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qNo-jaPxusAHa3VVhQOzjSODIKIcDIqBCidTUT2t  𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG 21 | INFJ | Cancer | Lawful NeutralznM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG


Hello! My name is Taylor and I'm from Missouri, USA.

I do digital art on this site. :lazeshydance:





lxyFJscvYWsjvWiob15pnwFV_dZgWA2o1gDJHwJ4C U S T O MlxyFJscvYWsjvWiob15pnwFV_dZgWA2o1gDJHwJ4







VSsODiNsjSjK0J5T9y6GYdnYif_7ASOfrnMJ7VnqI N S T A 5o549AMQdlLDMuP-hcYLcVhdrTi2PWhYHx9wmg4-





   l i k e s    &    d i s l i k e s  


znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG kindness  & honesty

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfGanimals ( but cats a LOT)

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG FRUIT

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG my bf a whole lot xo ily bb

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG liars & drama

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG art theft 

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG pepperonis

znM-F-uINdrmmUPUev-wmg9oufSezVW5Zy00ITfG giant dogs that can fit my entire

hand in their mouth



   a v a i l a b i l i t y   

tues - thurs | 6pm - 9pm cst 

fri - mon | 1pm - 11pm cst

☀  ☀  ☀










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