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  2. 2/15/24 Notes Working in "chunks" today, starting with any hair formerly named "Ariel". PS2017 - the "Replace Content" is saving my brain, it'll be really easy to do this in batches, rather than just go by the master list, in order. Realizing now all of my hair SHOULD be the same in price.. and they are 100% not. Did 9 updates, with icon, product page update in right about an hour. Able to bring back one hidden product so far, to add to the hair I am working through. Progress! In total I updated & submitted 37 products back into peer review. I have back around 17 approved and live, after PR. Total work time today: 3HR, 15M
  3. 1/14/24 Notes Started the process of figuring out what was public, what wasn't (visibility). Considering what types of icon I will need (hair, furniture, sticker/badge, clothes, etc. Determining if I want one icon or a set of icons that are similar in theming. Also deciding if I am optimizing the titles/descriptions/product pages as well. I'm leaning toward yes. Starting to formulate what the overall design concept will be - has to span icons, homepage, product page, banners. Before establishing a design, I am working through updating what the new titles should be and what 12 keywords we should use in the product submission. Got through about 22-ish products with updating title and search keywords. Made/coded a product page with more SEO-rich content. Applied it to one product (after making aesthetic adjustments) Made changes to one hairstyle product: icon, product page, keywords and product name. Decided on icon/banner look - kept it clean and seasonally mild: Total work time today: 4HR, 10M
  4. Started 1/13/24 | Current Status: Compiling Inventory xCatalog Styling: Pantone @ IMVUx This is a new "series", or journey if you'd like, of actually putting my catalog styling services to use. It's something that I have wanted to offer, but had no bites for over the last few years - so I am going to make a case study about my own experiences, inventory and time-sink to revamp m IMVU catalog. If you are new here, I am Pantone on Art Haven, but also Pantone on IMVU and I have been playing on the platform for about fifteen years. This thread is going to be dedicated to the design, strategy and quantification of a grandfathered creator account and bringing the marketing/design up to date (2024). xMY RESOURCESx Google Sheet (Inventory) | (LINK) Current Visible Products: 327 xCurrent Icon Design (Yes All Current Icons of Pantone)x This is gonna document how many icons are in m public catalog on IMVU. (And all of the name changes I have had and never updated my own icon for.)
  5. From the album: Portfolio | Twitch

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    • 320x100
  6. B A N N E R // S H O P xBASIC SHOP RULESx By being here, even browsing, you agree to these terms. + Any content viewed by you is not up for manipulation or resale in any capacity. Use the finished product as-is / as it was designed. Changes, post-completion, should be completed by Pantone. + I (Pantone) offer .PNG and .GIF files only, for banner orders.. + Refunds are unavailable, unless offered by Pantone (me). + I (Pantone) reserve the right to re-sell any unclaimed/unpaid artwork. + I (Pantone) reserve the right to deny any order at any time. + Buyers may only have ONE order at a time. Multiple items in one order will be denied. No back-to-back ordering. + All finished files will be sent via Art Haven private message, I will not email files. xART PROOFING/APPROVALx The process of banner orders will be as follows: Single Banners A) Pantone will post a watermarked version of your banner for revisions. B) Once approved and paid, Pantone will direct message your completed, un-watermarked banner via your Art Haven inbox. Multiple Banners A) Pantone will post a watermarked version of 1-2 banners, to get your approval of the overall design. B) Once overall design is approved, Pantone will create and share a Google Doc, containing all of your watermarked previews. If changes are needed, please note changes in this thread. Pantone will update artwork, re-load the Google Doc. and tag you in this thread, letting you know a new proof is ready. C) Once approved and paid, Pantone will direct message your completed, un-watermarked banner set via your Art Haven inbox. xPAYMENT INSTRUCTIONSx In your order form, please include an email that Pantone will send a PayPal invoice to. If you would prefer to direct message your email to Pantone, on Art Haven, that is completely acceptable. Invoices must be paid within two (2) business days of initial invoice send. xBANNER EXAMPLESx // xBUNDLE EXAMPLEx ART HAVEN AD BUNDLE x$5.00 USDx TWITCH BUNDLE x$7.00 USDx CLASSIC BUNDLE x$10.00 USDx CUSTOM SIZING Aqcage can accommodate a custom size. Pricing will match the closest size we have on our menu below. Any request over 1200x480 will be charged $8.00 USD each. Includes: 275x200 (Small), 900x150 (Large) Includes: 1200x480 (Channel Banner), x3 320x125 (Panel Banner) Includes: 100x50 (Mini), 250x250 (Med. Sq), 500x150 (Lrg. Rect.), 500x500 (Lrg. Sq.), 645x65 (Divider) INDIVIDUAL BANNER SIZES/PRICES 100x50 | $0.50 USD 205x90 | $1.00 USD 200x100 | $1.00 USD 250x250 | $1.50 USD 275x200 | $1.50 USD 320x125 | $1.50 USD 500x100 | $2.00 USD 500x500 | $2.00 USD 645x60 | $2.00 USD 800x400 | $3.00 USD 900x150 | $5.00 USD 1200x480 | $6.50 USD ORDER FORM QUEUE Current Processing Time: 2-3 Business Days OPEN SLOT | ORDER OPEN SLOT | ORDER OPEN SLOT | ORDER
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