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This is a horror media appreciation group. From movies to books, to each other's art, all forms and sub-genres of horror are welcome here.


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  2. Hello, I know I came here after 3 years LOL I just did not realise, I am still not familiar with some arthaven aspects, like groups. Either way, people around here know me as Ven, as another frequently used name account of mine is Venithy. I am romanian, if you all know where Transylvania really is located, I can lowkey call myself a grand grand grand grand grand grand grand child of vampires. Anyways! I love everythin horror, I am an artist and I especially enjoy gorey and metamorphosis style animations! Also a huge lover os skellies and skulls.
  3. Heya! I have a lot of names tbh feel free to address me as Anum, Phoenix or Ronin. Doesn't matter anymore haha. I've always loved horror/creepy things since I was young and since then I've grown onto horror. I haven't seen the classics surprisingly, but this is partially due to the fact that I'm a little picky in terms of quality and story content. I'm still trying to figure out what is it about horror that keeps me thrilled, but I can say I enjoy films that specifically carry demons/ghosts or creepier things such as mutated creatures ( Chernobyl Diaries for example ). Zombie films are just as great, but they don't exactly scare me. I remember when Train to Busan (Korean horror-drama film) came out in cinemas I found myself more emotional than scared! I could go on tbh, just feel free to ask me about my likes and dislikes and such! Pleasure being here.
  4. Welcome folks! :D Glad to have you!
  5. Hi I'm Mya and I love horror so much. Watching blood gushing out of someone's brain/body is so amazing omg I also hope to meet cool new people
  6. Hi Hi I'm yajaira and I'm here because despite being scared of everything, I love horror/terror. I do have to admit that the gross out category of horror is my least favorite, I just don't have the stomach for that sort of stuff. I hope I get to meet some cool new people here.
  7. Hi, I'm here to support Dad and have a deep appreciation for horror and horrific art. I just go by Moo.
  8. Hello to all who come after me. I'm Ave. I make art for a living. I have a deep love of transformation and body horror. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Junji Ito. I'm a huge Cronenberg fan if you couldn't tell.
  9. The rules here are pretty straight forward. Follow general site TOS, of course. No stealing anyone's art, claiming it as your own, etc. etc. Be kind to other members. If you are going to post a topic that may be offensive please put a warning in the title. The rules are subject to change depending on what comes up in the future. Have fun. Feel free to join the Discord server for chatting, art, and gaming--- The Cannibal Circus
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