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Artist of the Moment: Riniyu

Hello! I am Irina, many know me as Rina, Riniyu, Rinipon or Rinlatte. I am a digital artist from Romania :) ! Currently a student of the Art and Design university, studying painting! I am currently working as a digital artist for 5 years now, and have been drawing digitally since 2012, as for how long I have been drawing-since I was 10! You may be asking how old I am, well~ I am turning 22 in January. ♥
My style includes a lot of anime artwork, kawaii style and also semi-realism~ but I like drawing anything and I want to push my limits! I don't have a job at the moment so I am trying to make a living off selling art! Many might know me off IMVU, from selling badges or dps, here on Arthaven! I am very glad to be a part of this community. Thank you for having me and also trying to find more friends, so don't be shy if you want to message me!

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  • christmas badges custom
  • Winter Cutie
  • FLUFF premade
  • bunnies
  • #PinkLights GIF.VER.
  • #PinkLights PNG.VER.
  • Untitled200.png
  • wip.png
  • Personal work
  • Fake It - Premade
  • Couple premade.
  • Premade.
  • Premade Couple
  • Premade
  • Custom DP
  • Mary (Christmas Premade)
  • idfk
  • Splice
  • Damien
  • Cat boy and bear girl
  • haiidp.png
  • haii.png
  • Haii Icon.png
  • "Blueberry" Premade SOLD.
  • "Princess" Premade SOLD.
  • "Gagged" Premade SOLD.
  • Custom for Danielle!
  • "Bruised" New Premade!
  • Custom Couple DP!
  • eren jaeger Fanart
  • 4D08FB77-E298-48B8-B422-A881054F637E.jpeg
  • 6DCC1298-9879-4A7C-8E68-3CE4A811B64A.jpeg
  • 51DE4701-ADCA-46DC-A449-943F719BE0FD.jpeg
  • 02ABADF4-4C2D-4CBA-8062-2CA17368B959.jpeg
  • claimable $18
  • gloomy bear pyoc $17
  • SAMPLE 2.gif
  • SAMPE 3.jpg
  • j.png
  • xXErosXx Imvu.
  • Realistic practice
  • Wip anime style owo
  • 02tommy
  • Grrr Premade
  • Premade on sale!
  • Untitled198.png
  • 32
  • Izzy-Sketch.gif
  • Adoptables OPEN
  • sample 1.gif
  • Sample 5.png
  • SAMPLE 4.png
  • Sad Angels
  • shoujo tsubaki fanart part 2
  • Premade CP23.gif
  • Premade in progress
  • OCs
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