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In need for some art friends, or haven't gotten enough? A chat for every artist who likes to share ideas, thoughts, help, discuss, show their art off, and just have a good time with both improving and having fun with doing art at the same time and more to it! Come join and lets get artsy together!


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  1. What's new in this group
  2. Made this premade, I'm not pleased with the hair or the eyes. So I'm on the fence about selling it and just wanted to show it off. Hope you guys like it !! ^-^
  3. I'm new to the group as well. I haven't been on ArtHaven in a while so I never really got used to it. But... if there are some pointers for me (Ibispaintx user) please let me know! ^-^
  4. New Too and still very much confused haha
  5. I just came back to AH as well. In need of some art friends myself. Trying to get back into the community. Missed how awesome this place is.
  6. It's been a while since last time I've been here and I see that a lot of awesome changes have been made. I'm trying to get back into this awesome community x)
  7. I'm also just coming back to AH
  8. You're doing great! We're here for you.
  9. Not sure if anyone experienced being away for months at a time and then feeling somewhat lonely and out of place when coming back on ArtHaven ;;
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