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Photos of snakes with flower crowns

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flower ya.png


Cyme 3.png


"A quaint flower with twisted petals." 

was raised in a world where venom tasted as sweet as spun sugar. It was light on the tongue and easy to swallow; a series of poisonous deeds
woven together as slick as silk. 

am someone easily lost amongst tea cups and garden nooks. I taste honeysuckles off wild vines and taste the leaves off the linden trees. My soul
feels cleanest when I have sand in my hair and dirt
beneath my nails.

- C.


c y m e:
n. /sIm/

"an inflorescence 
in which the primary
axis bears a single
central or terminal
flower that blooms


Flower rip.png

WM so cyme doesnt kill me.png

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