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  1. also, slots paused until i've finished another one of the currents :) @notchai's is finished (I've sent the files in PMs also) if you need any final adjustments let me know as alwayss
  2. Some updates! I've edited the shop to make it more organized and neat, and updated some rules, information, and prices*. If you've ordered from me before and still have the old info in mind please take another look <3 Thank you. * in the latest paintings i've experimented a lot with "style 1" so I thought Id make some improvements(?) from now on and they may not look like the current examples, because I want to raise the price of it to have time to do it as carefully and detailed as possible :D. I've also decided to take limited slots for big art in style 1 from now on, since it takes very long to finish. so it's more responsible of me lol But still I'm keeping up okay (I think? :D) Thankseveryone
  3. @notchaisketch for you :) any changes let me know as always! Invoice link sent in pm (dont worry, i didnt forget it's style 3, this is only the rough sketch and i used a softer brush and i'll still clean it up in the next step ^-^)
  4. @Margariita here's your sketch! if there's anything you dont like or want changed let me know any changes at this stage are accepted Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the wait<3 After your approval I will start coloring it and send you another WIP + payment link sent in PM
  5. latest finished :3 (dp versions of them) Moving on to the next ones tomorrow! ( @Margariita @notchai) <3 @Ghostadded to the main slots
  6. @Ghostthe price will be $23 if thats ok with you ^^ ($20 + $3 because of complex accessories/tattoos and the two versions)
  7. @Ghost thank youu! I've added you to the list. Only thing is later I'll need a description or reference for Lilith's outfit since it will be a half body drawing. but no need to hurry, take your time; it will still take some days before I am able to start this one ^-^ Edit- forgot to say - sure I can make both versions theyre both very beautiful !
  8. @mewcipurr hii Accepted thank u (and yes the price will be $12 ^^) @Ghostsure! Im currently adding to the waitlist only if you have a form ready so whenever you want you can send it to me if possible (just to be sure ill be able to do it later). Thank you <3
  9. finished sketch for @uvea^~^ any changes let me know
  10. @Margariitahello and welcome Accepted, thank you. The price will be $16, ok?
  11. @Ghost your sketch IF you want changes or if I missed anything just let me know! pming you the payment link^^
  12. @LiLMooMooyour sketch is done!any changes, just let me know
  13. @uvea hello and welcome! :D your order will be accepted -- thank you! just one thing, the price would actually be $23 ($21 for a bust in style 1 + $2 for including the blinking animation), if thats ok with you!
  14. @Leelith heres your sketch as well! any changes let me know as always :3 (Btw, Is the character in the reference wearing a pink fluffy jacket? If thats not it I can change it ^^) Payment link sent in PMs
  15. @Starbursty ur sketch is done :D Please let me know if I missed anything or if you want anything changed / any observations so far after ur approval i'll continue to the next step Pming you the link for payment :)
  16. @Ghost I forgot to tell you yesterday i'm sorryy the price is $16 for style 3 bust ^-^
  17. @Ghosthey again! Accepted, TY <3 <3
  18. @LiLMooMoohello! Accpted, thank you
  19. @Leelithi just checked, the price for ur order will actally be $12, ok? for portrait in Style 3 ^-^
  20. +♥Selling: DP (3 versions) - 160x220 +♥Price: $6 (sale!) +♥Status: available +♥Terms & Info: -send payment upfront and then I will add your preferred text + watermark text -can't make any changes other than adding text -design is yours and can be adopted as OC etc -you may edit the pics for PERSONAL USE -no reselling

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