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[2024] Festival of Flowers

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Welcome to the Festival of Flowers.


It's that beautiful time of year again for us to celebrate the flourshing season of Spring! Spring is the beginning of warmer (or colder) weather throughout the world. It is a time for fauna to come out of hibernation, and when flora decides to share the most vibrant of colors. And what's says a spring scavenger hunt without flowers?


The concept remains similar to the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt we've had in the past, except that the goal of this event is for you to find all the letters that spell out "S P R I N G" throughout the site. For each of the letters, we will provide you with clues to help you along your journey. You will need to find all the letters in order to receive the reward.



Using the clues we've provided, seek out each of the letters to make up the word "S P R I N G".

Once you have found all of the letters, you must send a screenshot of the letters and links to the posts to an Event Coordinator.


Here is what the letters will look like: 

Spring Letters_AIO.png



bullet.png Anyone can participate!
bullet2.png Each letter will be located within the first 5 pages of each topic.
bullet.png Flowers are spread through these sub-forums: all customs, premades, requests & trades, off-topic, and announcements. 
bullet2.png DO NOT spoil the fun by telling others where the letters are. 
bullet.png DO NOT post your finding/results in public topics and/or private conversations with other members / participants.
bullet2.png No asking for help from anyone other than an Event Coordinator. 
bullet.png PM your screenshots and links to an Event Coordinator.
bullet2.png The most important rule is to have fun!





April 10th to April 24th 



Everyone who participates in this event will receive the following badge:









Topic: A cephalopod mollusc with eight sucker-bearing arms, a soft body, strong beakline jaws, and no internal shell.


Forum: Something that has been created ahead of time.




Topic: Glowing, as with youthful vigor and freshness.


Forum: Pockets a little dry? That's okay, we have things for you here!




Topic: A renewed rule or principle reguarding artwork created by intelligent machines.


Forum: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!




Topic: Feeling unhappy but still pretty cool!


Forum: Come have another peek! Sometimes original characters are sold in this space.




Topic: Two female offspring produced by the same pregnancy.


Forum: Are you looking for something specific? Come here and make a request!




Topic: To produce in (a person) a state ranging from euphoria to stupor.


Forum: Made or done to order for a particular customer.






bullet.png Astronomy bullet2.png

bullet.png Fallonbullet2.png

bullet.png AkkiYubullet2.png

bullet.png Sierbullet2.png

bullet.png ExDiesbullet2.png

bullet.png Ashearabullet2.png

bullet.png Moanbullet2.png

bullet.png Kaylabullet2.png

bullet.png Taeminbullet2.png

bullet.png Myukibullet2.png

bullet.png Usernamebullet2.png






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  • Atlas pinned this topic

Participating 🌸 Gonna try my damn best cause I’ve never done this before. 😂😂

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I hope you all are enjoying the scavenger hunt, you've all done so well!


Just a quick reminder that this event will be ending on the 24th, please make sure you get all your findings to an Event Coordinator by then! 


alice in wonderland disney GIF

Happy Hunting, Haveners!


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  • Atlas locked this topic

Greetings Haveners!


The Festival of Flowers had officially come to a close.

We hope you all had a good time filling your baskets to the brim, it was so good to see all of you this year and we hope to see you participate again next year!


For those of you who participated, you'll be recieving the reward badge below:



If you do not receive your award within a few days, please message an Event Coordinator.


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  • Atlas unpinned this topic
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