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  2. I have paid it. https://prnt.sc/xXzFt2RdzS7K
  3. @ Decay Accepted! Thank you for your purchase! I'll dm you my paypal information~
  4. ♡status: available ♡price: 40eur ♡imvu size: +10eur ♡changes/addons: 70eur ♡animation: blinking ♡paypal only ! ♡payment plans: can hold for 1 week with 5eur non-refundable fee ♡dm'me if interested !
  5. Today
  6. @ Beep Hello luv, thank you so much! I pmed you the final art.
  7. Thanks for everyone who participated and lent me their OCs! I have looked over every form and have determined what I would work best with! If you weren't chosen and still want your OC made, by all means, I am still open for orders for AUG - OCT slots! Please note I am a SLOW artist as I have an Etsy shop, Youtube, and other endeavors I work on. If your piece is completed I will contact you here via DM! Please do not rush me as these are free and on my own time! Fullbody Lavish's Allure (NSFW) Spixi's Incubus Micha (NSFW) Halfbody siuwumai's Minnie Deceased's Incubus Novak Asheara's Garden Witch Portrait Lavish's Zeta Nessasweet's Ambrosia Belladelle's Valentina NSFW * Sky/Plushy's Ditzy Succubus Rukia Tsuki Khaleesi's Liliana Couple CountingSheep's Bentley and Kadem
  8. new adopt up :3 + trying new anime style i hope u guys like it ! ૮꒰ྀི⊃´ ꒳ `⊂ྀི꒱ა
  9. Premade: Succubaby Text: Mady Price: 60+
  10. yes darling this one thank you ♥ ill dm you my paypal!
  11. Would love some help with these overlays please ♥ Tysm. Will be updating this about my story soon♥ Over this:
  12. @ Scene Accepted! your animation ideas sound great to me ^-^ A halfbody with those animations totals $90, here's my paypal link for the payment https://www.paypal.me/charliezouo
  13. thank you so much!! i'll contact you as soon as possible wednesday then! 💗
  14. text: siuwumai OC: Minnie | Aradia Note: Artist Creative Freedom 😊
  15. Selling: Bust premades Price: 💜 $45usd via PayPal 🩷 $50usd via PayPal Status: AVAILABLES Terms & Info: Original size: 2048*2560px No 160*220px Only PayPal No changes Only personal use
  16. text: angelicbun pics: Photos : IMVU others: artist freedom allowed
  17. New Premades Added! >-< I can add blinking animation for +$2/4k.
  18. bump no longer in a power outage, it turned on around like 11pm last night. we had to eat dinner late >:( it's been raining a lot here in texas so idk how many more outages we going to have!! i'll try to keep updates.
  19. HAPPY PRIDE! Could someone add this to my picture please <3
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