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[Important] New Forum Organization


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Hello Haveners!


I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


Recently, we announced the unfortunate temporary removal of the mature content system. In our announcement, we mentioned our desire to reorganize the forum sections of our site, primarily our "Marketplaces" section. I am happy to announce that this is now complete and want to provide our members with a few important details regarding the changes. 

  • Marketplace is now divided into two groups: Digital Artwork and Handcrafted Goods
    • We felt it was best to combine a few subforums under the Digital Artwork forum.
  • Digital Artwork has 3 subforums: Custom Artwork, Premade Artwork, and Mature Content
    • Custom Artwork includes the following topics: Commissions, YCH, Digital Assets, Requests, and Auctions
    • Premade Artwork includes the following topics: Premades, Adoptables, PYOC, Digital Assets, and Auctions
    • Mature Content includes all of the above
  • Handcrafted Goods has 2 subforums: Artisan Crafts and Traditional Artwork
    • Artisan Crafts includes resin or clay art, jewelry, stickers, home decor, etc.
    • Traditional Artwork includes paintings, colorings, or other forms of traditional art

We've also added a new block at the top of each forum to allow users to easily navigate between topics. For now, we've only included topics for digital artwork as they are our most popular. We may add or remove topics in the future based on activity. Each tab is based on your topic's tags. We ask that from now on, users tag and set a prefix tag to their topic to allow for better organization and to help users search for shops based on what they are looking for. You can include as many tags as you want, but your prefix tag should be one of the following:

  • Commissions
  • Premades
  • Adoptables
  • YCH
  • PYOC
  • Digital Assets
  • Requests
  • Auctions

Topics posted in Mature Content will be mixed in with other topics; however, they will only be visible to those with the correct permissions (ie. everyone in the mature group). This is how we will filter and restrict mature content from being visible to those who are underage or who would like to refrain from viewing mature content. Please continue to include the mature tag in your topic. It does not need to be the prefix tag, but should be included for those in public areas and do not want to accidentally click on a mature topic while browsing shops. 


What is a prefix tag? A prefix tag is the tag you see right before a shop's title. 


To set a prefix tag, tag your topic accordingly, then click on "Item prefix", and select the correct tag.





Additional Mature Content Notes:


IMPORTANT: Gallery items will need to be marked as mature content. There is a new built in system that allows for gallery images to be properly marked and filtered. This however does not apply to the forums nor does it apply to cross-posts (linking the gallery image in a post to a forum). Once you give consent to view the image, it will not be re-filtered the next time you log in. It will remain unhidden until you clear your browser's cache. 


To mark a gallery image as mature content, you'll need to toggle on "Not safe for work?" as shown below:



Additionally, please continue to refrain from adding mature content as a topic icon. Topic icons are visible throughout the site and cannot be filtered. Should a topic have a mature content icon, it will be automatically removed by the Staff Team without warning. You are free to edit the image and reupload or upload a different icon. 


Other Important Notes:


Coding & Design and 3D Files & Assets have all be combined under Digital Assets. This will allow artists and creators to have better visibility on our site. Digital assets will include custom IMVU creator files, custom or premade IMVU profile pages, custom or premade social media banners, headers, streaming assets, etc., and all other assets that can be used to customize appearances. Premade files will continue to be sold in Art Haven's Marketplace for the time being. 


We will continue to have a Premade Market in the premades section; however, for those who offer commissions but do not wish to manage a topic at this time, there will be an advertisement space in the Custom Artwork forum. We will continue to enforce off-site restrictions within this advertisements topic as it offers better protection and prevents scams/fraud. As a reminder, we do not allow off-site advertisement within our forums as those who are selling should complete all transactions on-site to protect them and their customers from scams/fraud or unsafe/harmful links. If you run into a situation where either the buyer has not paid for services or the seller has not provided the goods or services offered, the Art Haven Staff team can work with you to properly resolve the situation in a safe environment. 


Auctions are currently being refreshed to allow users to host their own auctions whenever they'd like. Although auctions can occur at anytime, a system will still be in place to protect users and prevent abuse of the subforum. At this time, this section will be closed while we make our adjustments. A separate announcement will be provided once this section is up and running as to not overwhelm or make this announcement longer than necessary. For those of you who are curious, we will still have users complete an "application" in order to host an auction. Unlike our previous application, the new version will instead be more of a questionnaire so that the Moderation Team can help you monitor your auction for bids (optional), monitor for payment completion/delivery of artwork or services, and lock the topic once the auction has ended to prevent further comments or bids. 


What should I do?

For now, the staff and I will be working on moving topics to their correct forums and subforums. To aid us, we would appreciate it if you could tag your topic appropriately. For those of you who wish to continue having a combined topic (one with customs and premades), select which category you could like your topic to be listed in for now as you can only have one prefix tag. We would appreciate it, if in the future, you separate the two topics for better organization, but this isn't a requirement right now and may not be in the future. 


Future Changes:

  • Auction refresh - See below.
  • New icons for the forum sections and forums - See below.
  • New Homepage - See below.
  • Discord server refresh - See below.
  • Reorganization of the Gallery - This will likely take more time due to the sheer number of images currently in our gallery.
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All topics in previous forums and subforums have been moved to their new assigned places! Critique + Pricing will be revamped and moved to Off-Topic! 

Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope the new organization makes the site a bit easier to navigate depending on what you're interested in! :byaslove:


Next up on the docket:

  • Ranks revamp - determining new rank titles and icons to suit our theme c:
  • New icons for forum sections and subforums - most are complete but a few are still a wip  done! just need to apply changes c:
  • Discord server revamp - in the process of moving items from our test server to the official!
  • Auctions refresh - creating new auction standard rules & questionnaire
  • Homepage revamp - page is built, but overall project is in testing phase adding additional customization and spooky music for Halloween! Done!


Added new menu's to top bar for easier forum navigation (appears on hover):


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  • 1 month later...

awesome!  thank you so much for working this out!

is it still possible to move my topic to the mature section? or should i create a new one?

Edited by watermelon
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43 minutes ago, watermelon said:

awesome!  thank you so much for working this out!

is it still possible to move my topic to the mature section? or should i create a new one?

Hi!  Please link the topic you'd like to be moved and I'll take care of that for you!

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