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  2. popple


    I am absolutely enamored with every piece you create; from gestures to full pieces. I hope to continue seeing your art!
  3. Thank you so much! She looks stunning <3 I'll definitely order again soon.
  4. Looks absolutely stunning!!! Take your time <3
  5. Big art or no big art?: No big art, please. Style #: #2! References: XXX Pose refs: In album above! Background: Simple Pink or Black? Whatever colour you think looks well w/ the composition Text, watermark or both and what as text (2 name limit): For text: Lucy on both and for watermark: one of them Seether? The other w/ no watermark, just Lucy. Any other details I should know: Honestly? If the accessories are too much, or gaudy, you're free to not draw them. I'd prefer the keeping of facial jewelery. Animations?: None! Total price: $25 Paypal /email (can pm): [email protected]
  6. ✼ Name/nickname: Lucillia / Lucy ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 21~ ✼ Favorite weather(s): rain / cloudy ✼ Food you love: I love mac n cheese or sushi! ✼ Food you hate/allergic to: I am allergic to caramel, and I hate tomatoes. ✼ A few artists that you adore: @Can @sick @Plant @Aleck ✼ Music you listen to: I listen to Mom Jeans. , vocaloid, and the Front Bottoms! ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: I like the office and TDI ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? Detective Conan and Sailor Moon! ✼ Favorite animal(s): Cats!!! Rats!!! ✼ Favorite color(s): Pink, baby blue, YELLOW ✼ Pet peeve(s): Open mouth chewing, people who constantly touch others, and extreme eye-contact LOL ✼ Hobbies: Art, playing pokemon and animal crossing, sleeping! ✼ Likes: I love care bears, sanrio, popples, vintage toys, pastel colors, kidcore fashion. ✼ Dislikes: Loud, obnoxious things, country music, animal haters, the color orange! ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: I forum stalk while i'm out in public on my phone LOL ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: Just everyone getting together and having fun! ✼ What do you most want people to know about who you are?: uhhhhh I'm easily approachable! and friendly!!! pls b my fren <3
  7. popple

    cannibal lady

    leaf TOOL LEAF TOOL LEEFTOOL GOOD AAAA i loveuu u w u
  8. popple

    Commission 2

    aaa i love naked rats!!! it's so cute!
  9. popple

    Corrupt a wish

    granted! but your friends scores start dropping, causing them to become distant. I wish I could function like a normal human lol
  10. popple

    Secret Santa 2017


    Ooh i'm so excited !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:

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