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2 minutes ago, Carvings said:

@LadyRaven your babies are so cute!!! I know the pain in chewing, mine go after cords. 

aww, thank you ^^

i saw @Hibernate's art of your babies and I had to have one of my babies!!! Yours are darling too!!! Esp the two cuddling!!!

my poor Garfield has no other cat to curl up to, neither does Oreo...((cuz she such a butt. lol)). i can count on one hand - how many times Oreo actually tried to groom Garfield...

he kept waiting for her to attack him :icry:

((garfield still tries to chew on cords or play with them, but i got him off that - have to keep on him...he stood on my hd tv...broke it ofc. it seems he trying to break my other tv))

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You're welcome! Koa and Ember are my two boys, they are super cuddly and inseparable. Savannah is a princess ( similar to Oreo:onope:). Poor Garfield, he is a struggling bby but so cute! Honestly, I couldnt be mad at that face if he broke a tv. I wrap my cords with electrical tape and I put them in plastic tubing so if they do chew on it, it wont be as bad. I've tried doing spicy scents and lemon juice ( ty internet) it worked with Savannah. Ember is the youngest so he tends to do parkour off the walls, zooms everywhere, and meows for hours. Koa chews occasionally but other than that you can find him making Ember snuggle. :ohug: @LadyRaven

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Aww. lol. Garfield is that way (zooming all over the place))

He and Oreo - but mainly him, are official gravity testers. 

my sister saw him push something of mine off the counter, so I pushed Garfield off the counter. she busted up laughing.

I told her, that's our thing now. If he knocks something of mine over, i knock him off whatever he's on. ^^ :erlmo:

((it is hard to stay angry at him for long. he's so super fluffy cute. he's def momma's boy. lol. Oreo gets jelly cuz she was momma's babygirl [still is. growls or hisses when Garfield interrupts our cuddle time] lol))


I saw your Savannah. ^^ she rightly is a princess. lol.

omg, the things we do for the kitties we love. lol.

((water in a spray bottle works wonders)).


Edited by LadyRaven
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