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  2. Premade: Kuromi Luv Text: Mel Watermark: Sylveon Changes?: Blinking + floating sparkles Total: $12
  3. SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Sending payment your way rn <3
  4. Today
  5. And perfect💚 where would you like me to send payment?
  6. Yay! Such a cutie. Is it possible for you to make her eyebrows shorter like her brow reference? And her chin/jaw a little softer? Other than that good to go! ❤️
  7. new premade up now! Name: Literature Club Price: $25
  8. Yesterday
  9. Will come back for available slot, I adore your style
  10. @ Vix a preview for you! Let me know if you wanna change something c: Hope you like it! And I hope I didn't forget to add something LOL +You may send $40 (USD) to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/JeckaDraws
  11. 753257


    Sold Premade "Viernn"

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  12. 753257


    Sold Premade "Venn"

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  13. sketch for @ EntraiIs ! let me know of any changes your total is $30USD!
  14. If you have a pending commission with this artist, please file a support ticket.
  15. Miyari

    Fairy trainer Miku

    I had to draw her because she has my fav colour combo of blue x pink.. and she's just hella cute ;o ;;

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  16. Welcome back Flusty! I can't make promises on the fang but I'll give it a try at least
  17. Sunny

    Custom for @Cassie_Moon

    !!! do not steal/copy/heavy reference my art please !!! 160x220 ver.

    © Sunny@ArtHaven Cybersny@Toyhouse Cybersny@Discord

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  18. Name: Bec Reference's: https://sta.sh/2f6r2uc0v3l | https://sta.sh/2x5apiqkt0x?edit=1 Thank you for your consideration!
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