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All the things concerning Cheese's Art + Fun times. Will be posting upcoming premades, commission info, Iivestreams, and more!


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  2. ♡Name: Tarra ♡Timezone: Central! ♡About Yourself: I'm Tarra and I'm 22 years old. I have a strong love unicorns and like anything pink! I have a furbaby who is a cat named Willy. He's a brat. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Spongebob and have many Spongebob themed emojis for Discord ♡Social Links: I have nothing exciting besides a Twitch that I rarely ever stream on Its link is here: Clicku for a dead channel ♥
  3. This topic will be for polls that I have created! I'll update the poll status via the title as well as a post in here. :) You don't have to fill them out, but your answers would be extremely helpful.
  4. I will be posting WIPS for upcoming premades in this section! See them before they go up.
  5. Hello! Please post the following introduction. It'll just let everyone know a little about you! My info: Intro Form: ♡Name: x ♡Timezone: x ♡About Yourself: x ♡Social Links: x
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