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  2. Heya! I'm Lacey age 23 from the US of A i've been gaming since i was a little kiddo back when the orginal playstation was out. i currently game mainly on pc and occasionally on Xbox1. the games i play range all over. I mainly play Stardew Valley,Need for speed,Overwatch,Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft (though i currently don't have my membership for Wow xD) i also have other games on my steam (see my steam link if you'd like) and on my Battle net. i hope to bump into others that play similar game and maybe game with some new people ♥
  3. Hi, I'm Lukey, and I'm veeeery new to GASR, so I apologise off the bat if I say or so something dumb :P Anyway!! I'm a humble gamer from Australia who loves indie games a whole lot, though I do play bigger titles on occasion (mostly Halo and... i guess the sims counts???) but I can't much at all due to money stuff. (and lack of a disk drive on my gaming computer ;-;) Im also an artist, so I draw a lot of gaming and youtuber related stuff- mostly markiplier, jacksepticeye and Detroit: Become Human at the moment, but it changes a lot, so I'll post some of that here too! Looking forward to looking around and being in this group!
  4. heyy, i'm new here. my name's nessa! i'm 20, turning 21 in nov this year and i live in california. my entire teenage years were filled playing dragon age, mass effect, and skyrim! i've made several ocs based off my video game characters. :D i also enjoy diablo 3, overwatch, borderlands, stardew valley, and eso! unfortunately my laptop is absolute crap so i often have fps troubles, but hopefully i'll have my own gaming pc in a few months of saving! feel free to hmu if anyone wants my steam id/battletag
  5. Hi! I'm Sarah, I'm 24 years old and I'm from the Sunshine State [Florida]. I've always seemed to have a love for gaming as long as I could remember. It was probably a friend of mine in Elementary school that got me into gaming. First gaming console was the PlayStation 1 and after that my addiction only got worse. I currently have a PS3, my first PC [im a mac user], a 3DS & the Nintendo Switch. I love all sorts of games but I mainly enjoy playing Fortnite, Overwatch, Pokemon, Spyro, The Legend of Zelda, & Crash. If you wanna game ever I'm down. all my real life friends are usually busy which leaves me gaming alone :c I'm not so great at Overwatch and Fortnite but I try my best ;w;
  6. Hi there! I'm Sophie and I'm 21 and from Scotland I was always interested in games, since I was a lil bby. Nah but my dad is a massive gamer and I always had some sort of console. My mum isn't fond of it so I can't do it at the moment but I will hopefully get back into it. I love playing ps4 and low spec PC games because I have 4GB of RAM.. RIP me. My favourite games are Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Diablo 3, Abe's Oddysee, Neverwinter Nights, and other things that I can't think of right now I have a PSN and a steam if anyone wan play sometime ye ye
  7. Hello~ I'm Cal. I'm a 20 year old from the USA. I started gaming around the time I started high school. I mostly play League of Legends right now because its all my shitty laptop can handle. I hope I can get a better one soon. MMOs are what got me into games and I love them. I'm looking forward to some up and coming ones, Ashes of Creations and Lost Ark in particular. Hopefully I can play them they drop.
  8. Ohh i forgot about this! well i guess now it's the time :p My name is Monserrat, I'm a 21 y/o college student and I'm from Chile :3 When I was a kid my mom never wanted to buy a game console, so I didn't play any game until I got my very first pc, but it took me some years to get into games. The first game I played seriously, besides The Sims (an other games I used to play on ps2 in my cousin's house, but it's not the same) was Devil May Cry 4, and since then I've been in love with DMC, other games that I love playing are FFVII (+Crisis Core), Nier (+Automata), Left 4 Dead, Fate GO and stuff like that, also, I'm WEAK for otome games, and cofcofBLGAMEScofcof I don't play too much online games/multiplayer/etc bc get socially anxious af if im playing without my friends. I'm saving for a PS4 just so I can get my hands on the FFVII remake (when it comes out LOL)and DMC5
  9. Hiyaa! My name's Sasha and I'm from Chicago! Guess i'm a city girl? I've played games ever since I was a youngling, mostly online games first like Club Penguin, Meez, Weeworld, Buildabearville, Poptropica, AQW, RuneScape, Neopets, Ourworld. In that time-and later-I figured out some great console games such as, sonic, pokemon, smash, street fighter/tekken/Mortal Combat , Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Bros, some Wario game, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Sims. (there may be more but that's too much thinking rn ) These past few years I've played lots of games but mostly MOBAs atm like Vainglory, Mobile Legends, Dota 2 <3. Other than those i guess Tera, IMVU, The Last of Us, The Evil Within, Detroit: Become Human, Alice Madness, Lucious, Amnesia, Among the Sleep. I haven't played much recently though.
