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Black Mirror

This is actually a gift for me, by me. LOL



Have been feeling down lately and I haven't done something for myself for a while, Or at least with not so much effort.


Some things can be both ugly and beautiful, my thoughts included, they have not been too kind to myself.

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8 minutes ago, Vaixe said:

@Velllocet Randomly found your room because I was super bored xD

But you were afk :icry:

Thank you!


I was nomming dinner :3 been craving steak for a month and now it was happening! xD stop by any time ^^

& you're welcome. i Love it 

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Yay! So glad you did something for yourself, I got really busy but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BBY! This came out amazing, really... So beautiful. Also, going to add I hope you get well soon ♥

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