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Spring is upon us once again and it's finally starting to warm back up.

Dust off your baskets and get ready to build a beautiful bouquet with us!


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We have recently made changes to our Staff Team and are now seeking to hire

new members to join us! We are actively looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

Moderators, Support Moderators, Discord Moderators, and Event Coordinators.

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Guideline Update: AI & NFT Related Artworks

We have recently made changes to our community guideline regarding: 

AI & NFT Related Artworks. Please read the announcement for more information.

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Email Error: Microsoft Email Support is Down + UPDATE


Hello Haveners,


For a while now, we have been attempting to work with our email servers and Microsoft due to continued errors with outgoing emails to Microsoft owned services such as mail, outlook, hotmail, etc. We were forced to change our server IP which resulted in Microsoft "blacklisting" our email server. This is a security feature from Microsoft that is forced upon all new & existing email servers to prevent spam, phishing, and email scams. Unfortunately for businesses, Microsoft has made it incredibly difficult to be whitelisted and any changes made to an existing email server, leads to being blacklisted even when the business has had a long standing history of legitimate emails that are primarily used to notify their customers (or in our case users) about various updates or to allow them to create accounts + verify their emails, reset their passwords, etc. We have been working to resolve this issue for quite some time and frustratingly, it remains unsolved. For the time being, please bear in mind that if you use a Microsoft owned email service, you will not receive notifications from the Art Haven email account.


For those of you struggling to log in, please create a support ticket and provide the following information so that we can manually reset your password:

  1. Email registered to your account.
  2. Date of last login (if you can recall).
  3. Devices used to access your account.
  4. General location of your access history (city, state or  city, province, country).


For existing users who have been able to login but have not been receiving email notifications, we highly recommend you attempt to use another service such as Gmail. If Gmail is not available in your country, please use a service that is not owned by Microsoft.


UPDATE: We have received news about our emails being unblocked so any accounts registered with a Microsoft owned email service should now be able to see emails from Art Haven! If you find that you are still having issues regarding undelivered Art Haven emails, you can still submit a help ticket describing the issue and we will be happy to help you. For help with regaining access into your Art Haven account, please try to log in and/or reset your password again first before contacting support, detailing that you have been unsuccessful with these steps while also including the requested information above.

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