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2023 Staff Applications are OPEN!


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Hello Haveners! 


We recently announced changes made to the Staff Team for Art Haven 2.0! For more information regarding these changes, please see our announcement here:


As stated in our previous announcement we will be opening staff applications for the following positions: 

  • Moderator
  • Support Moderator
  • Discord Moderator
  • Events Team

Applications will open Monday, March 13th, 2023 at 8 AM CST. Each listing will provide a brief description and overview of the position, requirements, qualifications, and compensation for the time spent working as part of Art Haven's Staff Team.


General information about each application:

  • Each application has been edited and updated to better reflect the changes made to the staff and what we're looking for in new staff members.
  • All are welcome to apply, even if you have applied before! The Leadership Team will not be basing any decisions off of previous applications or application reviews. 
  • Each application is about 23-25 questions long. There are 13 questions to gather each applicant's information and 10-12 questions that are specific to each position.
  • Applications will be kept open long term, allowing us to hire new staff members as needed and in groups. We will not close applications after filling our open positions, so if you're unable to apply now, don't worry!
  • Additional applications for other positions may be added in the future, but at this time our main priority are the 4 listed in this announcement.

Disclaimer: You will be asked some identifying information, such as your name, date of birth, and general geographic location. This information is only accessible to Art Haven's Leadership Team or Coordinator and Administrator positions. We will not save this information should your application be denied. As part of our new staff policies, we have elected to collect this information from all staff members. Similar to the applications, collected staff information is only accessible by the Leadership Team. No staff member is able to see another staff member's information.


Hiring Process: We have decided to change the hiring process for the staff team. New staff members will now be hired based on their application and a brief interview conducted by the Leadership Team. The process is as follows:

  1. An application is submitted.
  2. The leadership team reviews the application.
  3. Selected candidates are contacted by a member of the leadership team.
  4. A final decision is made after a round of interviews.



Number of open positions: 5 1

Application link: Moderator Application



Support Moderator

Number of open positions: 2 0

Application link: Support Moderator Application



Discord Moderator

Number of open positions: 1-2 (this is subject to change upon relaunch of our official Discord server)

Disclaimer: This application differs slightly from others. We are primarily looking for users who have experience in managing, maintaining, and developing large scale Discord servers to help us relaunch our official server. 

Application link: Discord Moderator Application



Events Team

Number of open positions: 5

Application link: Events Team Application



Feel free to post any questions you may have regarding the applications or hiring process to this topic!

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Q: If we want to apply to more than one position, do we need to submit applications for each one?

A: Yes please! Each application has slightly different questions that are specific to each position. If you are applying to more than one position, you can indicate which is your first choice in your response to the last question. 


Q: When can we expect to be contacted about our application?

A: We're planning on reviewing applications as they come in, but will reach out to applicants in batches so wait times may vary slightly. This will allow us to give everyone the opportunity to apply and interview before we make any final decisions. 


Q: I want to apply, but I'm not sure I can be super available right now. Can I apply in the future?

A: Yes! As stated in the announcement, applications will remain open long term! Should anything change, we will announce it first!


Q: I've applied before, but was never hired, can I apply again?

A: Yes! We've changed the requirements and have cleared all previous applications. Everyone is starting on a clean slate! Previous decisions have no influence on current or future applications. This is a new leadership team and a new Art Haven. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

First Batch of Applications Have Been Reviewed!

Selected candidates will be contacted shortly to schedule an interview. Please be on the look out! :blove:

All applications are still OPEN! We are reviewing applications in batches in order to give everyone the opportunity to apply and interview before we make any final decisions.

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  • 2 months later...

Second Batch of Applications Have Been Reviewed!

Interviews have been complete and new trainees are incoming!


Additional positions are now open in the Events Team!

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