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Artist of the Moment: Pey

My name is Pey. I live in England and I like to draw in my spare time. I started drawing over 10 years ago and love all the friends I've made in the art community since then! My goal for the future is to focus on drawing more from scratch instead of my main focus being on IMVU edits.

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Status Updates
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  • Smile

    All my slots have been clear and I'm taking new commissions in my custom shop once more!

    I'm also having a sale. For more information:

    Obtain a couple piece and along with it, a free solo piece

    for $50 total ^^ Let me know through private message!

    Sale lasts till  June 6th

  • ThroughtheLightx

    I'm selling this premade piece, the price has been lowered to $55 (originally $65)


    I censored her top so it's not NSFW. In the original art she has x shaped tape as pasties.


     Please DM to purchase. Canvas size is 500x688. Imvu crops don’t come standard. Please let me know if you would like them. Payment plans available.  I AM NOW OFFERING SOME COLOR CHANGES AND CHANGES LIKE ADDITIONAL (OR REMOVAL) OF TATTOO'S/PIERCINGS AND ACCESSORIES. THE HORNS AND TAIL CAN BE REMOVED AS WELL! I need to sell her soon. Thanks for viewing!



  • bruna

    Recently got a display tablet and my life is no longer the same :waaaaah:Its so good wtf

  • Bothic





    Thanks so much for buying my art. The price of all premades have gone down while I'm on hiatus (and working on the last custom slot). I hope to start the premade shop anew when I'm back and fill it with completely different work. All premades in the discount basket are 15 USD!

  • Lynn

    My life has become so dull and boring without art. Ego aside, I would love to keep making art for people because there's something about the process that keeps my heart happy. I found myself wondering often how you guys were doing. I've made so many positive connections in this community and a huge chunk of my life went away when I started school and a new job. It's miserable .-. I miss art and I miss a lot of you guys. I hope this month has been kind to you guys, and that you are healthy and safe. I'm probably going to give away a bunch of premades I made a few weeks ago, as a way to thank the people that have left me kind messages and positive energy as I work through this huge shift in my life. Thank you!!


    (sorry for the abrupt leave, I don't tolerate stress well and everything changed very rapidly for me lmao i was just screaming nonstop in my head for a couple weeks)


  • 4evaarts

    Commissions are open, if you're interested please dm me! 

    10$ headshots

    15$ half body

    25$ full body seated





    Multiple Plushies

    +5$ depending on the detail


    Paypal only


  • Smile

    Hey guys! I have two pending commissions plus a private one, but I wanted to announce something!

    If you own two pieces of mine, or more, your next one's $5 off, if you haven't claimed it ^^


    If you own more than eight pieces, let me know and I'll provide a gift ^^ In addition, I'm going to offer free experimental art pieces in my discord server via raffle sometime soon. Message me if you'd like an invite!

  • Yasin

    Hello everyone :]]]]   

    just some doodles 


    Untitled_Artwork.gif.3c466ee39e1f3b3ce79db46bfd30142c.gif thumbnail_Jason_Wason.thumb.png.bc535c927aeac7ba6b826f13e1821898.png

  • Shnookums

    Working on the auctioned piece 

    Need a moment to appreciate these :bfnosebleed:


  • ThroughtheLightx

    I'm accepting commissions! I've been doing bigger sized art lately, and stepping away from IMVU edits all together. You can find the info on my carrd: 


    Right now slots are full but I will be opening more when I complete some orders. 


    Here is my most recent completed comm c: 



Coming Soon

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