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This is a group where tutorials and resources are collected from different sites. These Resourses are ment to improve your ways of drawing or mostly learn how to. Please remember these are not tutorials for how to edit IMVU avatars, but to learn how to draw without having a base (avatar) to work on. ALL these tutorials/resources here are linked to the original Artists. (NOT Google links!) So if you want to compliment the tutorial/resource, please do so on their page/profile/post. If you found YOUR tutorial/resource in this group and you prefer it not being shown here, please let me know and ill remove it ASAP!!! Remember, these are only meant for learning purposes, NOT to copy 100%. Group is still under construction. If you want to join, please do so.


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  2. Any chance we could get a tutorial for banners/text art/pixel art text/shiny or glossy text like those fancy product page banners and layouts have? I'd love to learn that but can't really find anything.
  3. Suggestions, Help & Feedback This topic is where you can ask questions or post suggestions to be added to the group. If you need any help, please ask here and i'll try to answer it for you. Please keep in mind to keep spam to a minimum. For off topic subjects, please go to this post. Thank you! 
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