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  1. I'm selling: Monster High "Clawdeen Wolf" Premade Preview: Price: $10 or 10k IMVU Credits (IMVU is efuu) Status: SOLD
  2. Topic Link(s): xx Action: delete
  3. Midget


    Hand Add-On by @ThroughtheLightx
  4. Midget


    Custom DP for an imvu user on instagram
  5. Topic Link(s): Shop Action: Delete please (not ready for premade shop yet)
  6. Link: here Action: Delete please and thank you
  7. you're amazing at everything love, keep it up ! makes me drool everytime I see your art
  8. Always proud of your art ❤️ Love this piece and how detailed it is! Like girl teach me how to do clothes and such some time ! LOL
  9. premades that never got sold so here you are :) rules: no claiming as your own or reselling, you may add your own text, please credit me
  10. IMVU Username: dwarfism Screenshot Links: 26 93 25 11 23 Price: 500 credits Would you like to be tagged when I upload new screenies: already am :D
  11. just bought credits, can you please hold them for me until I am able to send the credits?

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