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Is it Halloween yet? We welcome anyone who is a lover of magick and/or interested in crystals, astrology, and more!


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  2. Hihi! I'm Evie - pupsy@IMVU ~ I'm a 25 year old Virgo from the UK and have enjoyed Horror for over 10 years now. I'm a digital artist and love creating Spooky or Witchy art and I love collecting halloween themed items for my home. I am a Care support worker for the elderly with Dementia and I love helping people. I'm new to community forums but I'm sure I'll feel right at home here.
  3. Ello, I'm Ven and i'm 24 years old in human age. I'm a digital artist and I enjoy everything spoopy, bloody, creepy and ESPECIALLY bloody creepy animations, or animations that invlove around metamorphosis and general morphing of the body. I am a cancer sun, pisces moon and libra rising. I have also been practicing a lil bit of spiritualism and witchy crafts. I do tarot reads but still so much to learn, I have a impressive crystal and candle collection and, if you feel the urge to check out my shops right now is because I am a strong manifester. LOL, I'm sorry! I am also currently working on a book, but I'm just an amateur to be completely frank. I have a weird passion for cooking, I attempt very avant garde foods and I love to experiment. Other minor hobbies: Makeup and SFX, traditional drawings on wood, glass, ceramic, sculpting, swimming, making organic costmetics and perfume, gaming. Career: bachelor degree in cybernetics, master degree in business analysis. Does your astrochart go well with mine? hit me up Also, happy spook season!
  4. Hello my names Roe and I'm 23 years old. I'm a Capricorn and I specialize in communication with the other side so I guess you could say I'm sort of a medium. I do digital art and I own the premade shop Death For Halloween and the Custom shop Let's play a game! I adore my Fiance, My cat Autumn and my Two Rats Baku and Salem. Nice to meet you all.
  5. Hey! I’m Ezra, and I write and draw all things horror. I’m new to the forums but I’ve been creating since I was young. I just graduated college even though I spent all of my lectures doodling instead of paying attention. I’ve always been fascinated by morbid and metaphysical topics. I used to do taxidermy before I moved, but unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to macerate bones in a small apartment. Nice to meet you all!
  6. Hello Im Psy . Im 36 years old from Canada . I adore all things spooky and gorey . Halloween is my lifeblood. Ive been around imvu for 8 years . Im an officer in Badge Fetish there so if ya like badges stop on by lol Love art and always enjoy learning new things ! Stay spooky my friends.
  7. Looking for some Spooky Mods Looking for some lovely folks to help me mod and make this group more alive. All you need is to be age 16+ and have a discord I can contact you with. I'm just really shy and need 1 or 2 people to help me out. Please join me & message your forms to me. Please fill out this form: THANK YOU FRIENDS
  8. Hello, hello! I am Hae (Pantone@IMVU) and I thrive from Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently I am 25 years old with a profession in graphic design an web graphics (by day) and the owner of AstroloShe by night! My majors in magic include astrology, oracle and tarot card readings. <3
  9. Please feel free to introduce yourself and welcome other's into the group! I will start.
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