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All art that is done on the iPad. :) Anyone can join, you don't have to be an iPad artist. The only requirement is that only iPad artwork can be posted in the gallery.


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  2. Angie

    Procreate Art

    Post all art made in ProCreate here.
  3. From the album: Procreate Art

    • 2.33 MB
    • 1120x1540
  4. Angie

    All iPad Art

    No matter the app used on the iPad, post your art here. :)
  5. From the album: All iPad Art

    drawn on Medibang Paint Pro on iPad Pro

    • 1.74 MB
    • 1536x1536
  6. From the album: Procreate Art

    © artisie

    • 273.27 kB
    • 1280x1280
  7. From the album: Procreate Art

    © artisie

    • 134.09 kB
    • 1280x1280
  8. From the album: Procreate Art

    © artisie

    • 1.83 MB
    • 1548x1546
  9. From the album: Procreate Art

    © artisie

    • 2.04 MB
    • 1548x1550
  10. Do you guys would recommend using clip studio on iPad? :)
  11. While using my iPad this was done in procreate I had to zoom out a bit to draw inside the size 160 x 220. Instead of insert image to the size.
  12. True. I’ve noticed that too. Resizing anything significantly alters the quality ! I’ve been using another app just for resizing, but I might try out clip studio instead if you recommend it.
  13. I use Procreate & clip studio I use it for cropping images size since it a bit odd to do it in procreate.
  14. Hello friends! I also am a new member of the ipad world. Got meself an ipad pro w/ an apple pencil. I've been using Procreate. What programs do yall use?
  15. Hello! I am a new member of the ipad art world. I previously used to work with wacom and xp-pen tablets but recently bought an ipad air and apple pencil. I am totally in love with it for art.
  16. From the album: Procreate Art

    © artisie

    • 1021.04 kB
    • 2000x2000
  17. From the album: Procreate Art


    © artisie

    • 564.18 kB
    • 1626x2000
  18. From the album: Procreate Art


    © artisie

    • 5.64 MB
    • 2000x2000
  19. From the album: Procreate Art

    Model: Skye_xoxo_@instagram

    © artisie

    • 1.37 MB
    • 1489x1871
  20. From the album: Procreate Art

    Finally finished it :D

    © artisie

    • 1.99 MB
    • 2000x2000
  21. Update: I got it!! It's honestly so much easier to use for both school and artwork. My notes and art have improved tremendously because of how much easier it is to use. Anyways, the full version of Photoshop was released too but I haven't had the chance to use it yet. ________________________________________________________________________ OMG, anyone else excited for the new iPad that was just launched? I love how light it's supposed to be, cause honestly mine it's a little bit heavy (12.9 version) & with the new pencil you don't have to charge it so awkwardly anymore, plus we will have a full Photoshop version available!! But sadly I just got mine last year so can't really buy a new one already. :c If my art commissions sold maybe I could of but I'll have to wait for now, maybe next year.
  22. So glad you are liking yours. The iPads are really great for drawing I love it. Can't wait to see some of your art pieces!
  23. From the album: All iPad Art

    I did this on MediBang paint for IPad. I used to use paint tool sai a lot so this program has been an awesome!

    © Nocturnia

    • 588.32 kB
    • 500x700
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