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🌙 Making Friends 🌙


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Hello you lovely little gremlins!


I made this cause quit honestly I have No Friends :fingerguns:

I would like to have Friends cause everyone needs Friends and everyone DEFINITELY NEEDS A Best Friend or two.

So, let’s start this off with a picture of yourself (if comfortable to) and your name with a small introduction about yourself and a platform you would like to communicate through so we can all become friends! (Discord is highly preferred and easiest for groups) If you want your info private just send me a PM and I’ll add you!


Skeleton Dance Halloween GIF by Squirrel Monkey 

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Yo, my names Roe. I’m 24 years old and a Morbid, Dark Humored, Asshole that’s Very Blunt and to the point. :bfthumbsup:
Pronouns: HE/HIM

I enjoy Art a lot and reading books. Dark, gorey and horror things I die for! I enjoy paranormal investigating and I ADORE my Boyfriend Jack.:lazerose:

I am a meme god and my phone is nothing but memes and cursed images that I will always spam you with for good humor and awesome memories so our friendship would never get boring… trust me. :fingerguns:
(Reminder my humor is dark so keep that in mind) 


My Instagram is:  xdeathroex

My Discord I will give out in PM if wanted.

If you add me please let me know who you are!


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