbit, with a new and exciting drawing prompt. If you're interested please

come and join us for the festivities!

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As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different recently.

There are a few things to address as to why this is happening,

what is currently not available, and what is being planned. 

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  • Your Inbox





    How to: Understanding your Inbox


    Your Inbox is the designated area where you can send and receive private messages. It can hold up to 250 amount of messages for regular members (500 messages for elite members) and can be separated into different folders that you can name and create on your own!


    Step 1

    Your inbox will always be located on the top right hand corner of the AH header as shown below: 



    Step 2

    From here, when you click on your mail icon, it will immediately show you a quick look of your inbox. It will display any new messages you may have received but will not display the message in it's entirety. You may also compose a new message from this same area if needed. 



    Step 3

    From there, you can click on the title of a specific message itself that you'd like to view, or simply click on "Go to Inbox" to view any and all messages you may have. Your inbox will look like this: 




    How to: Sending Private Messages


    Step 1

    If you would like to send a private message, simply click on the "Compose New" button either in your inbox or on the AH header inbox icon:



    Step 2

    From there, you will have some important areas that must be filled out in order to properly send a message. 


    TO: (The recipient of the private message) 
    SUBJECT: (The topic/point of the private message) 
    Message: (The body/contents of your message) 

    Step 3

    Once you have successfully filled out all areas, you can send your message! It should look something like this:




    How to: Using Sorting Folders


    With this feature, you will be able to group your private messages into your own customizable folders! To do so, please follow the subsequent steps:


    Step 1

    In your Inbox, Click the inbox header: 


    Step 2

    In order to add a new folder, click "Add Folder." 

    From here it will prompt you to give your custom folder a name.



    Step 3

    In your main inbox, begin selecting the pm's you would like to move to your new folder. 

    At the bottom of your screen you should have a notification that states: 1. how many pms you have selected, and 2. If you would like to delete them or move them to another folder:



    Feel free to do so accordingly!


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