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For those that have experienced trauma (sexual/child/domestic abuse, traumatic incidents, surviving/still fighting a life threatening illness, childhood neglect, witnessing death/fearing for own life, military combat, etc.) or are still in abusive environments and fighting, or someone that wishes to better understand their loved one's past trauma and support them in any way they can. This can include those that are diagnosed with cptsd/ptsd, personality disorders, attachment disorders, and dissociative disorders such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, dissociative amnesia, DPDR(depersonalisation/derealisation) etc. This group can be used as support, a place where one can feel safe and escape, a place to receive information about disorders that can be caused by repetitive trauma or neglect and share useful tips and advice from our psychologists which will help increase insight not just for those living with trauma but for the loved ones surrounding those individuals. Currently looking for moderators.


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  2. Hello and welcome to this group! Trauma Survivors aims to be supportive, friendly and welcoming. Since trauma can be a difficult topic for many, it is asked that when posting any new topics that any potential triggers are placed in brackets in the title along with being added to the tags. It is also asked that an alias is used instead of your real name to keep anonymous. Of course many of you will already have friends on here and will know each others real names but this is to protect your personal information against strangers online, it can also make it easier for people to open up if they're true identity is kept hidden! This will be mentioned in the introductory thread in this section (GENERAL). There will be a thread in this section (GENERAL) where you can post your stories if you so wish. However please note that if you are mentioning other people that names and details such as where you live, addresses, etc should not be used. Any information found to be giving away too much information will be removed by a moderator. Again, this is to protect the other people's data/privacy as well as your own and to keep you safe. Again at the start of your story please add any trigger words before you begin in order to prevent others from being triggered as some topics can be more sensitive than others! Please note that Trauma Survivors encourages those that have not been diagnosed but have experienced some form of trauma in their past to still participate and we hope the topics give you a better insight into yourself and your symptoms. However, please refrain from self-diagnosing until seen by a licensed professional. There is nothing wrong however saying you think you might have a disorder and *such such* has helped you a lot and seems to match your symptoms and it has aided your understanding of yourself better. Your trauma is still real, and you're still valid! Untreated undiagnosed individuals need others help the most and I hope that you see a professional soon so that you can find the best treatment for you! Feel free to post images (GA of course) and quotes that are positive and inspirational to you, Trauma Survivors would love to see what motivates you! And of course GASR rules apply, and simply respect others and I hope you enjoy the group. Feel free to send feedback and suggestions on how to improve the group via pm @Emmzi.
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