  10. Hi there! I’m Lauren and I hail from the land of sheep, seriously. I’m from a little place called Wales and my accent can be quite difficult to understand on times. I grew up playing games such such as Pandemonium, Tomb Raider, Spyro and Pokemon. Ps1 was my jam back in the day. Growing up I leaned towards Baulders gate and then when Warcraft came out, I got it with my father. #Vanillababy. I used to play it on EU, but due to lack of good computer I can no longer play until I move in with my boyfriend. For the Horde all the waay. Skipping forward quite a bit, I’m an avid player of Smite, Hearthstone and a bundle of others. I do love my single player games though! Nothing beats a good session where you just relax and totally unwind. Ark is probably my favourite online game, while DragonAge will forever stay number one in my heart. Also a player of board games! Love a bit of Hero’s Quest and Dead of Winter. Hoping to make some friends here, you all seem like lovely people!
  11. Hello! My name is Melina, I'm 26 from Finland. I been gaming since I been little, my dad had bought us NES from Nintendo I started play it with my little brother around age of 4. Got into PC around the 1998 with the fancy old windows. We had NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64. Then my brother got into PlayStations, and we had them all! Now he have the newest and he sometimes let me play with it. I more like PC gaming than console gaming. I been playing different kind mmorpgs. I started around 2005 play this mmo called Silkroad online, where I met my Fiancé (almost husband). We been in long distance relationship for 9 years (10 in Oct). Engaged for 7 years. Games now I like to play: Overwatch Guildwars 2 League of Legends Fortnite.
  12. I'm Rin, I'm 26 and I live in Croatia. Also known as Rin the Tiltmachine. My father is a massive game enthusiast so I've been playing games all my life. When I was born we had the oldass nintendo, and then when I was around 4 years old we got a playstation. Naturally, my dad bought all those consoles for himself, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so my sister and I have started playing games alongside. I've been through all the time periods of gaming, from a nintendo, to a playstation, to our first PC and all the singleplayer oldass games and then the Internet era came and my 12 year old self found multiplayer online gaming. I have played all kinds of games, singleplayer, multiplayer, strategies, fps, mmos, mobas, simulation games. Errything. I think the list of games I haven't played would be much shorter. I am currently playing WoW (tho I'm in stasis while I wait for BFA), Overwatch, HoTS, Dota, Diablo, PUBG and a couple of singleplayer games like Nier Automata and FFXIII, including my point and click hidden object games that I hoard like a maniac. And although I played League for almost 9 years, I'm currently taking a break from it and I will hopefully never come back I use steam and battlenet, so feel free to hit me up for some games. I am lucky enough that I get to work from home, and since my boyfriend and I are both hardcore gamers we literally stay up to 6am gaming. Life is good. Also yes, my dad still is a hardcore gamer, his favourite games rn are the AC games and Tom Clancy's the Division.
  13. I'm Alex and I'm 22 years old. I live in Montana US I got into video games when I was 8 years old when my brother got a gameboy and started playing pokemon sapphire. He didn't understand how to play since he was 5 at the time so he gave me the game. Ever since then I fell in love with any and all kinds of games and played since. My favorite genres include roleplaying games, some first person shooters, mmos, mobas, really anything but roleplaying has to be my favorite + mmos. I have a strong connection to world of warcraft and league, just because of the unique champions and gameplay both of those games have to offer. i'm trying to expand to play even hentai games but im afraid the fbi will track me down ;(((
  14. Hi I'm Rien (I'm 21 years old btw). My first video game was DK 64 and the legend of zelda ocarina time, also I'm something like a nostalgflag I like games like castlevania, final fantasy, sonic, bomber man, RE and a lot of old games and RPGs. I love with all my soul video game's art and music, I'm from Mexico and my English is pretty bad so that's why my introduction sucks xD
  15. I'm Lunlaena, but Luna works fine too I've always enjoyed gaming. The games of my childhood I loved the most were Spyro & Medieval (I was & still am a big PS1 nerd). Currently I'm playing: Destiny 2 World of Warcraft Diablo 3 Overwatch League of Legends (very casually) Heros of the Storm (very casually) If any of you guys play any of those games & want someone to hang out with, feel free to PM me
