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  1. ۩ Adopt name: Queen ۩ Dp crops?: - ۩ Text: Starbooty ۩Price: $15 ۩ Paypal/Email: [email protected]
  2. I seen you like Monster High and kpop , marry me pls n ty.

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    2. Jamie


      I literally have a decent collection of the dolls and yes it was love at first read!

    3. Darksiders


      Same here! I could always use more tho lol
      Do you have a favorite character/ghoul? Mine are spectra, iris and lagoona

    4. Jamie


      Mines Clawdeen , Catty Noir , Cleo and hmmm Operetta

  3. Two more days then i can order ♥.♥
  4. Approx. Date Received: Around 2016-ish Artist's Name: Not Found Yet / I don't know if she switch over to here or not.
  5. 💕💕💕💕💕

  6. @darksalad you can send it here, I was just out of it yesterday
  7. ✧・゚: *:・゚✧ TEXT: Ashmir & Karim and if possible can we have Jamie and Star watermark on the dps? Will pay if I can. TYPE OF ORDER: Bust - Full Color couple REFERENCES: Karim , Ashmir and Pose Karim in the position where the boy with the painted nails in and Ashmir in the other. NUMBER OF CHARACTERS : 2 BACKGROUND (Y/N): A study background please PRICE: $23
  8. #1 - my laugh have stages; a soft giggle > snorting laugh > the soundless laugh > to me literally dying and choking at the same time. #2 - I like to think about what I would do in a situation that is not likely to happen. For example I was reading this story when this dude was trying to convince his mom there's no such thing as pure evil or pure good and it was chaotic. And I was like "if that was me I would've told everyone to shut the fuck up before i pimp slap them." #3 - I cry hearing about natural disasters , idek I always been very sensitive to things like that since I was a child. Though now its not as often but I use to ball my eyes out like someone just told me I had a day to live or something.
  9. Jamie

    First Impressions

    First impression went some like this ( I cant make this up) "this alex person is adorable" "khdasdjnkasjns" "WAIIFFUUUUUU" all the gay noises in the background

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