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♡Silly Lil Foxu
dd9k9e0-97213f80-475c-418e-b95c-df96154d We're like a really small gang dd9k9e0-97213f80-475c-418e-b95c-df96154d
♥Pat,Ana and Sara are besties


Hello! I'm Kitt or as some know me as Lace
im a really shy and super friendly art obsessed nerd.

i love everything kawaii,dark and space.

i adore my friends with everything in my exitance 

they know who they are <3

Cameron was here, I love you Kitt






@Kalvar has my 

A sky full of stars and  he was staring at her -Atticus



      838663152_image0(2).png.1a2ae9e7e8acc74d98c1b2d6390e7268.png Untitled561_20210323093130.png.e7e5236eb650afa3f00d2f72607d5a15.png.2103e1a06981b16a39c9f2b9094cf16e.png




















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