  16. I'm Kia! <3 I'm a filthy casual. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember starting off with old Sonicccc games. Gotta go fast. I love games that have a story. Games like Persona, Danganronpa, and etc. I also love casual games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. I'm looking forward to the new Smash game coming out in December! I have to get a Switch now to support my girl Princess Daisy. I don't mind playing any time of game, really, but I lean towards one player simply so I can be chill and not be judged (I'm looking at you, MOBAs OTL). ;x;
  17. Hey hey, I'm Lizzy, 19 and from England. o/ My whole childhood was basically cartoons and gaming, my very first game was Pokémon: Sapphire on the gameboy which is still my favourite game till this day and I've currently been playing other Pokémon games. I'm a big nerd for World of Warcraft, 10 years playing oof. Other games like Overwatch, Shadows of Mordor, Fallout, Doom, Oblivion and Skyrim I play a lot too - Sims 3/4/Medieval from time to time. Anything really with more of a fantasy/adventure genre are mostly my favourites ouo;;
  18. Hello! My name is Jen, I'm 24 and I'm from Canada. I've been gaming since the game-boy advance came out and then the Wii (My favorite game was Harvest Moons). I started gaming in 2007 thanks to my friends mentioning this awesome free game online, It was called Runescape. Then in 2010 I got introduced to League Of Legends. I play any kind of games! Not a big fan of horror (Dead by Daylight is fine) but my twitch viewers seem to love when I scream.
  19. thank you ! :D i didn't see LOL sorryy
  20. Psst, we have a steam id thread too here!! people may see it more there.
  21. helloo its ur local egirl not rly plz my name is vickie, im 15 and i spend 90% of my life playing dead by daylight and occasionally sims 4 i used to play league of legends and osu! a lot too! imvu's okay i guess if you consider it a game which i doOo i've been wanting to play stardew valley more but have no one to play with ;-; so if you'd like to play add me on steam ^^ https://steamcommunity.com/id/vickiee/
  22. Ayyy I'm Nicole, I'm 24 and live in NY. I grew up watching my dad play games so I've been around games all my life. I switched to PC gaming over console gaming when I was in middle school I think??? I absolutely love PC gaming over consoles. I play a lot of competitive games such as League of Legends and Overwatch and I love love love MMORPG's like Black Desert and Elder Scrolls Online. I play a lot of different games, the only ones I was never really a fan of are the FPS war games 8(
  23. hiihihhi Im cielo Im 23, live in NY andddddd lasagna is my bae ! !! Honestly, ive been playing and watching video games all my life since i have two older brothers and two really close cousins (also guys) . They were always into gaming, always had the newest console's and we always hung around together cause idk ig thats what family does when you're around the same age LMAO I was always the youngest one so i'd watch them play and although they rarely actually let me play, it was ok cause i was still pretty entertained with how competitive they would get (nearly fought each other over a game of killer instinct LOL.) So its pretty safe to say i still like gaming because of them!! The only games i really play now a days are L4D2, Don't starve, FF12, Pokemon, and the occasional borderlands & the sims
  24. hiii my name is sav and i am 20..although..do..not...look..20 (thnkGOSH?!) I started gaming maybe like in elementary ..the first game I ever started playing was Mario cart on Nintendo n harvest moon to the tony hawk game on ps2..I played that CONSTANTLY then I used to watch my moms ex bf play resident evil 4 for 48 HOURS STRAIGHT (which got me into gaming) ! the graphics on that game is fireeee omfg i luv a good game with bright ass graphics ugh so anyway HMM what else .. ahhh my fav games currently are TERA UGHGHHFHG yes tera mmm...DOA 5...the sims4 (just to be extra..)...animal crossing..mario kart...mario 3d land...harvest moon... and I started playing LOL again ..p FUN i used to play in 2013 but lost my login info...also used to play hearthstone SM !! I've also literally had every gaming system..literally.. but LIFE happens n now all I do is PC game ! Hoping to get a Nintendo 3ds again..i had a limited edition pikachu one sighhhsss w cute wittle keychains UGH
  25. These are important, right? Tell us about yourself! What got you into gaming, what your favorite games are, how long you've been gaming, etc! I'm Vee, I'm 18 and I was pretty much raised on games. My mom and my brother both played them all the time and I was presented with my current favorite game (Kingdom Hearts) at a very young age! I'm currently obsessed with World of Warcraft since it's really big within my friend group but I love RPGs in general! Seriously though, don't get me started on Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. I could go on for hours.
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