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Artist of the Moment: Wheezicats

Hi There! I'm Wheezicat. I love to draw/doodle in my spare time because it gives me a type of therapeutic feeling and honestly takes away anything I've been stressing about! It also makes me really happy when I do art for people and they love it. It just fills my heart with so much love. If I'm not drawing, I'd be streaming on twitch! I think I was starting out in nursery when I really got into drawing/art. I was always kinda the outsider because even at a young age I couldn't really socialise properly. But when I started to do a form of art media, it made me love going to school! Honestly, I feel like art has been my gateway with friendships since I met most of my closest friends through art! At the moment since I finished University, It's been hard to find a job and making art for people is one of the best ways for me to earn while I'm job hunting! If it wasn't for you cuties, I wouldn't be able to realise how much people like to see my progress.

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  • Pixel display Picture | KillerNyx
  • Inferno // Premade
  • Lolita // Premade
  • CyFi // Premade
  • adopt(?) wip
  • KRIS!!!
  • Couple commission for Bunisa <3
  • my newest commission :)
  • my newest commission :)
  • my newest commission :)
  • Premade - Name Liquid
  • premade // mushroom elf
  • トリス
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  • Angelina (premade)
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  • My baby Leo
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  • Homepage for Onalia | Made by Gothlly
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  • ♥ Tannie ♥
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  • for bell
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