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Hello~ okay so, it has been a while since I've last been on here :'} And I am having trouble copying forms (with tables/fancy forms) from shops ;v; I remember it was quoting it back then ... but whenever I click on Quote ... it copies the whole post with a (On xx/xx/xxxx at xx:xx AM, xxxx said:) on top ;v;

Please help :'}

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Hi, Laneski! More often than not, you can just copy the text directly from your desktop/computer and paste it into the comment area! We do have a light/dark mode and sometimes the text will be white and will appear invisible on your end, in this case you can either switch to dark mode in the very top left of your screen seen here (the moon icon):




or you can click "Paste as plain text instead" when it pops up after pasting a formatted text:



If you're still having issues, please feel free to reach out! :>

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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