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© art only by @Lanuryd

e!chibi final


FINALLY... everyone,, i'm so happy to announce that i've finished the emergency chibi commissions!! uwaaa T__T

first of all, thanks to every commissioner, every single of you was so nice and patient and i really appreciate it!! thank you thank you for trusting and helping me!!! :icry:


there's so much i want to talk about the process of them all but it would be too long. in summary i deeply apologize for taking so long to do them when i promised they would take days ;; i'm just (well i hope) getting out of a creative burnout and god drawing something decent was almost impossible,, these past two months have been really something :lazeangel:(pain) everyone was so understanding, thank you again!!! TT__TT


© art only by @Lanuryd
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in this pic u can really see how my art style is just like me: unstable LOL

but i really feel i've improved while doing those :') which ones do you like more...¿? i'm really proud of how i painted the first one and how i drew the third one!! :bfpervyblush: but i'm really proud of them all.... i did it!! aaa

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