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Spring is upon us once again and it's finally starting to warm back up.

Dust off your baskets and get ready to build a beautiful bouquet with us!


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    @ Wuv animations are always $2 and and extra $1 for plushies/pets so the total is $23 ^^        



    ** Purrfect  ** **Price:** 20.00$ **Availablity:** Available **Changes:** N/A **Animations available:** Animated. ** Maid-Chan  ** **Price:** 40.O0 USD $ **Availablity:** Available **Changes:** Hair, eyes.  **Animations available:** Animated.   **  Demon ** **Price:** 40.O0 USD $ **Availablity:** Available **Changes:**  **Animations available:** Comes with two lip options.   



    All of these are so adorable! Good luck! 



    This piece has too many details for a small canvas to make this work I will have to prioritize some aspects while removing/not showing others: 1- I know this is a must but the Dragon necklaces its too detailed, I can't do the details or the shape in the canvas, too small for it. 2- I can add a piece of cake + a candle, and maybe the plushie, but it won't be fully visible if the plushie is too big, I can resize it and it can fit better 3- I can't do a sparkle animation like you are requesting, I can draw it like Wuv's piece but not animate it. If you are okay with the above, then let me know, if some aspects are a must then I will have to pass on this order and you are more than welcome to post a new OC/form when a slot is open, as I will move to Bunnii's order♥ So please, let me know♥



    ✧・゚ INFO hello and welcome to my shop! TYSM FOR STOPPING BY <33 ^//^ ig; https://www.instagram.com/itoiidraws da; https://www.deviantart.com/itoii ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/itoii   - All adoptable cummunity rules apply. - Commercial use is only for ab prices, If ab price is not stated these are for personal use. - Payment is via ko-fi. - I first need to recieve the payment before I send the adopt <3   ✧・゚ I hope I'm posting it in the correct place, If not, I apologize and I'll be more than happy to know and to fix my mistake t//v//t  most the adopts are closed species made by me <3   ✧・゚this adopt at starting price of 55$. to bid/buy and full info are over here https://www.deviantart.com/itoii/art/Adopt-auction-open-1014005582   ✧・゚I've the adopt at starting price of 50$. to bid/buy and full info are over here https://www.deviantart.com/itoii/art/adopt-auction-open-961548698 ✧・゚I've 1&2 adopts at starting price of 25$ each. to bid/buy and full info are over here https://www.deviantart.com/itoii/art/adoptables-auction-2-6-1014717896   ✧・゚I'm selling these ocs created by me (only the two girls are available)   ✧・゚and also these for the starting prices stated in the picture c: to bid/buy and full info are over here https://www.deviantart.com/itoii/art/sale-3-6-1052706415   tysm for your time guys, I appriciate it a lot <33333
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